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  1. um i can sing up to an F#5 in chest voice and i am 14 years old and a boy, so I have probably finished puberty. it kind of sounds like yelling though lmao. but D5 would be very comfortable. i have gotten used to singing male songs an octave up cuz i cannot sing low at all.
  2. um i am in the same boat as him but i realized i was singing the male singer's songs an octave higher. those constant F#5s required some yelling lmao.
  3. um it is not too hard. you just have to sing a bit open and loud to get out the upper range notes. it works for me. i am one of the lucky males who just has a naturally higher voice. only problem is I cannot sing lower than F3 which really sucks. but I can push out an F5 with significant power in chest voice. bruno never seemed like a problem to me. he sings pretty comfortable. but i am 13 so im not sure my voice has even starting to drop.
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