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  1. I'm going to put in my two cents here because I have experienced both. When I first started singing, I was taught by a female coach and she said that mix was predominantly head voice but reinforced with chestiness and or twanginess, to make it sound more full. Later on I started taking lessons from a male coach, and he said I sung like a classically trained female lol. He said that mix was predominantly chest voice with thinning of vocal cord closure mass the higher you went. Now, if you hear a recording of me singing, Im going to say, for me as a male singer, the 2nd scenario is the right one for me. I sound like...me. I think females can use a headier mix because their voice lies in higher notes and that sounds natural. Conversely, a male sings in a lower area, so the resonance sounds natural as a chest structure dominant sound mixed with head resonance. For me, flipping into falsetto is a sign you are not mixing. You have broken the structure of chest dominant singing. And for a male, I dont think reinforcing that with other things like twang will ultimately make it sound natural. As far as how it "feels" (a hot topic), for me it feels close to a yawn rather than a yell. A belt, even if mixed, is what feels more like a yell.
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