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Found 101 results

  1. VSingV

    What am i doing wrong?

    I tried to sing "let's Marvin Gaye and Get it on" by Charlie Puth but when the chorus comes He sing like this Charlie Puth - Marvin Gaye (Live) and I sing like this Let's Marvin Gaye and Get it On (cover). His voice sounds like the chest voice while my voice sounds like head voice What am i doing wrong? And how can i fix it?
  2. To give some background singing info: I am 18, My range is G2-G4 consistently in chest and F3-F5 in head voice. I sing mostly musical theater and Operetta sometimes. My first and second passagio areas are C#4 and F#4. I currently just started taking Musical theater voice with a teacher who specializes in Manuel Garcia Technique (A form of bel-canto) Although I have a lot of singing experience already!-Vocal Fach/Type? I know I am a young singer to try and 'identify" my voice, but I think I might be a tenor? so I'm a little confused... I have a strong low G2-C3 lower register, however, my first and second passagio areas are C#4 and F#4 which are the passagio areas for a dramatic tenor or a robust tenor(Also known as the bari-tenor). I always thought I was a baritone, but I have noticed the ease I have singing in my higher register above my first passagio (C4-F4). I think i may just have a problem singing through my second passagio, because in lessons I have been able to sing up to Bflat4 in a well-supported chest voice. Has anyone dealt with this or have any advice? My ultimate goal (because I sing MT) is to be able to sustain notes and belt from A4-B4. This brings me to my second question...-Singing through the second passagio? I can sing through the first passagio with ease, but I always have trouble once I get up to F#4. My teacher has helped me sing past it up to Bflat4 (I am still new to formal lessons) but I have trouble on my own. Any advice?Thank you!
  3. Danielformica


    Heres a new Video that might help clear up some questions..
  4. Some of you guys have seen earlier preproduction of this tune. Here is the final presentation to you all... hope you enjoy. The Song is a bit about... the morning after. That feeling you get when you did something the previous evening or have been doing something that is fun, but now you have to pay the consequences in the heart. Then freeing yourself from it...
  5. Hi. I am able to "hit"(Since Rob hates the word "hit", you can also say reach) A4 fairly consistently and easily. But I am not in a position to hold this note steadily without breaking. I would like to get the ability to hold this note, and gradually increase this to Bb4 and eventually B4. How should I approach this? Should I do belting training? I think I am in mixed resonance in these notes. So if I develop the ability to hold until B4, will it automatically enable me to transition into these notes easier than I am doing now. For the style of singing that I want to sing, I would like to be able to sing as effortlessly as possible upto B4... I think people on this forum have commented on my voice sounding like a tenor. IS this possible and realistic for me to have a goal like this?
  6. can someone critique my cover of "Rolling in the Deep" please? I'm practicing vocal runs/falsetto and would love any advice I can get please. A few things, At "We could've had it alllllll" my falsetto wavers every single time I try this. It's very low in my falsetto range but I can't switch to mixed voice that quickly. What is a god exercise that will help me transition quickly? I'm 20, male, and have been singing for about two years on and off. I think my breathing is okay at this point but I had some trouble breathing around the halfway point of this song until "We could've had it all". Thanks!
  7. Hi, so I have a hard time belting. A lot. It seems I can't figure out how to properly let the air flow or something. I was wondering if anyone could assist me in this dilemma, I even made a recording on youtube to help get a better understanding of what I'm doing and how to fix it. I did half of a song that represents me belting a few times and even if you see other issues that isn't belting, please point them out. I am finally asking for some help. I would appreciate some helpful feedback~
  8. Hi! A little background: I have trained my vocals with a college instructor for roughly four years, I haven't had a lesson in nearly two. The reason I say this is because I had posted on Yahoo forums only to be lectured without constructive criticism by someone who had the information I was asking about only because I was hoping someone would provide it free of charge. I am a student. I am also broke. Whenever I can afford to, I will reinvest in a vocal coach because I am aware that not having one has lead me to developing bad habits. She pretty much told me I shouldn't sing at all without years of proper training; in other words, said my vocals sucked! My techniques are full of bad habits. I need help analyzing them and figuring out what I can do to release the tension and build a stronger, healthier voice--that much is certain--but I am determined to learn the techniques used by a specific singer. Anyways, here is a song of mine for example. I did every part by myself, I also produced it with Cubase LE 5 and Ozone, but I am a crap producer and I don't have great equipment. The vocals are also completely random and nonsensical because I am more concerned about the tone of my voice at the moment and would like to address that before I do any serious song writing.. This song was really just an effort to get myself out there in the first place, but I'm apprehensive to advertise myself because of the quality of my voice. Here are a few more random examples. Clip C isn't my backing track...just to clarify. It's only for an example. I'm bothered by this in a few ways. For one thing, there's no smoothness in my tone. For another, I'm shouting at times. I am actively aware of my diaphragm and attempting to further naturalize my reaction to breath down into it, but the control seems to be an issue...I've heard that I need more breath while singing higher, but I can't separate myself from pushing the notes and it actually seems like I'm using less air...I feel like the only thing that sounds good most of the time is my distorted belts.. It should probably be worth mentioning that I had a background in metal too. I was unable to learn my screaming method under a I think I may be fry screaming and I've heard that was bad as well. Could that be relative to my incorrect executions of belted distortion? I am very fond of the distorted belt, one used by my favorite singer, Jonny Craig. This song here is amazing, it's my goal to be able to sing this correctly without strain in my own unique voice. But, I would be content with starting off this song correctly without strain to build up to more challenging techniques. I am under no disillusion that I can make my voice sound like his. However, I want to be a better singer, and I am determined to reach this magnitude of greatness. The only problem is that I'm broke, although I have a job, and live in a very plain area in Missouri that harbors very few musicians or coaches who can help me achieve these goals. I live about an hour away from St. Louis. If I knew of a coach there that could help me out, that might be a decent start. I could probably even take some exercises and run with those. Most of my equipment can run my voice back into my headphones, which gives me a good representation of my overall tone, which helps me decipher where I can improve...this has actually helped me improve dramatically in the past week or so. Thank you in advanced for your services! I'm looking forward to hearing your critiques.
  9. I was feeling adventurous today.. It's a song I'm familiar with but never really worked on in depth. The C5's towards the end felt more comfortable to me than the Bb4's, and I remember my teacher saying this would happen at some point because of the way these notes work in a belty sort of configuration. I guess it holds up here, but I'm proud I was able to actively think of and use technique I've learned to even access these notes today. I usually don't touch Musical Theater, mostly because I'm not sure how it's properly meant to be performed - same reason why I don't go near operatic stuff unless it's the crossover stuff that Josh Groban and similarly styled artists have done. I've done one Rent song, Will I, but it doesn't really sound like a "theater" song per se to me. Anyway, hope you enjoy and I hope there is some semblance of theatricality to this recording. Any and all feedback welcome.
  10. Its been a while! I was studying this one for some time but had to put in on hold to learn a bunch of other songs for a project... Anyways, cool song that in my opinion needs an extra punch to work well. Very fun stuff to study, I recommend! Let me know how it sounds like! and thanks for listening!!
  11. Hi! For the ones that are new to my name, I am Francis. 15 years of age. i like singing classical, rnb and opera. Maybe some rock too. It's been a long time since I last posted and I was like a newbie way back then. And I am coming back with a song of G. Puccini popularized by Luciano Pavarotti. This is Nessun Dorma. I had a break somewhere at "Il nome mio nessun sapra" and I really want to ask about that. First, about what the title says. What resonation am I using? Is it chest, head, or mixing? WARNING: The very first part of the clip where I was speaking is very soft. The singing part is VERY loud. So, I recommend turning down the volume for the part after "Here it goes". And, is this proper or not? Do I need to address something first before continuing and finishing the song? All replies will be appreciated. Thanks in advance! -Slash
  12. Chryssanthemis

    Chryssanthemis - Je T'aime (Live)

    "Je T'aime" : is a romantic French-pop ballad of Lara Fabian, included in the album “Pure” (1996), Lara Fabian is a multilingual Belgian, Canadian lyric soprano had sung songs in French, Italian, Spanish, and English, Portuguese, Hebrew and Greek.The song expresses the love and pain that a woman feels for her beloved!I Hope you enjoy it!Official Facebook Page: Music Arts Facebook Page: : Music Studios Facebook Page: - Lyrics: Lara Fabian & Rick AlisonVideo Editing: Modern Music StudiosElectric Guitar: Steve SovoDrums: Fotis YiannopoulosBass Guitar: Dimitris VerginisPiano: Aikaterini DeliyiannidouKeyboards: Kleanthis Konstantinidis
  13. A video from Ken Tamplin, voice coach and follow up from Robert Lunte, Voice Coach and producer of The Four Pillars of Singing in regards to SLS and any "sing like you speak" voice training approaches. I agree with Ken on points; 1, 3, 4 The points I don't agree are: #2. "Ah" is not the only vowel that grows the voice... but it is important. We call this the "Neutral" vowel in TVS and we train it. It is great for belting and strength building, but it certainly is NOT the ONLY vowel to train with or to help you. #5. This "meow" example may of not been very helpful, however... there are two elements to that "meow" that have merit in my view. a. Ken DID in fact bridge through his vocal break! If he teacher said, "... do this meow idea to get a good bridge", and then Ken did it and it produced a nice bridge, then...? Didn't it work? But I get Ken's point... he is trying to say that its not applicable to singing... I give you b. b. This "meow" probably has a benefit to LIGHT singing... and in regards to heavier/belt/call register singing,... it does have merits for Training! Maybe not for belt singing, but for TRAINING. You see, some vocal techniques are used ONLY for training. Not all vocal techniques are applicable to singing. I make this point in "The Four Pillars of Singing" on many tables that clarify for students what is applicable for training and what is applicable for singing. Regarding to this "meow" idea for training... /m/ is a nasal consonant and as I point out below... nasal consonants are actually VERY powerful for warming up and training. Nasal consonants induce vocal fold compression and help strengthen the TA muscle and they are just GREAT vocal health. Nasal consonants have a "healing" power to them. They are not only used by voice teachers, (including Ken), but also by ENTs and doctors that are rehabilitating clients with speech problems. So... an onset that starts with any nasal consonant can ONLY be good. The "i/ee" vowel that follows the /m/ ( m + "eeow")... puts the vocal folds into a very strong compression, adduction position. "i/ee", is a good training vowel for building compression strength! In "The Four Pillars of Singing" we have identified this and "named" it. We have 8 specialized onsets (... the way you start in training and singing. Designed for strength building and coordination). One of those specialized onsets is called, "The Quack & Release Onset". The Q&R onset utilizes the i/"ee" vowel to build compression strength. So in summary, while I agree the "meow" may not be super beneficial to people that want to belt, if you look at the consonant and the vowel of "meow", and you understand the benefits of those consonants and vowels and how to utilize them for training, you see past what Ken is pointing out and understand, that there is value there. Provided that you know how to use these consonants and vowels in training. It has a lot to do with understanding consonants and vowels, not only for singing, but what they can do in training, applied to techniques. I think the "sing like you speak" approach, if not in the hands of a more experienced and knowledgeable teacher, can be lacking in several key areas, here are my observations as a coach that has trained this stuff, been teaching for over 15 years and an author and producer of a vocal training program that is a best seller, if you don't mind me saying... 1. It has never embraced research or updating ideas that have evolved. This is why all the top teachers, including your "mentor" Dave Stroud left the organization and all those other teachers. There is a reason why they left... something important to realize. 2. Because of the, "... don't feel anything in your larynx" & "sing like you speak" point of view, it tends to teach fear of the voice. Students are afraid to contract, compress, anchor the larynx and distort. All movements that are perfectly healthy and fine... and if you want to sing "big and boomy" in the head voice, you have to do do these things. 3. There seems to be little to no understanding of vowels and resonance. At least not in a formal, methodological way... any individual teacher may know about it, but as a method, its not there. 4. Relative to #2, for many people, the techniques are too light to really get after the head voice and make it belt... of course this depends on the individual teacher, but as a method, it is really light. That is fine!... but it presents a challenge for people that want to belt high.
  14. Javastorm

    Because You Loved Me

    I had been working on this song since last year - the climax "Because of you" isn't as full as I would like it to be, I guess since my voice thins out past Bb4, but I think the pitch is right for the most part. This key felt really comfortable for me though besides that part. I really like this Adult Contemporary stuff she did. Any and all feedback welcome.
  15. A topic where I can embed videos about belt voice... I'm starting to get a few going here... Contact me if you have any questions...
  16. Hi there, so I've been working hard at my singing for years now and feel I've gotten quite good. I can sing Judas Priest with a relative amount of comfort if I'm feeling good and eaten a large meal and gotten some sleep. Without an audience. For maybe 30 minutes or so. And half the songs in my set list are relatively easy. But I'm hitting the notes (mostly) and bringing the volume (probably too much.) All right so I've been trying to sing Queen off and on too. Mostly I sing along with a recording of Queen live at Wembley 1984 that I downloaded off youtube. Well I pretty much can't get through even one song really. OK, I can get through a few songs when I'm feeling good. I'm probably a bit pessimistic because I just was trying 30 minutes ago and I'm relatively tired after working outside in the sun for like 3, 4 hours today. Now one of my perennial problems is finding pitch, matching pitch. So I'm a little unsure if maybe I'm trying to sing higher notes than freddie mercury is singing. However I'm feeling fairly confident that even if I'm singing too high in some cases that his set list in that concert is essentially impossible to sing. The way he sings it, with that level of volume and passion. Not impossible, maybe, but for me it would have to be the right time of day, afternoon, when I was at peak energy. I'd have to be feeling really really good. And I would still be absolutely wiped, I mean truly spent, completely exhausted when I finished. And this is just in theory based on my experience of rehearsing at home for a few years. Drinking a lot of water between songs. I've never really tried to sing the whole concert by any stretch. Anyway, I'm pretty sure this is why he injured his voice. It's just an inhuman set list. Am I wrong? is he really keyed lower than I'm hearing? Is there a trick here? Maybe his voice is somehow naturally pitched up or something so it's easier for him to sing those notes? He does look like he's sweating profusely in that video and there's long instrumental segments where he doesn't sing. It seems to me like with Halford (Judas priest) he really drops down into a lower register in most every song. And there's something about the way Halford transitions from high to low and back that I find way easier to deal with. Maybe someone here can help me understand what's going on with my technique.
  17. Hi! I'm Anthony, I'm new!! This is a clip from an audition I did in 2009: This is a recording I did last year: I've never had any training or really performed in front of anyone, other than karaoke and that audition from six years ago. I have massive stage fright, so it makes things really difficult for me. I'm not even really sure what my voice type is, or what genre would suit me. I've been told I'd be good for Broadway or opera. I'd like to get some feedback and see what I can do, musically. Thanks!! - Anthony
  18. They both strike me as lyric voice types trying to fatten their tone in the belting parts. It sounds like they are singing within their mouths or something. Please discuss, and those of you who are knowledgeable, please explain. they both have this totally smooth and powerful belting tone
  19. Hello everyone! News has come out and been covered all over the internet about how Nickelback have had to cancel the rest of their North American tour because of a cyst on singer Chad Kroeger's vocal folds, which he is having surgically removed. If any of you viewed my last thread on vocal fry, I made it clear that I was a huge fan of the band Nickelback and in particular the man himself, Chad Kroeger. I wasn't going to create this thread because I thought some of you might have had enough of me going on about vocal fry and Chad in the other thread, but i'm interested and it is about vocal health so I thought why not? Here is a quote from the official website: So how do you guys think this cyst appeared? Nickelback have toured for many years and Chad has been fine in the past. Why has this happened now? Is he pushing too hard? Singing too much? Not taking enough care of his voice? He turned 40 last year and whilst I don't see that age as old, maybe that has something to do with it? Getting older.. not warming up and cooling down maybe? I also know that the whole of Nickelback have a few beers on stage most nights when touring, but I don't think they go overboard. Drinking after the show though... I can imagine Chad and the guys drinking a bit. I also saw an interview with them recently where Chad was hungover and you could really tell in his voice. I understand that singing nearly every night might be a challenge but I don't understand how he's done it for years and been fine as far as I know. I'd love to know your opinions on Chad's vocal problem itself or just vocal health and how we can go about not falling into similar problems. One last thing... I'm seeing Nickelback live in November so hopefully Chad makes a full recovery in time. They haven't cancelled the rest of their tour... yet. I know that if I had an operation on my vocal folds and stopped singing for weeks, I'd notice a difference in my singing for sure! Hell.. I can notice a difference if I skip a few days working my voice out!
  20. Hey guys!! Here's my cover of Stairway by Led Zeppelin!! Please tell me of your opinions, what I'm doing right and wrong, the type of voice you think I am, whether you'd like to hear me singing something else etc I'm a 19 year old untrained amateur singer from Pakistan. English is my third language. Cheers!!
  21. Hey guys, here's my cover of Earth Song by Michael Jackson! Please tell me of your opinions, what I'm doing right and wrong, the type of voice you think I am, whether you'd like to hear me singing something else etc I'm a 19 year old untrained amateur singer from Pakistan. English is my third language. Cheers!!
  22. I am really loving the feel of it, tell me what you think so far HEY GUESS WHAT!! you can review people's music and get paid for it AT --referral link I use the site every once in awhile and make a few bucks so I figured it wouldn't hurt to share the love and make a few bucks at the same time (Feel free to delete this part of my post if you would like. I am mainly posting about my new song im working on. If you would not like to see referral links on the forum please feel free to delete this part of my post. I am just trying to make a few bucks)
  23. Readers of my posts know that Freddie Mercury is my favorite singer. I have always wanted to sing Queen songs(even if I don't do a great job of them :)) I have done a couple of takes of this very song with mixed, mostly average results. I am confident enough in my singing and my technique to post an update. Please comment specifically if possible on the belting/aggressive portions of the song. Also to me the chorus sounds a bit too sharp(piercing to listen to and not in a good way). Not sure if this is a singing technique issue or an error in mixing(or both).