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  1. I've to sing in this genre i.e Indian/Bollywood. I can hit those notes in a belty "Ken Tamplin" style but can't sing them like this. I wanna sing light yet moderately powerful. A weird "crying" or whiny sound is all I get when I attempt that and I break alot. What is this guy's technique? This is the sound I crave. (At 6:00) Jesus Christ.. that ease yet fullness. At 00:28 I cannot even do an F4 this easy.. A range like this from C4 is C5 is all I need for my singing.
  2. hi guys i have couple for problems.Please help me guys 1.Recently i found my headvoice i can feel the buzz in my nasal cavity and also around head area but it sounds girls why??? will it gradually be more powerful as it train? 2.My voice changes its tone when move from chest to head why does it happen?what excercise should i do and how to smooth it ? or should let my voice break so that it changes over time?? 3.While doing wee wee excercise i can really sing high notes but i cant transalate it to my singing because when i sing i can only sing less higher notes why?will it gradually change as i practice?? 4.what excercises do you suggest for chest to head connection? I am really sorry that this post is long its because i have no one to ask to and what to search . I would like to get some suggestions and i want it really bad plz help me Thank you
  3. Hi everyone! So from all vocal programs i have tried I have heard that the diagastric muscles should never be engaged I have been able to hit high notes with phrases like "mum" or "buy tomato" things like that and my diagastric muscles arent engaged, i.e.the under-chin area is soft but my diagastric muscles always tighten a bit during the /i/ vowel as in "see" and also it kinda moves a little during consonants like /j/ as in 'yes" Is that safe ? and is singing overall safe if i the diagastric muscles aren't engaged? Thanks so much!
  4. I recently had a breakthrough......It only took 40+years As a child and growing up I would imitate cartoon voices, High voices and Low voices.......For some dumb reason I never used them for singing, Except imitating those singers who already sound Cartoony ( Axl Rose, Brian Johnson). I guess I wanted my voice to sound cool or something, anything but cartoony. But when using some of the cartoon voices I could easily produce pitches pretty much anywhere in my range (on a spoken phrase)......I was playing with one of the Exercises in "Four Pillars of Singing" and Robert does tell you to Play with this particular one......I ended up in one of my "Cartoon Voice" configurations and there was no problem keeping the configuration through the passaggio (E4 to A4 range)........Here is the breakthrough........What causes these Cartoon Voices are an imbalance somewhere along the line...Too much compression......Too Much Twang.......Too much Larynx manipulation...... Too much lift of soft Palate.......Too much air......Or just not enough of something somewhere. SOME of these exercises are MEANT to over use some aspect or another of the Vocal package......WHILE TRAINING do not be thinking you are doing something wrong Because it sounds too cartoony.....What is making that Cartoony sound is what is being strengthened and it just may be the Week Point in your normal singing voice. I will give you One example...... Foghorn Leghorn....If you are having trouble Dampening your larynx (Dampening is slightly different than lowering) Imitate Foghorn Leghorn.
  5. Idk if this is the right forum (new here) but the problem is that my lower range sounds really weird. Before I go into describing it, I need to say that I'm recovering from acid reflux and I'm going through puberty, so hopefully that helps to solve the issue. Now back to my voice, whenever I go lower I crack and then I start to go into this weird falsetto-y kind of sound, except it's at the extreme lower end of my range. Also, some parts of the day my voice is louder, but most of the time it's really airy and hard to get out, but I think I'm just recovering. Also, when my voice gets louder, my lower range kind of sounds normal, but for only like one second. That's all!
  6. We all know that warming up is very important to our singing careers, but how can we do this when people don't understand or apreciate warming up? If I am at home alone or with family i can warm up and make funny noises because they understand the importance of it. However, if i have friends over most of them dont sing so they wont let me warm up they think i should just sing and that warming up is only for opera singers. My one friend who does sing also feels the same way and refuses to warm up. Whenever we are together and we feel like writting and playing music together he will always refuse to warm up. he says rock singers dont warm up. this frustrates me because it makes it very hard for me to sing in public or at camps because the people around me look down on warming up and singing becomes very difficult for me if I don't. what are some ways you can warm up in around people that look down on warmups?
  7. Most People speak about mixed voice like it's an actual combination of mix and head voice. However, after seeing this video, I think that I agree with Rob on this one. It's about thickening head voice to sound like chest Voice and thinning Head to sound like Chest. Please help me clear up this confusion
  8. Many teachers will tell you to squeeze your bum cheeks to eliminate strain and to sing higher notes. What do you guys think of this technique, does it work?
  9. Hey guys I'm sure you're absolutely sick of hearing this song but even though I have a lot of good exercises and I do my sirens and staccatos still I am nowhere near this seamless. I feel almost ashamed of my less abilities and sometimes believe I will never be able to sing like this. The korean k-pop stars take training very serious and sometimes do not debut their students for many years. How is it possible for him to sing like this seamlessly without barely any audible break?
  10. I have recently started to bridge the gap between my chest voice and head voice. However, I can only mix the two while singing at a very low volume. I know you have to thin out chest to make the transition but I cannot seem to keep enough of it in my sound without breaking. I'm making progress but am confused as to how to get my volume up. When you first start to bridge the two voices, Is this usually the case?
  11. folks, if you haven't seen this video and you want to sing "steve perry like" (lighter registration) please check this out. this really was explained in such a way it really hits home. especially if you tend to sing on the heavier side, this is a good watch.