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Found 360 results

  1. Phillins


    Hey, lately I started to sing covers but I have a big problem. I am not a prof. singer and I have no clue of notes. How do I know in whitch note I should sing like if I sing a Camila Cabello song for example "Crying in the Club" in whitch note should I start to sing where can I go, whitch note shouldn't i sing.
  2. As far as Im aware I have a pretty average chest voice range. the highest I can sing are the likes of fear of the dark by iron maiden. Recently I went to see Testament live and understandably I was getting pretty into it. When the singer was saying the typical “are you guys ready” sort of stuff I yelled back “f*ck yeah!” as you do. Somehow I accidentally yelled extremely high and loud (enough for me to hear myself) and I somehow hit this really high note that I have never been able to deliberatly do. Im talking like the trooper and hallowed be thy name range which is really high for me. Its funny because the exact same thing happened to me when I seen Diamond Head live too. Im wondering what made me able to do this so that I can start meaning to do it. Was it just because I was so in the moment and put so much effort into the shout? Or is this not possible? I dont think ive ever tried putting that much effort into singing before due to fear of injury so im wondering if this is what “belting” is?
  3. All of these 3 singers talked about not doing any vocal warm ups before singing. I'm sure there are many more singers, especially the ones without any formal training, who usually don't warm up. Now i'm wondering if it's really necessary to do warm ups. I hate warm ups more than i hate death, however i also have a strong fear of vocal damage. Can someone please explain to me why Jennifer Hudson is able to sing the way she does without having any warm up? I mean i never did any warm up for years too, until i leaned about the importance of it a few years ago. Are these singers risking their voices? Also read that Robert Plant doesn't do any warm ups, but i can't find a source right now.
  4. I experience the same symptoms that Adele talked about. (*auto edit*) i need vocal surgery probably. Bad thing that i ain't famous and rich as her.
  5. I have a consistent issue that I definitely need to figure out how to fix... My voice isn't that loud to begin with, but the tone of my voice seems to be in a place where it just disappears into ambient noise. It doesn't carry over it like most other people's voices do. When I am in a loud environment (even just a place like a bar or restaurant with a lot of ambient noise), my voice does not carry at all and I find myself trying to speak louder to compensate. Which, obviously, is not healthy. The bigger problem comes in when I'm trying to SING. Without monitors it's just bad. Even WITH monitors, if the vocals aren't turned up pretty loudly in it, I don't sing as well. I unconsciously try to sing louder (because I can't hear myself well enough) which results in a not-ideal vocal sound, my range disappears, and I end up being a bit pitchy as well. In the moment, I don't particularly feel like I'm tense or straining in any way, although I am very much aware that I can't hit half the notes I usually can and I am aware that I don't sound quite normal. When I listen back, it clearly sounds like I'm trying to be louder, not quite like I'm yelling but in that direction. What is the core issue here, and how might I go about fixing it? I need to be able to hear myself better, and of course having a better monitor setup will help. But I really need to be able to hear my voice over simple ambient noise so that even in a less-than-ideal monitor setup, I can still sing well. And I have no idea what the true problem is that's causing all of this. Help!
  6. So in the last week i started singing at least 3 hours a day, i would like to do it more often but i'm too paranoid about vocal health. I really hate vocal warmup. I used to never to do it, now i started doing it occasionally after i became aware of the risks of not doing it I'm not able to do a lip roll for whatever reason. I always get frustrated from not being able to do it, so i often just skip it and go over to singing some easier songs and then go over to the harder one. However i always fear that i might push my voice too far, that i overtrain it, that i'm doing it wrong. I'm really fearful of losing my voice. I mean i hardly ever scream, yet i feel like i overuse it. My voice is everything that i have. Honestly singing is the only thing in life that makes happy. Losing it would be horrifying. I always feel that my voice hurts or sounds hoarse after some time. I'm afraid i might develop vocal nodules or have already devloped them. So how can i a.) use my voice as much and often as i can, get the full potential out of it and b.) avoid any vocal damage or vocal surgery. That would be horrifying. inb4 get voice lessons
  7. Hi all. I think I’ve posted this in the right place. I have a question about Bruce Dickinson’s modern day vocal technique. In these clips below (at about the 2:05 and 1:52 mark) do you think that Bruce is singing in head voice or chest voice? Im asking because in the original recording and early 80s live performances he sounds much more powerfull (obviously down to age) and less airy. The chorus of this is another good example of what I mean. (1:15) Im hoping that if so, I will be able to use my head voice so sing these, and with enough practice it would hopefully sound powerfull enough to still sound semi decent since I dont have the natural range that Bruce seemed to have in the 80s and 90s. Thanks, Keir.
  8. Hello. I've never had any sort of vocal training and so I believe that I've picked up a lot of bad habits and have a lot of things to improve upon, I just need to know where to begin. I used to cover japanese songs on youtube but quit after 3 years because although I love singing as a hobby, I grew frustrated with myself because I wasn't improving and I didn't like how I sounded. I want to start over, but not unless I improve, so detailed feedback would be greatly appreciated. Raw vocals:
  9. Hi , here is my cover of "man against the world " originally performed by survivor . I sing it 4 half tons down , because i am not a high tenor like jimmy jamison. Please review and comment for me to improve my singing. Thank you
  10. I would love to sing 8 hours a day or more, however i fear that my voice will permantley damage from using it too much. So how do i make sure that i practice as much as possible without risking permanent damage of the vocal cords? After how many hours does it become too dangerous?
  11. I have had an ongoing problem for the past year. It started when I sang too harshly at rehearsal last October and lost my voice. It was slow coming back, during which I basically had no falsetto, and started seeing an ENT. I was diagnosed as having acid reflux and post-nasal drip. I also took allergy medication. The meds did nothing and I eventually stopped taking them. My voice was not getting better, I could no longer scream, which I used to be able to do extremely easily. I've also had headaches every day and a weak, fragile voice, even when talking. It feels crackly and when I try to sing higher in my chest voice, it feels tight and weak. During the summer another complication developed when I sing my falsetto, which I can describe as the sound Chewbacca makes, but coming from my vocal cords. Sometimes it's even a nasty wheeze, a lot of the time no sound comes out, just air. I have to push really hard for any sound to come out. Shortly after I developed this complication I started taking my acid reflux meds again. I've been seeing a different ENT for the past couple months now and he looked in my throat: I have no nodules or anything; in fact he said other than some acid reflux, which has been actually been getting BETTER, my throat looks fine. He said that weird Chewbacca sound is fremitus. He told me to not talk or anything for a week, and that should do it. I ended that week of vocal rest a few days ago and everything is still the same: that weird vibrating, the headaches, the shortness of breath, and my voice giving out when I try to sing higher notes. Even with low notes it often cracks. I've also been having difficulty speaking, I have to push really hard to speak. A few months ago I saw a vocal therapist; she ended our sessions early because it was obvious that my technique was fine and nothing was changing. I've been doing singing vocal exercises for a while, and I had instruction from a vocal coach for 2 months. My technique is good. I just have no idea what is wrong with me at this point, it's been just about a year. Any help is appreciated. Thanks. I will attach an mp3 of that weird Chewbacca sound I'm talking about with my falsetto. IMG_6189.mp3
  12. DisgustingVoice

    How do i avoid vocal damage?

    I always hear that if i do XYZ , my voice will be permantley damaged. I'm not some famous pop star so i can't afford surgery like Adele, i'm really worried that my voice might damage but at the same time i want to be more free with my singing voice and just try out new styles. How can i be sure that a certain technique won't cause permanent damage.
  13. So, nothing fancy, but I made a quick recording of my voice on my phone, and wanted to get feedback on my voice type, as well as some thoughts. E2 -E5: raw voice.mp3 my E4 sounds nice, but above that I'm strangling a cat. I can, and have, hit high notes better than that sometimes, but I wanted to just let it all hang out and do a really basic raw sound and show where I'm at. I've spent most of my life assuming I was a baritone, and the lowest octave is the one I talk and am most comfortable in. But even on this recording I can hear how my voice really brightens and gets big in the upper registers. So, once I learn how to use them better, maybe that's more my thing. My teacher thinks once I get a handle on things, I'll have Bb4, B4, and C5 in my chest voice with a nice sound to them. But although I want to be able to sing things like Iron Maiden and Dream Theater, it's been suggested my voice might be too heavy for rock tenor stuff. If anyone has any suggestions of songs to try, I'd be willing to give it a shot.
  14. Jelly Ochoa

    Please comment on my singing

    Here is a video of me singing. I just want to know if I can sing, and how good I am, but I would appreciate any feedback and suggestions. Thanks .
  15. So I’m a 17 year old girl and I think my voice is pretty strange. My range currently is D3-E6 but I feel way more comfortable singing low. It seems that when I do sing in a lower register, I have so much more power as I can belt. As I reach the breaking point between chest/head voice it is pretty weak and quiet and then it gets stronger again at the top! My question is: Is it appropriate for me to sing male solo songs if I audition for drama school? For instance: ‘My Friends’ -Sweeney Todd/ ‘Shoes Upon The Table’ -Blood Brothers (and also a bit obscure but) ‘Captain Crewe’ - A Little Princess. I feel way more confident with songs like these as I’m worried to be seen as having a weak voice! If anyone has any suggestions for good songs for an alto(?) voice, please feel free to share as I’m in desperate need, thank you!
  16. DisgustingVoice

    So tired of being a baritone

    Whenever i listen to a (*auto edit*) baritone i just want to fall asleep. Baritone singing sounds so boring. It's the biggest curse ever. God gave you a great deep voice yet you can't (*auto edit*) use it for singing. I would sacrifice my whole family for a tenor singing voice and i'm not exaggerating. Tenor voices sound (*auto edit*) amazing. Super interesting. My baritone voice sounds like shit. Singing a D4 is hard for me. I can't believe. Can reach G5 in falsetto but it means nothing. I want to be able to (*auto edit*) reach it in chest voice. Might kill myself i'm serious.
  17. Was he not able to hit high notes above G4 or was it just a lack of training? Could he have been able to get higher due to the right trainning? I'm really interested.
  18. I know you all don't want to hear this negativity. I'm sorry. I've been singing for over 3 years now. Yet i'm so unsatisfied with everything. I feel i could be better and better and that there is some magic secret that i haven't discoverd yet. I always feel that i'm overrating myself. I can sing decent low notes and my falsetto is getting better although it needs improvment. Overall i'm happy with my voice. My main problem are the high notes. I've always neglected them in the past because i was a beginner and sang low. Now i try but it gets really hard. I always feel like i could have sung it better and better. Also when i found out that i was a baritone it was a bitter pill to swallow. Now i'm not sure. I'm 20. Should i stop singing or can i still improve my singing?
  19. Hi guys! I've always had this 'issue' with my voice, but even through training for a few years it hasn't improved. I've always been comfortable singing in head voice even before any sort of training, and have a pretty connected range up to G5. Often when I sing in my chest voice (more towards e4/f4, up to C5) I find myself switching to a more heady lighter voice. Obviously I know this is normal to an extent, but I can already be in a 'meatier' chest in this range, but I can feel my voice really trying to lighten up... The thing is when I'm singing in chest it isn't uncomfortable at all, with my larynx neutral or slightly lowered the whole time. Also, I need to make it clear my voice does not seem to break or flip into head voice at this point. It's kinda hard to explain. I just feel much more comfortable in my head voice or a heady mix than 'pure' chest voice. Is this just an indication I have a naturally lighter voice, or is there anything I can do to try and improve this part of my range in terms of power?
  20. shectersing

    My voice type - need advice

    Hello, I need some help with my voice type My range is E2 - F4 and my comfortable note is F2, but I cant sing E2 very loud. In the morning I can hit loud D#2 and a bit quiet C#2. My voice is straining on high notes like C4, F4 but I can still sing them loud (the straining is probably because of bad singing technique and not training enough) I used vocal monitor which tells me that I speak in A2 (if that helps). I stated learning the subharmonic singing technique one week ago and now I can hit G#1 with it but I cannot sustain because Im working on controlling it now. I wonder what is my voice type. I am 18 years old btw. Thanks in advance
  21. I’ve just started properly singing and I’m interested that what vocal type do I have. So my chest voice extends down to a F2, but I can’t project it that well and it’s really breathy. At around A2 it starts getting stronger and brighter. My chest voice goes up to a F4 and my mix goes to a E5. My head voice can go to a C6 easily and to D6 but it takes more effort. So any opinions about what vocal type I am? edit: Yes I’m completely aware that this really doesn’t matter and that it’s hard to know without recordings. I’m not that daft but thank you anyways for pointing that out...
  22. Hi so i been singing for a while now and i would like an oppinion on how im singing, i think i sound bad when singing "normal" it sounds like too much air. But when i sing higher it sound nicer. What could i improve??? Heres some recordings of me singing listen by beyonce and i dont wanna cry by mariah , Im a 22 y/o male. Thanks:-) Rec 1 - Rec 2 -
  23. Nothing's funny. But it's literally affecting my practice. Is this a singing problem, or maybe it's not. I find that it's mainly when I hold long notes that I just want to laugh. IDK WHY. It's been happening for a while now, and it's been somewhat affecting my practice. Does anyone else do this?
  24. Carlos Miguel

    How to expand range healthily

    Hey everyone, I was wanting to ask for the best tips to expand my chest voice range healthily. I want to be able to sing like Bruce Dickinson with a lot of power, control and vibrato in a high chest register and I would really appreciate the help. I also want the flexibility to sing high yet soft like Ronnie James Dio has been able to do.