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Found 357 results

  1. Ruth Alexis Jack

    Have I damaged my voice?

    Hey guys, I'm new to the site. I am really worried about my vocal health. I have just graduated uni after years of specialising in vocals and two months ago I began my first proper singing contract in a different country. Because of the change in climate I got ill and ended up with laryngitis. Unfortunately I still had to sing and do shows with laryngitis, however, I had to almost scream to get a sound out. My voice kept getting worse and the laryngitis developed into pharyngitis and guess what... I still had to sing every night. No voice rest for me It has now been two months and although I do proper warm ups before my shows, afterwards my voice is gone because of the amount of strain I am putting on it. I still have to shout to get the notes out and I cannot sing effortlessly like I used to. I'm getting so fed up of it. I live with other singers and I feel unworthy to join in with their songs because my voice sounds so bad compared to what it used to be like. The other singers in my company must think I'm talentless. I just want my voice back. I cannot do runs clearly; it sounds like I am sliding around the notes and my head voice is completely non existent. I know now I should see a voice therapist but finding an English speaking one may be difficult out here. Does anyone have any advice on remedies or exercises that will help me get my voice back? Almost importantly, do you think I have permanently damaged my voice?
  2. this is kinda hard to explain properly, ill try my best. so when i try to sing, there is hundreds upon hundreds of different type of sounds that i can apply to my voice, for instance, i can make my voice sound compressed, nasally ect... there is many more different sounds i can do but i simply do not even know how to discribe them, and sadly, none of them sound good at all, some sound better then others, but they are all still border line horrible. when trying to apply changes to the sound of my voice, i feel like i am constricting my vocal range in some way, i feel a tension of some sort in my throat, and this tension prevents my voice from reaching the desired key/pitch i aim for. should i not try to change the sound of my voice when singing? should i just use my natural speaking voice to sing while allowing my voice to sound how ever it naturally sounds? my voice is quite deep naturally and doesnt sound right when trying to sing with my naturall speaking voice. is what i am saying makes sense to anyone? another thing: so lets say i somehow manage to sing on key/pitch perfectly, now, does this mean that my voice will be pleasant to listen to? is key/pitch what makes a singers voice sound good/bad? could i sing on pitch/key perfectly, but still have my voice sounding horrible due to the overall sound of my voice? one last thing XD: it seems that i can sing country songs 100x better then the songs i prefer to sing. i actually caught myself off guard when singing a country song just for testing purposes, i found out how to allow my mic play through my headphones with a track playing in the back ground, with this, i can hear myself in real time and make adjustments to my voice if needed. insanely enough, when i sing a country song, i can let my voice sing in my natural speaking voice kinda, like, i feel no tension in my throat at all and my voice doesnt even sound like im the one singing it, its hard to explain, it just sounds great compared to other types of songs i sing. only bad thing is that i hate country music with a passion, if i had to choose between singing country good or not singing at all, then i choose to sing nothing at all lol. am i doomed to only sing country?
  3. LaraScoff

    Can't sing high notes

    I am an amateur singer with no training whatsoever. I'm a female in my early 30s. I don't smoke or drink so my voice should be relatively healthy. I seem to sing male songs much more easily than female songs. Also, I can sing in tune if I am singing along the singer. By myself I go out of pitch lol. Whenever high notes come up in songs I either go very flat or sing them with what I think is either falsetto o head voice and that comes out quite easy for me to do. I can't sing them in my chest voice because my voice ends up cracking and just sounds horrible or I scream them out if I can go that high. Is it a matter of technique or is it really lack of vocal range? Thanks in advance.
  4. Throughout the last 4 years, since I started singing until now, although I gained technique (went from eardrum destroyer to mediocre/acceptable), my high register is fading away. What I did during this time was to smoke a lot (quitting now due to lung infections) and to focus on mid-register and lower register songs. Those songs were easier for me because I have to make little effort to reach the notes (from D2 to A3 is the area where my voice sounds better). When I have a higher song to sing, I lower the key to fit around D2-A3 for it to sound acceptable. In the past, I could sing easy cool F4's, although a little airy. Now, every note past around A3 (which is my "primo passaggio", D4 beind the second) sounds either heady, airy, thin, or unpleasant. Sure I can sing some 4th octave notes today, but they are limited and they use to suck. The main question is, is there a way to help recover some of the range that I lost due to heavy smoking and/or lack of practice, and then belt anything past A3 with some real chest resonance?
  5. I thought I would have a go at another Elton John song. Let me know what you think.
  6. It has been a while since I have presented anything. I still have not found time for true practice but I have improved since receiving the FOUR PILLARS OF SINGING. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. Clericsgonewild

    Singing Double Vision by Foreigner

    Just wondering if there's anything I can do to improve my performance of this song, thanks in advance!
  8. Dear all, It has been a while that I have visited this forum. I have been very busy with my studies—having completed my BA in Musicology and currently finalising my MA in Applied Musicology. I did keep on working on my singing, however. Yesterday, “The Music of the Night,” a song that I auditioned with at the Conservatory of Rotterdam over a decade ago and that I had used for my singing lessons with many different teachers, was one I had never actually performed—until now! Indeed, there appears to be balancing issues with volume between me and the piano. On the other hand, I asked several attendees whether they felt there were problems with it, but they all did not notice them live. While I do think we could work on balancing our instruments, I believe the recording is augmenting the issue quite a bit. I am really satisfied with the performance—especially my acting abilities, intonation, enunciation, and stage presence. I could be more confident with the fermata notes just doing them as long as I want, rather than thinking I might do them too long (I think the “soul”-note [2:32] is great, the “be”-note [3:44] is just about right, the ”night”-note [5:20] is executed pretty well, but could easily be five seconds longer). I could also definitely stabilise and pronounce my “ring” more. Manolito Mystiq
  9. Another great added to the Angel Band. R.I.P. Gregg you helped us through some troubled times.
  10. I'm curious if I am doing this right... I'm not even sure how to explain it. Here is a guy teaching it .. it's in korean but he's basically saying try to "pull" the sound out from the chest instead of having the sound fly out through ur mouth. Can someone explain to me in what way is this taught normally? Is this just the feel of "open throat?" or "support"? AND if this is how it should feel then how do I get that "mask" placement without losing that DEEP breath support? This way helped me develop my mix but I'm curious if this method is correct and is just another way of teaching the same thing? example done by a professional performance. (The sound literally sounds like a really low soft mix voice in the intro and when belting it sounds like the vibrato is so free and resonating really low. Is this how proper singing should be done? I am just wondering on how I should properly train and do warmups/workouts..
  11. Kpoppin

    Modes and Kpop

    Hey everyone. I'm pretty new to singing and don't sing very well, but I came across some of Robert's videos on YouTube and it inspired me, I might purchase the four pillars. I have a question about modes and increasing range. I'm a fan of Kpop and aspire to sing similarly (in a ballad style). Here's a YouTube video as an example and I'd like to know what he's doing, Kpop ballad singers have a youthful, sweet light sound, is it because they're tenors? Or just the way they're singing? I think I'm a baritone and I can make my voice lighter but it doesn't really sound the same. Also at 4:23 onward he hits an A or b4 and I wonder whether that's in chest register or head with twang? Male Kpop singers always hit A4-c5 in the climax of their ballads and I'm unable to take my chest beyond an F4(that's a strain). I'm not sure what y'all think about mixed voice thanks!
  12. MDEW

    Journey Practice

    It has been a while since I have posted anything. If you have any comment good or bad let me know. Thanks.
  13. aravindmadis

    Young Bruce Vs Old Bruce

    I present to you two versions of the same song 35 years apart. Bruce is one of my idols. It is clear that he has lost the weight in the higher range in the latter video. But he seems to be singing with a very good technique mind you. And not bad for an old man recovering from cancer. One thing about his technique I notice is how much he opens his mouth while singing(great lesson there) Which goes to show what a monster singer Bruce was in his pomp. Can somebody point out what Bruce technically doing wrong in the latter video. Very curious to know what folks think..
  14. Hello, I'm a true bass (B1-C4). Is it possible for me to climb up to C5? If so, then how many years would it take? Alot of the songs i want to sing are from C4-C5 so i have to sing an octave lower or strain my throat. Thanks
  15. Hi Folks, It has been a very long time since I posted. I have made some jumps in my technical skills and so thought I should post a song again. This actually I did about 2.5 years ago. Unfortunately I don't have the older recording to do a Before-After comparison. but the old version was around the time when I started to learn to bridge but had still not learnt how to smoothly connect to the chest voice. I had lot of issues then with nasality and "Quacky" sound. I think since then I have addressed some of them. One thing that I would like to share in my experience is how important it is for us singers to keep pushing the boundaries every single time. When you become better in singing, it reflects not only in your ability to do tough songs at an acceptable level, but it really improves the way you can sing "simpler" songs..
  16. PianoandGuitarguy

    The truth about 'lifting'?

    I'm a slightly older guy and musician who just started voice lessons for the first time. A big thing my voice teacher is having me do is work on 'lifting' as she calls it. And this doesn't mean lifting the soft palate, which I THINK is a different thing. It involves lifting the cheekbones is a way that's not quite a smile, but somehow allows you to hit high notes with much more ease. Most of the time it's kind of "am I doing it right, I have no idea", but maybe 3 times so far over the weeks I somehow got it, and holy shit I had tenor high c without feeling like I might burst a blood vessel...but then I lost it again. So, certainly seems to work, but I did a search and found a lot of things disparaging lifting the soft palate, which might be related, and other things disparaging the 'smile technique'. So I was curious what the consensus was here on it.
  17. When I slide, or glissando up to a note, I can hit higher notes, with more on them, than I can just hitting the note alone. What I assumed I had discovered by doing this was 'mixed voice', but I don't know. As someone with a fairly normal male voice range, if I'm starting on g4 and sliding up to g5, heavy metal singer-style, am I still in chest voice, or is that impossible? Or was I right and that's some kind of mixed voice thing?
  18. Hogne Kirkebø

    Feedback on singing

    Hi everyone. Here is two songs of me singing. One pop classical and one classical. I haven't done any singing in many years and I got called by my former vocal coach if I could step in on short notice and we had two 1,5 rehearsals and I did these two songs. My range singing classical is usually around E2 to C5 Any feedback is appreciated. One teacher said I'm actually a tenor and that I am doing something unnatural with my voice. One said I'm a lyrical baritone One said I'm a low baritone And one said I can develop to a bass baritone. Links:
  19. Hi, I'm a long time lurker on this forum, but an infrequent poster/contributor. To avoid making this thread unnecessarily long, I will describe my problem shortly. Basically, my voice tends to be way too bright. Particularly on the 'a' vowel, as in 'at'. A teacher I greatly respect once said that I was a dramatic tenor(for what it's worth, I know most of you don't bother with the fach system). But anyway, I'm more into darker voices now, like Hozier(in particular) and James Blake. I was wondering if there are any healthy ways to darken my voice, or at least get rid of that excessive brightness/twang/buzz. basically, I'm not trying to sound like somebody else, but I want to do something about that unwanted sound in my voice, if it's possible. Any help would be appreciated. I'm also a little bit into classical singing, and try to incorporate a classical sounding voice into my own music, sometimes.
  20. Throughout my senior year I trained myself to hit high notes and listened to every singer who hit notes in the 4th and 5th octave. I can reach them now, but looking back I wish I focused more on tone. In fact, I don't really care much about the notion of head and chest voice--I only hit notes if it sounds and feels good, now. IME, if I try to classify notes via chest or head, I end up running around in circles. But back on topic, I don't like my timbre, it's light and thin--I like heavier voices now (think Steve Winwood, Ray Charles, Seal). I have this habit where I record myself every time I sing and when I play it back, I close my eyes and try to envision a face that matches my voice; I don't envision a manly figure. Instead, it sounds like a 18-22 year old singing back to me (think pop artists on today's radio). I don't know any vocal terms, but if I were to describe my problem I'd say that my voice seems too bright and twangy. Whenever I try to mitigate the brightness and twanginess, I end up closing my throat and high notes become impossible to reach. I know this is a weird way to put it, but I want to be able to sound like I have a thick jaw (like Ray Charles, or Michael Bolton). Some days, I'll be satisfied with my sound, but even during those days I'll only achieve my goal with a single phrase, or sentence instead of a whole song. Im aware you can't change your voice, but are there any techniques that will darken my voice and make it "manlier"? I'm tired of sounding like a teenager. I'll try to get a recording tonight or tomorrow to give you guys an idea of what my voice sounds like.
  21. We've all heard it, "sing from your stomach/diaphragm/butt" etc. I'm 27, I've been singing in a rock band for 8 years now. Nothin harsh or shredded vocals, think Radiohead and The Beatles. We're doing pretty ok, but one thing that constantly nags at me is my singing ability. And I've done everything from Skype Lessons with Singing Success coaches, in person lessons, dvd's, you name it...but my vocals are not even close to where I want them to be or where they should be after so many years of slaving over them. And I'm confident I've figured out tone and delivery, and I know when I'm on or not on pitch. But my breath support or "where to sing from" drives me crazy, as my vocal cord closure greatly suffers depending on my technique. To me I've narrowed it down to two ways. You either sing literally from your diaphragm, or you sing out of your mouth/thinking of projecting outwards with a column of air connecting to your diaphragm/chest, so that the breath is originating from your diaphragm and there's some resonance in your chest but your primarily focused on projecting outwards, not say focused on starting the note at your diaphragm...if that makes sense. Anyways, I never sing higher than Middle G or whatever, cause I can't. But so in the case of "from the diaphragm" my voice sounds weighty, more robust, more connected overall. Great right? Well, no because belting notes (F-G) feel unnatural like I'm pulling and squeezing the wrong place and I also notice that there's a significant drop in volume as opposed to...projecting "from the mouth" And I think it tires my voice out faster than anything. When focusing on projecting outwards but still trying to connect the diaphragmatic support, it certainly feels more natural like common sense, you know, sing outward at the mic/crowd, but my cord closure sucks, it's kind of aspirated, I can't hit as low notes, notes don't sound as robust or connected, it sounds kinda boxy, but going up to belting notes it feels more natural. Both ways tire out my voice fairly quickly though the diaphragm seems like it could cause real damage if I try to push it too hard, and thinking of always having to "sing inside yourself" instead of projecting outwards sounds very dumb to me and doesn't seem natural. Anyways, I'm on my last leg here. I'm bout to have a nervous breakdown. Please help.
  22. Hello guys! I am just curious about this singer's voice and volume when he sings. I notice it is very airy and I know singing with excessive air is bad for your chords, but is there something about his technique or voice that allowed him to sing so long with a healthy voice? (10+ years) I also get very confused on how loud to sing when singing such songs. I guess it is a common problem in a sense when I sing very softly, I can reach those notes easily with my head voice with very little chord closure. OR I end up singing so loud where its basically belting with full chord closure. I can't for the life of me hit that middle area where there is JUST enough power while maintaining such a sweet tone without POWERING IT OUT. ( I am referring to the chorus) Any ideas? Thank you!
  23. Hi everybody, I'm an amateur singer, and soon I'm going to move out to a new place that will force me to sing and practice only at mornings. (I'm used to do that at night) The problem is when I wake up I have a terrible "morning voice" for a few hours, maybe even half a day. This morning voice is making my lows very shaky and unstable, and cuts my high range by whole octaves, making my voice crack or choke. And in general it makes my voice feel very stiff. I've tried drinking hot tea and doing warmup exercises, but nothing seems to help. Any help on how to solve this issue? Thank you
  24. Benjamin Jones

    Singing practice

    Hey there I have been a musician for a long time, but I have always struggled with singing and its never come naturally to me. I have only been practicing singing solidly for six months now and I have definitely improved, but I have no idea if I am any good. anyways here is a little clip of me singing. I would appreciate feedback. I sent it to my brother and he said it was good, but that when I go higher in pitch it doesn't sound as good. I would appreciate if you agree with his point and how to fix it. P.s i have paid thank you, Ben Jones.
  25. What is bad in my voice? Ive been singing for a year and a half and still cant say whether my voice is good or bad.