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Found 472 results

  1. Hi! I'm a 21 years old male and have I think a low baritone voice. When I try to go through my entire vocal range this is what I feel happens: I start of in my chest voice and around A3-D4 my voice flips or kind of transitions into a very breathy head voice, I think it's falsetto. Then at around C5-E5 my voice stops and if i try to push more it's just air and no sound. I know I have what feels like another "register" that I sometimes can get into, that dosen't feel as breathy that spans from around F#5-C6 and up to F6 on good days. But it's really hard for me to get into this "register". I'll attach a sound file where I do lip rolls and in the first one I manage to get into this "voice", up to a A5, where in the others it's the same as usual. Anyone that struggles with the same and/or have any tips about this? liproll.mp3 didn't work with soundcloud link :/
  2. Hello, I don’t know whether I’ll get a reply on this. I’m sophie and this is me singing best part by H.E.R, it would be appreciated if you could give feedback and help me to improve. I’ve never had a vocal coach before and I’m 15 so if it’s bad very sorry 7D6EABB1-3395-4826-A0C4-98505AEBE009.MP4
  3. So now that I am in full swing back to singing professionally between my cover band and getting back to session singing and staff writing the demands on my voice are heavier then they have been in 20 years. Especially in the band where we are doing a lot of R&B, Top 40, dance and disco. A couple of things I have realized for myself living now on the frontline of the reality of singing is that training my voice as a rock singer for all these years did some great stuff but I feel I neglected a lower bridge and lower falsetto, 2 things that are absolutely paramount with that style that aren't really that important when you're a slammin rock singer and can actually be a detriment because it can make you sound 'unauthentic'. But for all this Pharrell, Kool and the Gang, Cupid, Bruno Mars etc.. it is absolutely critical to have, not only for stylish reason but so that you can sing 50 songs every night while dancing. It all came to a head about a week and half ago, my voice felt exhausted. I was getting gassed just talking. Took a few days off, also went to the ENT to get scoped and everything is perfect looking so it's just muscular. So I started to really dig into what was going on with me and where I could improve. I started reading, watching videos, pulled out all my old workout CDs etc.. Also started back training with a few different coaches and have really learned a lot about myself and my voice the past week or so. Voice is feeling and sounding way better. So here are some of my epiphanies:    1. I need to put time in everyday working my lower blend, head voice, falsetto and lower falsetto. Both with the feeling higher in the head and more in the mask. I've been studying with Johanna Boberg who is one of the absolute most incredible R&B singers and sings full-time in a working band. She has really helped me to start to identify what's going on. She's also really boosted my confidence by appreciating my voice.   2. I need to stay diligent everyday with the right life habits; eating a healthy non-acid reflux causing diet, not eating 2 hours before bed, using  humidifier at night, not drinking cold water, long hot showers, doing vitamins & throat gargle, throat coat tea. I also ordered a oil diffuser humidifier for my studio.    3. Exercise and stretching; My buddy Jaime ran through all his vocal enhancing stretches with me this week and I have been doing them along with a little passive yoga and working out. Huge difference.   Anyway, these are some of what I am doing if anyone has some cool tricks they want to ad that be great. I am more into singing now then ever in my life and I am actually enjoying being serious about singing again. That was one of the things that kept me from wanting to sing in a band again because I just wasn't willing to do the right thing, I always knew what it took to sing full-time and just didn't want to do it but now I do and I am enjoying it. No more slacker s**t. A few companies that I have publishing deals with have been asking for me to release something new for the past few years and I just balked, I felt I didn't have anything new to say. That's gonna change after this transformation. I will definitely do a new video/audio. Probably not a book though.    Here are a couple of videos I have been enjoying to watch and are resonating with me.    
  4. I am hoping to audition andI have to submit an online video. It's all accapella. Please give me your very honest feedback about my voice. Why does my tone change so much and sound so different? My chest voice to me sounds bad, like almost manly, but it is easiest for me to sing. While my head voice sound like it has a better tone, I get physically tired singing it and I can't seem to breathe right no matter how hard I practice from the diaphragm. Worse, my left side of the throat hurts sometimes. What vocal range am I? I noticed I talk very deeply and it hurts as well. I've always felt my voice is very 'bahh'bahh' like..almost gravelly. It doesn't have that crystal clear sharp voice I hear in most voices. How can i achieve that? Are my vocal cords damaged? My higher notes are unstable--it can either hit right or get REALLY pitchy. What am I doing wrong? What kind of voice/larynx/technique should i use to ensure a consistently good tone? What do you think are my biggest problems with my voice in your opinion? Lastly, which track do you think I should use to audition? Thanks for helping!! audition songs(in another langauge but i hope you don't mind): chest voice-just for reference:
  5. Anythingshouldwork

    Teach me how to sing

    I have been playing guitar for some time now, and i want to be able to pick up the chords for a song instantly, but i have major difficulty in singing the sound i hear. So i tried singing a few songs, really tried, and realized i have absolutely no vocal range, doesnt get sharper or "darker", it's just the word itself. If i try to do the song how it really is, either the voice dissapears or i cant hold the note for even 0.5 sec, just jumps back and forth with sharp and "dark". Even watched some videos to see if i have correct form, like chest up, chin slightly down, breathing and all, but my voice simply has no pitch whatsoever besides the natural one. How can i upgrade my vocal range dramatically? I would like to be able to sing, atleast decently in about 6 months, so i can play guitar and sing at same time And not tonedeaf btw 17y, male. So sorry for making you guys hear this, destroying the music
  6. Nathan Halpert

    Rate my singing

    HI, my name is Nathan, I am wanting you to review my singing. this is mainly my belt. I sing usually musical theater. I have been singing scence I was 8 and want your honest opinions, PLEASE Link to video ( Bring Him Home from Les Mis )
  7. I know he's long out of the spotlight, Gary Puckett & the Union Gap...famous once for hits like Lady Willpower, Young Girl, Woman Woman, Over You back in the 60's. I always admired his tonal quality. But I recently ran across this solo album he did of some rock hits and I developed a newfound appreciation for his obvious skill and seemless transitions on these tunes. If you listen to him, you can pick up on many great things you might want to incorporate or develop in your own voice. Such consistency of tone, he sounds so smooth and seamless going in and out of falsetto head, voice, chest voice like nothing. Such a mixture of dark and light quality. In fact you will think he's singing a lot higher than he really is. I study his vowel particular me. He's right up there all the greats IMO, Tony Bennett, Andy Williams, Sinatra, etc. This is really worth a serious listen! Check out the entire album.. here are just a few:
  8. Hey all! I haven't posted in a very long time. I've been working a lot on my singing and my band. I want to share with you the fruit of my effort, showing you our (and mine personally too ) first ever single and video at the same time. I hope you like it. PS: seems I had problems embedding the youtube link, i'd accpet wny help with that, or suggestions.
  9. I've included 2 videos. Eden turn the page is to show my struggles and little wonders is to show strengths. I cant say i know what im doing technically and that's what i need y'alls help for. If there's anyone who can help me understand what I'm doing both right and wrong itd be so helpful. Thank you all for taking the time. QuesoMcpeso
  10. Hi folks I'm new here I have just restarted singing after a long break, so am looking for reviews tips,what I need to be working on etc. There are two songs in differing styles Sorry for not great recordings low on equipment at the mo. Thanks in advance.!AjGc-tIaKPoejR5586ayqrdVC4gR!AjGc-tIaKPoejR2uNQzKzn9C_qyj
  11. I'm a male, 19, and I am learning how to sing. Can you tell me how I am now and where I can improve, as well as my voice type? Thank you! 1546749947344_1546749944747_0_Presley1546749947344_1546749944747_0_Presley
  12. I used to have a very very horrible (much worse) singing voice but I have been trying and making progress in the last 1-2 years. However i have only been practising through singing women's songs.. It is so weird that it seems no guys songs is suitable for my voice unless they are very deep throughout, otherwise i could only sing the very first few lines and that's it. and for women's song I am not hitting the right key anyway but it sounds ok so I keep on practising that way. I have been wondering recently that whether my voice is really so bad and unbelievably deeper than the general guys that makes my voice impossible to sing guys songs well or is it that i just need more practice to reach where I want to be? I have recorded some tapes to show what I mean, one of the tapes is a song that I really like and hope be able to sing very well . I have the following question: After the first few lines in guys songs I always have to try my best to sing in my head voice/ pre sing the lines in falsetto (don't even know if I really know how to, more like weird sounds but allows me to reach high notes effortlessly indeed).. compared to the original singers my voice in guys songs is obviously so very thin and with lots of strains,.. they're like talking but I am like drowning.. am I doing anything wrong or is it stem from the quality of voice (too deep)?.. is my voice really so deep ???? or am I not even hitting the right key in the guys songs.. PLEASE HELP ME here are some demonstrations. sorry my voice was tired then while recording and I could not sing loudly in the environment.. but here you go the song that I really hope to be able to sing: orignal me When I sing women's song adele original me another guys song example in english.. just to show.. really bad shawn mendes orignal me please help me and tell me what am I and what should I do.... many many many thanks
  13. I need to know if I sound good in tone and where I need to improve(vocal analysis). Also I don’t know if I’m a tenor or baritone.
  14. I've been really struggling determining my voice type. I've been singing since i was young but it was only the past year where i started being concerned with technique, agility, range, etc... I know i am not the best singer but it would really be great if someone will try to classify my voice and help me develop! My lows notes usually is from C#2-B3 but it can also reach B1 (vocal fry), I my voice starts to crack somewhere in F4 and G4 idk if i start transitioning from chest to mixed here but i know my voice switches into something else in this part. Idk where my head voice starts but it can reach up to G5. My falsetto can go as high as C6 sometimes Eb6 or higher but it's really hard and sounds very weak if i try to go higher than C6 and my whole voice gets tired and uncontrollable after overutelising it. Idk if i am resonant or if i have a good support. I'm not sure if i'm doing runs properly. Also, idk if i'm singing healthy. Self learning is hard ughhh Very high falsetto: Comfortable falsetto: Me singing:
  15. I decided to run a little experiment and (for the first time in my life) analyze exactly what notes comprise the M1, M2, and what I'll call M3 regions of my vocal track. Just for fun, and to share with some of my fellow voice geeks here. Even though I received effective vocal coaching, it was a long time ago when popular vocal teachers did not bother explaining or analyzing anything unless you were willing to sit there and pay $80/hr. to chat (never happened for me). As a result, I never paid too much attention to notes and my "range." I would always reference songs my vocal hero's were singing, and I could tell my M2 notes were getting beefier from the vocal instruction / training. It is interesting to note that, after so many years of singing without strain in M2, I actually forgot how to pull chest voice. I discovered this one day when someone asked me to explain to them how I was able to sing "tenor notes" when they knew I was a baritone. I started to explain the difference between M1 & M2, I wanted to sing an example of straining to sing a high C. We all had a laugh as I struggled to remember how to pull M1 that high without singing in M2. So, lately I've been contemplating expanding my range a tad higher than I've been satisfied with for so many years. The pdf illustrates what I found out about my "instrument." I thought it was interesting to see how much more agile my M2 is than my M1! The overlaps are also interesting for me to see correlated with the notes. I'd like to start training those weaker M2 notes. I'd like to see if I can change the pink D#5, and A5, to red! Only two notes yet, I know it will take a lot of effort, those notes are not easy to make beefy. MY VOCAL TRACK ILLUSTRATED.pdf
  16. I have recently begun teaching vocal lessons to a college student whose main instrument is not her voice. Her air support is strong in both her chest voice and head voice, but she is struggling to transition between the two. The transition is extremely abrupt and causes her to lose confidence in herself. What vocal workouts and exercises may be helpful when working on her mixed voice and transitions?
  17. Hello all! I am new at teaching voice lessons, and I was wondering if anyone could offer advice. How do you help a female voice use their breath to produce a more consistent sound, especially in their higher range?
  18. Courtney Nottingham

    Accessing Chest Voice/Head Voice

    What are the best approaches to navigate singing through the chest voice for women and head voice for men?
  19. evanhimes0


    Advice needed: What exercises can you do to help a male voice transition from chest voice to falsetto more easily and with better quality?
  20. so my problem is both in higher and lower registers. whenever i go into head voice, it gets really thin, as if its a product of vocal fry (and im pretty sure it is). I have been told in the past, they way to get started in head voice and stop falsetto is to use vocal fry, but i think its time to move on. i want a more thicker tone that aligns with my usual singing register. the same applies with my more lower range. how do i go about it, excersises, application, ect? thank you in advance
  21. Hi, ALL! My name is Steven and I am from Berkeley, California USA and I am an amateur singer. I have my own home recording studio. I use Reaper as my recording software. I download my background music and then I sing to it and have lots of fun doing all kinds of cool stuff with it! I am currently recording music in the style of Karen Souza. I am a Baritone, so I have to make a few adjustments to the original song which can get a little too high notes for me and sound like ....... Yuck! Here is the song 'Every Breath You Take' I have highlighted the phrases that seem too high to be comfortable for me and so I would like to make a smooth transition downward in notes vs. upwards as the original goes, but, I would just like it to be smooth and to begin going down in the right place. I don't want to break from the original tune too much, but, I could use some suggestions of what to do here so that as I sing the song as a Baritone that it sounds smooth as if it was meant to be that way! See below ...... Every breath you take Every move you make Every bond you break Every step you take Ill be watching you Every single day Every word you say Every game you play Every night you stay Ill be watching you Oh, cant you see You belong to me How my poor heart aches With every step you take Every move you make Every vow you break Every smile you fake Every claim you stake Ill be watching you Since you’ve gone I been lost without a trace I dream at night I can only see your face I look around but its you I cant replace I feel so cold and I long for your embrace I keep crying baby, baby, please... (Break) Oh, cant you see You belong to me How my poor heart aches With every breath you take Every move you make Every vow you break Every smile you fake Every claim you stake Ill be watching you Every smile you fake Every claim you stake (sing 4 times) Ill be watching you
  22. Hello! I'm Emily & I been into singing contests/performances since I was super little, then joined acapella at around 15 and have been in it ever since. There has definitely been a change in voice from 12 years old to now. When I was younger, my "technique" or sound was kind of the opposite we can say haha. I used to strain so bad! I do still feel some strain in my throat but that's after a lot of singing, and I do feel it is easier to sing the way I am now than in the way I was when I was 12 lol. In the video provided, I would strongly appreciate it if anyone can give a nice analysis on my register(is it chest??) and **anything** I could work on! one thing I am concerned about for the past few years is that I have a "beegees" feel (at least my dad said) to my voice no matter how low I try to sing. it sounds like an airy type of voice. I wanted to know if that could maybe be my natural voice or if it's a way of coping with the straining I used to put on my voice when I was younger. Or possibly if that's simply how my voice developed over many years. I do feel pretty natural singing this way. Thank you loves!
  23. I am absolute beginner.. I don't know what i have and what i don't in my singing.. Surely i dont have a good range.. But can you please help me what are the areas i am bad at and need to improve.. And what are the areas i am good at.. Only if i am.. I need your feedback.. Just visit the link..
  24. I remember seeing posts like these for years. Now, I finally get it somewhat. What are some good ways of accomplishing this?
  25. Posting after a really long time. Hopefully some of the old timers are still around.. Thank you to anyone who drops in a word or two..