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Found 482 results

  1. Nothing's funny. But it's literally affecting my practice. Is this a singing problem, or maybe it's not. I find that it's mainly when I hold long notes that I just want to laugh. IDK WHY. It's been happening for a while now, and it's been somewhat affecting my practice. Does anyone else do this?
  2. David Weaver is a personal training that has professional experience with physical training. This is why The Four Pillars of Singing vocal program made sense to David. He understands that voice training, is an athletic endeavor and requires physical strength building. This is why the TVS training program, The Four Pillars of Singing made sense to him. Congratulations to David Weaver for releasing his first full album. Great music David! It was a lot of fun to coach you on these songs, I can really connect with what your doing. Coach Robert.
  3. A new young vocalist 20 years old.. She studies jazz at conservatory university in Leghorn (Italy)
  4. Hello all. I posted this as a Q&A on the TVS course, and Robert advised me to repost it here to see what answers the community might have. Thanks for any help you can offer: I have gone through most of the course materials on Udemy and everything has been very helpful. However, there is one thing I am not understanding or getting: how do you sing in "head voice" with as much power as you do? What I find is that I can sing in what I feel as my "chest voice" up to about an F4. However, above that, the only way I can sing with any decent quality is in falsetto, which is obviously not desirable. Falsetto is the only "head voice" that I can grasp and sing. So I am wondering: in order to sing high notes with power (make them sound "chesty") should I be slowly training my chest voice to go higher or do I need to somehow alter my technique to transform falsetto into something else that is more powerful? Thanks again for your help, Noah
  5. Nykko Landry

    What is my voice type?

    I am 15 years old i've been singing for 2 years now I have had 2 months with a vocal teacher My vocal range is A2 - F5 (Modal Register) Extended By Falsetto and Vocal Fry A1 - Bb5 My passagios are at D4 and G4 someone help?
  6. ANG18

    Vocal Technique

    I am currently working with a student who is hesitant to widen her range. She's a 19 years old, has no formal vocal training, and identifies as an alto. During vocal exercises, whenever we reach above an B4, she becomes nervous and refuses to sing higher. Are there any good exercises or beneficial methods in which to help her widen her range?
  7. axd218

    Am i baritone or tenor

    I decided to start singing 4 montjs ago. Im thinking im a baritone. My voice is breathy in this song because 1) i dont want to sing too loudly 2) the song is actually a little above my tessitura, i feel. At this point, should i incorporate "headvoice" to sharpen the sound without significantly raising volume? I bring up volume becus i want to be able to sing in a controlled manner without worrying about being too loud Thx
  8. How can I improve? What would you rate it out of 10?
  9. Hi! I'm new-ish to this forum, posting here for the very first time because I'm super excited to share my progress. I'm male, 23, started taking singing lessons only 2 months ago. Prior to that I was a rubbish singer. I'd read a lot about vocal technique in the past i.e. chest, head voice etc. but it was all rather abstract - especially when it came to the mysterious mixed voice (what the what?). Anyway, I couldn't sing for my life until recently when I bit the bullet and started seeing a voice teacher near where I live. Only 2 months later and I CANNOT believe the progress I have made! This recording was taken today - I usually record myself doing vocal exercises at home - and has me doing a vocal slider up to C5 while adding some cord closure and lots of support. Although I could only hold the note in full voice for a couple of seconds, I managed to get a tinge of vibrato in there and the release felt AMAZING! 2 months ago I was straining to even hit C5 in falsetto! Just goes to show that practice and patience works!
  10. Hi guys. If I go lightly on my pressure I can sing up to F#5. The issue is that my throat gets very tight. I can start tight on a C#5 and then relax and add air to get it louder without issue. Any tips on how to do this for F#5. The F#5 seems too tight to actually be able to send enough air into it to add volume. Is this more an issue with control? Or muscle? More practice vs working out more. Thanks, Rich.
  11. Hey guys. Any suggestions on how to clean up my chest and head? It feels and sounds like extra thick vibrations toned in with my notes. Almost like i have half my chords workibg and the rest kinda just adding flapping flavour. I can hit clean chest/head notes but usually just when hitting notes/chords. Not when singing songs. My falsetto is clean though and has none of this extra beef. Thanks. Rich.
  12. I AM Trojan

    Opinion Wanted on my Singing

    Can someone please give opinion on how my song is;-
  13. champ10ns

    Everlong - Foo fighters

    Never had any lessons or anything and I'm not sure what kind of voice type I have but I can't sing very high. What do you think about the high notes in this half step tuned down version of Everlong, does my voice sound any good for a song like this?
  14. Hi Folks, This is one of my favorite songs. I posted a version earlier, this is after I did some work on my musculature. Now I am able to retain more of the muscular sound even on my high notes. The verse as many will attest is one of James La Brie's finest performances. It has taken me several years to reach this level. For now happy with the outcome. Thanks to anyone who drops in a sentence or two..
  15. Hello, I have been learning the various voice registers & applying to this song. Any suggestions on where to improve would be greatly appreciated, i.e. Do it sounds like one voice? or not yet? Love & peace
  16. Eperty123

    Weird head voice?

    Hello everyone, So I've been to a couple of singing lessons and finally confirmed that I've accessed my head voice. Problem is that it sounds weird. Check this out and this out. Let me know what you guys think.
  17. My speaking voice is alright but when I sing i sound like a girl.....I want to learn singing through physical classes but iam embarrassed of my voice and this is stopping me from joining classes.... Here's my smule id ...
  18. So here is my cover of Steelheart's I'll Never Let You Go. Let me know what you think of it. I do accept all sorts of criticism regardless of whether it's positive and negative. Any suggestions or tips on how to improve I would greatly appreciate it!
  19. For the past few months i have started seriously practicing to improve my singing voice. this is a difficult thing to do since my singing voice is probably one of the worst you have ever heard. I tried so many different techniques on my voice but all my attempts resulted in tragedy.....until today I understand That I still have a very long way to go before my voice becomes somewhat decent, but I think I made break through today, I think I may be on the right path but I would love to get some honest feedback for my singing. I feel that if I continue to practice and train my voice the wrong way, that i might actually develop bad singing habits, honestly I think I already have done this and it is horrible. I would love to hear if you guys think I should keep practicing or just give up. So the craziest thing happened today, I was just chilling doing nothing when a random yawn hit me, believe or not but this yawn is what helped me improve my voice 10 fold. as i let out the yawn I heard and felt my voice make a beautiful sound, I then applied the same technique of yawning into my way of singing, its hard to explain but its like I simply opened up the back of my throat and sing from the inside of my chest/stomach area. I know my voice is not good, but I do think I made some decent progress, keep in mind that i literally just learned this new way of singing a few hours ago so i intend to practice using this technique unless you guys think I should continue searching for a better way of singing. I uploaded 2 recordings, one is labeled "before" and the other is labeled "after" the "before" recording is from last night and the "after" is from this morning.
  20. Hello! I've been kind of in the dark as to whether or not my singing is ok or not, because the feedback I get from people I sing with might be them being to nice, and it's difficult to get an honest opinion from family members and friends on your singing. I've been singing on smule (the only way I get singing practice) for about a year now, and I can hear some improvements from when I first started; however, some days im able to hit high and low notes while other days I can't. High notes are still difficult for me to sing full without sounding like I'm straining (because let's face it, I am), and low notes will tend to go off key. I'm able to add some vibration to some keys so it doesn't sound flat, but it's difficult to do on command (usually it just sort of happens, you'll hear what I mean when you check some of my songs). I'm new to this site so I want honest opinions, what do I need to work on, and what are things I should be practicing daily, and for how long? Thank you!
  21. I use a digital recorder that records the effects in real time while recording. With this recorder I cannot add effects after the track is laid down other than a master effect which is applied to all tracks. I usually check for decent sounding preset for my microphone before recording and use headphones. My questions are.....How much does this effect the initial sound being produced by you the singer. And can it interfere with overall voice production? An example would be....Does too much Bass in the EQ lead to a higher larynx to compensate for the sound and vice versa, too much treble lead to other compensations. ect...
  22. Hey guys I haven't made video's in a while I have had some major back issues (20 years) that really has made it tough to gig the last few months and sing and work. But I had Emergency back surgery Friday and I'm looking forward to a very quick recovery. So my teaching is on hold for a couple weeks. So while I was hopped up on pain pills I decided to make a vid lol. Hope you like it.. see ya soon peace
  23. Hi there I was just wondering if there was a program out there that would run on windows O/S that would allow me to sing into it (or play music into it) and it would tell me what HKZ or piano note was being sang. and if possible to what decibel of sound too please? Thanks 2CIADB P.S please note that the tag I have used as "head voice" is incorrect. I could not find a Tag for pitch! so I used the first one from the drop down menu. Could the mods of this forum please advice. Thank you