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Found 417 results

  1. SwedishSinger

    Judas Priest covers

    Hi I am in a judas priest cover band. And i would like some feedback on these three covers it may be low volume but i think you can hear. I recorded them on Smule.
  2. SwedishSinger

    Journey - Open Arms

    Hi I still have alot of a way to go with this song i just started singing it. I use closed vowels to not sound shouty. Me and a friend of mine will be playing this on saturday. She will be playing piano and i will sing. I need feedback if it sounds good or not?
  3. Hi everyone! So I'm having a bit of a crisis. For the past few months I've been dealing with a sinus infection. Although it seems to be cleared out, I'm now having doubts about my voice. I'm not sure if it's because I couldn't sing for a while or if I'm still not at 100%. I use to really like it, but I'm honestly questioning whether it's good or not. I know I could definitely use some training (i've never had any formal training) but that being said, what do you guys think? If you guys could give me some honest feedback that would be greatly appreciated!!
  4. SwedishSinger

    Journey Good Morning Girl

    HiBeen into Journey lately. What do you think of this one?
  5. SwedishSinger

    Motley Crue - Home Sweet Home

    Hi Motley Crue is one of my favourite bands and here i tried to cover their famous ballad.
  6. WickedHairstyle

    Rihanna - Stay (vocal + piano cover)

    Hey I've been postponing it for a while now. I feel vulnerable posting myself singing, especially with my face visible, however the days go by and I feel like this is the next step. You'll find the mic dump below to pick up all the details, however it's way worse than I'd like it to be. Any feedback that will help me grow would be much appreciated! Vocal part from the mic:
  7. Help pls I need to know for an audition later There's no background audio for most of it and I apologize, I pulled this together in a rush and I wasn't able to add too much of my personal touch. Thanks! Also I can't pay I'm broke :C
  8. JustaMartin

    (Newbie) JustaMartin

    Hello other vocalists or vocal liking people, my name is Martin and I'm from Germany. I learned to play the guitar over 10 years ago, but i never really started singing, since it sounded horrible. I tried myself on Soundcloud before, but more or the less just to save my progress. Now I would like to have a few comments if the singing nowadays got better and what I can do to improve it further. Soundcloud Link to my latest recording - It`s Perfect from Ed Sheeran. I'd be glad if you would comment and help me out. Thank you all in advance. Best Regards Martin
  9. Baloydi Lloydi

    Review My Singing - RnB

    Hello, Please review my singing: My Favorite videos:
  10. Giving "Otis/Carl" by a band called "Spanish Love Songs" a try. That band's vocalist has quite the weird, shaky voice, which needless to say...I can kinda relate to. At least to the "weird and shaky" part that is. Thank you for listening ! And a double thank you if you share a quick opinion on it. Just kind wanna know if it's worth a damn. Link :
  11. I need help on my breath support and hitting high notes in my cover of this Aerosmith rock ballad. Cheers Machaan
  12. Hi Guys, I've been stuck on this level of singing. I'm not sure what Im doing wrong. Maybe pitch, breath support, technique or all the above. I just dont know.. I want to get to a level where I could be considered a very good singer and hope some critique could help me in that direction. (ps this has been the product of appr. 10 singing lessons and some really hard work on the side) Thanks!
  13. Your feedback is appreciated on my new cover of Aerosmith! Cheers Machaan
  14. Hey guys, New here! Haven't been singing that long, been mostly playing guitar until a couple of years ago I started to work on my vocals as well and now it's something that interests me even more than the guitar which I have played for over 15 years. I wanted to get some feedback on my signing. I bought the new Kamelot album and it has some really nice songs so here's my most recent cover. Any kind of feedback, advice or criticism would be very helpful!
  15. Hi, I've been singing for a while and would like to get a feedback on my singing. How does is sound? What did you like and what should I improve? Thanks a lot! (Sorry for the quality, I don't own a better microphone at the moment.)
  16. Hello everyone, recently wrote some songs at home and recorded them. Would be a pleasure to get a litte review, tipps and advice from you! Hope you like it! A link to my page: Thank you very much! Kind regards Simon Meyers
  17. Hi , here is my cover of "man against the world " originally performed by survivor . I sing it 4 half tons down , because i am not a high tenor like jimmy jamison. Please review and comment for me to improve my singing. Thank you
  18. Simon Öhlund

    Judas Priest - Desert Plains

    Hello I have maybe sung this song 50 times but i still try to make it sound good and practice. My band will be playing this live tomorrow. What do you think?
  19. Simon Öhlund

    Tommy Körberg - Stad i ljus

    Hello Since i am from Sweden i deicided to try a famous song by an artist called tommy körberg. Really hard song to pull off. I sang it once and got booed off the stage. Give it a listen.
  20. Simon Öhlund

    Meatloaf - More than you deserve

    Hello I could not find a karaoke track to this song so i made this one in audacity it is pretty quiet and low quality but you can hear my voice. I dont have any recording equipment so this is recorded on external mic.
  21. Hello I love Meatloaf songs. This is another one first time singing it. I practice and practice but i dont know if this sounds good?