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Found 417 results

  1. Simon Öhlund

    Meatloaf - Bat out of hell

    Me singing a hard song that goes up to a high c at the end as a baritone it is a hard note.
  2. Hello I love Meatloaf songs. This is another one first time singing it. I practice and practice but i dont know if this sounds good?
  3. Colorbaaars

    Is my tongue well placed ?

    Two E4s: I have some issues with tongue tension which I want to not have. That's hard lol I'm a lower placed baritone and I'm comfortable in the range of G2~Eb4/E4~B4 (in head voice) My tongue often blocks the back of my throat, what can I do to keep my throat open and free ? Help me please. Is my tongue well placed in those two E4s ?
  4. So, nothing fancy, but I made a quick recording of my voice on my phone, and wanted to get feedback on my voice type, as well as some thoughts. E2 -E5: raw voice.mp3 my E4 sounds nice, but above that I'm strangling a cat. I can, and have, hit high notes better than that sometimes, but I wanted to just let it all hang out and do a really basic raw sound and show where I'm at. I've spent most of my life assuming I was a baritone, and the lowest octave is the one I talk and am most comfortable in. But even on this recording I can hear how my voice really brightens and gets big in the upper registers. So, once I learn how to use them better, maybe that's more my thing. My teacher thinks once I get a handle on things, I'll have Bb4, B4, and C5 in my chest voice with a nice sound to them. But although I want to be able to sing things like Iron Maiden and Dream Theater, it's been suggested my voice might be too heavy for rock tenor stuff. If anyone has any suggestions of songs to try, I'd be willing to give it a shot.
  5. I'm attempting to lighten up my vocals whilst still maintaining a definitely connected sound with good color. This is not how I intend to always sing, just trying to find the lowest possible effort and lightness with good sound, then am going to go to the opposite extreme. My goal is to find my limits on both ends. Any comments on this effort will be appreciated.
  6. Jelly Ochoa

    Please comment on my singing

    Here is a video of me singing. I just want to know if I can sing, and how good I am, but I would appreciate any feedback and suggestions. Thanks .
  7. Youtube these days favors frequent uploaders. So, I've been posting a lot of quick simple covers and I'd love it if you could share some love. here's my latest cover of big thief
  8. I already know what I think of this performance....I'd like to hear what others think. Referring to the timeline of the track would be helpful (example- "the sustained note at 2:21 needs work.") Thanks in advance.
  9. Me singing Sweeny Todd's part in The quartet of Johanna. Not polished and instrumental track added without perfect sync. Any Critiques welcome
  10. Mark Chavez

    Can someone help me out.

    Can someone listen to this, and just give me honest feedback. What does this sound like? Is it good?, Is it okay?, Terrible?, Is it at all pleasant? Looking for to hear back from someone.
  11. Hi!! Our old college band met at a reunion and played one of our favorite songs. I know I'm ahead of the speakers and missing a note or two, but would really appreciate a review and suggestions. Thanks Vikram
  12. So I been practicing on breath and making sure I hit the notes. I think I also got staying in the same key down. I recorded Sia - Titanium the other day. Let me know what yall think! UPDATE: Vs 2.0 Listen to me sing "Titanium" on #Smule:
  13. Hello there just wanted some feedback on how I did and what would my voice type be?
  14. bumblinglycurly

    My Singing?

    Trying this again. Please let me know your honest opinion. Do I sound pleasant at least, do I remind you of any artists, are there any things that are noticeably wrong with my singing? I'd appreciate any response. Thank you
  15. Hi all. I'm new here and new to singing. Literally for the first time in my life... I tried to seriously sing today. I don't know why, just felt like I should try it. It's not great quality, maybe not even okay, and now I'm here about to share it. It's recorded over the original song, it's all I had here and I'm not sure what else I'd need. I literally have no idea what I'm doing! I'm not necessarily trying to go anywhere other than seeing if I have the potential to actually be a decent singer... again, I know absolutely zero about it. I'm a little hesitant to request it, but if you all could provide feedback I would appreciate it. Just don't hurt me! Anyways.... here it is:
  16. UnleashedInTheEast

    Judas Priest Victim of changes

    Hello This me trying to sing this hard song. I am pretty proud of this one. What do you think?
  17. unoncernedfox

    Honest review of my singing

    I won't get my feelings hurt if you point things out to me. here it is
  18. Hello, I've always loved singing but I'm too nervous to sing in front of anyone, so I don't really know if I sing well or not. I would love some honest feedback, thank you.
  19. bumblinglycurly

    Opinion On My Singing? Hi everyone, this is my first time posting my voice online. Friends have always said that I could sing and I do feel that my voice is at least above that of an average person, but I wanted to get some unbiased opinions, so please let me know honestly what you think, even if it's just a 1-10 rating. I've recently begun warming up and doing vocal exercises so if there's anything you might recommend me trying to improve please let me know. Thank you! P.S. Just found out that the link might not have worked . . . but I'm hoping to have fixed it so please try it again.
  20. Hi! I'm new-ish to this forum, posting here for the very first time because I'm super excited to share my progress. I'm male, 23, started taking singing lessons only 2 months ago. Prior to that I was a rubbish singer. I'd read a lot about vocal technique in the past i.e. chest, head voice etc. but it was all rather abstract - especially when it came to the mysterious mixed voice (what the what?). Anyway, I couldn't sing for my life until recently when I bit the bullet and started seeing a voice teacher near where I live. Only 2 months later and I CANNOT believe the progress I have made! This recording was taken today - I usually record myself doing vocal exercises at home - and has me doing a vocal slider up to C5 while adding some cord closure and lots of support. Although I could only hold the note in full voice for a couple of seconds, I managed to get a tinge of vibrato in there and the release felt AMAZING! 2 months ago I was straining to even hit C5 in falsetto! Just goes to show that practice and patience works!
  21. The pitch of this song is like a rollercoaster (for me, at least), and this has caused me serious problems all the times I've tried to sing it. I finally managed to get an overall grasp of it, but I don't know if it's acceptable or not. I would like to hear what I am doing right and what I am doing wrong. (Also, PLEASE someone tell me the note at 1:10 minutes!) Cheers!!
  22. Hey guys. The thing is, as I have said in other threads here, I barely sing high at all. I'm very inspired by Leonard Cohen and my voice is pretty limited in the high register, so I transpose most songs to the bass region (even Avril Lavigne songs!) This Brazilian song (Portuguese is my mother tongue) represents my singing style very well. I'd like to hear opinions about my technique and what I could do to improve it! (EDIT.: I'd also like to know what is the last note of the song, please!)
  23. Vision of Love Cover : Mariah Carey Love Yourself Cover : Justin Bieber I really need help trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong vocally or is it just my tone? I need honesty. Thank u!
  24. Last one of a bombardment of songs wanting feedback, sorry! It's on Smule. I'm obviously the woman voice. lol.