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Found 417 results

  1. stormchaser100

    Phoenix Ren - Begin By Letting Go

    Hi all Not been on here for a good couple of years but decided to bite the bullet again with singing and learning how to home record using Logic Pro X following training for several months and finding my own voice and not trying to copy others. My artist name is Phoenix Ren and she's only just come out to play this last summer! I'm pleased so far and know I have to more to give in terms of the voice. I also need some lessons to learn with editing the vocal to avoid 'essing' and 'popping' still being too close to the mic, but I'm keen for feedback on the overall track, balancing etc. I used 2 mixes together for the vocal - one wet with some reverb, and one dry with only compression. I use an SE220a mic and Focusrite Solo preamp/interface...and a load of mattresses!
  2. I have been learning to sing for two weeks so far. I need a little help figuring out how to make my voice sound better. The song I am singing is panic at the disco Time to Dance.
  3. Hi everyone! I recently just got diagnosed with Vocal Chord Edema, I've had alot of trouble hitting C4 and above in chest/mixed voice and had lost my head voice and falsetto for a solid 5 months after a cold. After being on medication for a while i've been able to explore the 4th octave more regularly with ease and wasn't sure if I am using healthy technique or placing my voice correctly. I am being assessed on this song in 3 weeks and I'm hoping to move my last assessment grade from a B+ to an A! I've only been learning this song for 3 days so some parts are not correct but I am doing my best as my throat gets swollen easily from the edema so I try to practice as much as possible without abusing my voice <3 (Love You I Do - Jennifer Hudson)
  4. I love this song, learned it the other day after hearing it for the first time, and am interested in any feedback. I don't usually do this kind of song. I don't know how to sing really strong.
  5. sunnydroplet

    What do you think?
  6. This one I wrote I think in 2011 or 2012. I was going for a Kate Bushesque vibe.
  7. SwedishSinger

    Iron maiden wasted years

    Hi What do you think of this performance?
  8. Darren Ehrlich

    Need some helpful feedback please

    I would appreciate some feedback on what I'm doing wrong. I am signed up to do the Americas Got Talent live auditions in December. Still haven't settled on my audition tunes but working on technique and adding some of my own flavor. Don't pay attention to the piano playing, I know I made a few mistakes lol. Thanks!
  9. dearie23

    River by Joni Mitchell

    This is several years old and recorded in my old home studio. All I hear is flaws.
  10. Me again. This is again on Smule, and is a duet I joined. The woman who sings first is not me. I come in partway through the first verse and she does the harmonies and we continue on like that.
  11. Hello, I have been learning the various voice registers & applying to this song. Any suggestions on where to improve would be greatly appreciated, i.e. Do it sounds like one voice? or not yet? Love & peace
  12. songwriterwhoneedshelp

    Advice for an Inexperienced Song Writer

    Ok, so basically I have written songs for a while and love doing it, but I am not a great singer by any means. I would like to start sharing my songs with people, because I am proud of them, but I think my voice just isn't that great and would like to improve it. Unfortunately, I cannot afford vocal lessons, so I was wondering if anyone had any advice they could give me. Here is a recording of me covering Attention by Charlie Puth, which is a somewhat similar vocal style to what I write in most of my songs. Thanks!
  13. Eperty123

    Weird head voice?

    Hello everyone, So I've been to a couple of singing lessons and finally confirmed that I've accessed my head voice. Problem is that it sounds weird. Check this out and this out. Let me know what you guys think.
  14. Hello guys, I am new to this industry with zero experience. Long story short, I would like to record a radio quality song. Unfortunately where I live there aren't any vocal studios, Therefore, I have to create my own at home. I did some research, However, I have got four main questions, please give me your advice from your experience guys! First Question: I am going to buy mic NT1A, Focusrite scarllet solo audio interface with pro tools, mic stand, low Z xlr microphone cable. Now, are these products good as a beginner? I will not be recording any instruments. I will hire a producer online to do everything. I just need a clean recording. Question is, do I need any extra items? Second Question: I read so many times that background noise is a major issue etc... What can I do in order to avoid that? Keep in mind that i am "creating" my own home studio. Third Question: What is the order usually in chronological order -> recording, mixing, remixing, producing, mastering? How does it work. If I hire a producer is he or she supposed to do everything? and all I have to do is record? Or is a producer's job different than mixing, mastering etc.. Fourth Question: I wrote my lyrics and its all good. However, usually how do artists come up with "how to sing the song" like, do producers usually demo the song? Since I am relaying on the producer to do the beat, so is the producer also responsible for "demoing" it? Thank you so much guys, If anyone has an idea I would highly appreciate it! Have a good one!
  15. SwedishSinger

    Pavarotti - Nessun Dorma

    Hello I tried to cover this beautiful song. What do you think? I am not used to opera btw.
  16. Note: was recorded with computer microphone, and is supposed to be sung kind of lightly Is this kind of good?
  17. SwedishSinger

    Meatload - For crying out loud

    Hello i just covered one of my favourite love songs ever. Does it sound good?
  18. Hello! I've been kind of in the dark as to whether or not my singing is ok or not, because the feedback I get from people I sing with might be them being to nice, and it's difficult to get an honest opinion from family members and friends on your singing. I've been singing on smule (the only way I get singing practice) for about a year now, and I can hear some improvements from when I first started; however, some days im able to hit high and low notes while other days I can't. High notes are still difficult for me to sing full without sounding like I'm straining (because let's face it, I am), and low notes will tend to go off key. I'm able to add some vibration to some keys so it doesn't sound flat, but it's difficult to do on command (usually it just sort of happens, you'll hear what I mean when you check some of my songs). I'm new to this site so I want honest opinions, what do I need to work on, and what are things I should be practicing daily, and for how long? Thank you!
  19. Completely aware that this is far away from singing, but still curious as to how far Thanks for all the feedback!
  20. Hello Now this song was a challenge but i tried it with less compression. I sang it live today and they said i sucked at singing. Does it really sound bad?
  21. SwedishSinger

    Meatloaf heaven can wait

    Hello I tried to do a soft song but i dont know if it sounds good to others ears.
  22. SophiaGrayce

    Eleanor - Sophia Grayce

    Hello Everyone, This is the first song that I wrote both the lyrics and music for and worked with a local producer that helped me put the instrumental track together. Just wanted to get some feedback from you. Thanks ~Sophia Grayce~
  23. SwedishSinger

    Iron Maiden aces high

    Hello Doing another Iron Maiden classic. What do you think?
  24. Robert Lunte

    How To Sing Like David Bowie

    This is a lesson that gives two simple tips on how to capture a David Bowie vocal color. There is a lot more involved than these two ideas, but this should be helpful. Be sure to view the two performances of "Space Oddity" & "Life On Mars". Learn More: