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Found 417 results

  1. Robert Lunte

    David Bowie - How To Sing Like "ZIGGY"!

    This is a lesson that gives two simple tips on how to capture a David Bowie vocal color. There is a lot more involved than these two ideas, but this should be helpful. Be sure to view the two performances of "Space Oddity" & "Life On Mars". Learn More:
  2. This is a lesson that gives two simple tips on how to capture a David Bowie vocal color. There is a lot more involved than these two ideas, but this should be helpful. Be sure to view the two performances of "Space Oddity" & "Life On Mars". Learn More: View full articles
  3. Sarit_Aloni

    Ideas for an arrangement

    Hi there, I was asked from a friend to record Love Me Tender (Elvis Presley) for his wedding. I have at the moment only piano. Would you think it requires adding some other instruments?
  4. bigdreams97

    Please review my singing!

    Hey people! I've been singing since a while now. . So I'd like any advices that'll help me improve.
  5. Gill Appleby

    Mercedes Benz Please excuse the outro. And yes it's me singing with JJ in the background. Thoughts?
  6. Alan Tran

    B2M- On Bended Knee

    Hi All! I'm not sure (I might be tone deaf), but my singing is mostly on key, but something is a bit off? I'd just like some feedback if possible to get me in the write direction to a killer voice. Thanks everyone!
  7. Gill Appleby

    Wind Beneath My Wings This is a warts and all presentation of my singing. I tried a different intro to Bette Midler. Be interested to know whether you guys think that is works. I was going to re-record correcting any vocal errors but i feel to get the best from a review I need to show where I'm actually going wrong as well as the well-executed parts currently I have quite a poorly chest. Any thoughts on speeding recovery? Thanks guys.
  8. This is my first post here! Appreciate advices!
  9. This is my tribute to Chester Bennington. Chester was the idol of mine I looked up to. As far back as I can remember, My best friendCollin and I always jammed to LP. Let me know what you think of this. Thank you. Rest in Peace Chester.
  10. Heres a little video my friend shot of me performing in the studio
  11. Hey everybody. I goofed in the section introducing myself, so I apologize for that. This is me singing karaoke of Creep by Radiohead. I would like to know how I did and what you recommend I try different. I am always open to new ideas!
  12. StaticVox

    New guy, here's me

    Hey guys, This is one of my tracks, just so you can see what my focus is. I am doing rock / hard rock. I have been away from it for about 6 years and just starting with a new band. I have always had issues in the higher register but the new band calls for it. I'm always looking to improve, any tips are much appreciated!
  13. Chalkemort

    Trying to get into singing

    So I have always been into singing but have never had any formal vocal training. Chris Cornell was my favorite vocalist and his recent unfortunate passing reinvigorated by interest in singing. I have always been fascinated by how full Chris sounded in his head voice/falsetto, assuming that's what he uses when he goes high. I tried to sing Cochise by Chris Cornell. I am unsure whether this is what Chris does, since, in comparison to him, my voice sounds very thin when I go into my head voice. I would like to get some feedback and hopefully some pointers about what I am doing right and wrong. Cochiseaudio2.mp3
  14. Clericsgonewild

    Singing Double Vision by Foreigner

    Just wondering if there's anything I can do to improve my performance of this song, thanks in advance!
  15. Dear all, It has been a while that I have visited this forum. I have been very busy with my studies—having completed my BA in Musicology and currently finalising my MA in Applied Musicology. I did keep on working on my singing, however. Yesterday, “The Music of the Night,” a song that I auditioned with at the Conservatory of Rotterdam over a decade ago and that I had used for my singing lessons with many different teachers, was one I had never actually performed—until now! Indeed, there appears to be balancing issues with volume between me and the piano. On the other hand, I asked several attendees whether they felt there were problems with it, but they all did not notice them live. While I do think we could work on balancing our instruments, I believe the recording is augmenting the issue quite a bit. I am really satisfied with the performance—especially my acting abilities, intonation, enunciation, and stage presence. I could be more confident with the fermata notes just doing them as long as I want, rather than thinking I might do them too long (I think the “soul”-note [2:32] is great, the “be”-note [3:44] is just about right, the ”night”-note [5:20] is executed pretty well, but could easily be five seconds longer). I could also definitely stabilise and pronounce my “ring” more. Manolito Mystiq
  16. delorean

    Queen - I Want it All

    I've been meaning to post this to get some feedback on where I can improve my live technique. This was taken one of my bands live gigs last summer. If you have a moment, please take a listen and let me know your thoughts. Thanks guys 'n' gals
  17. Hello! So I just recorded 2 tunes (first takes, lots of mistakes, but i just wanted to record something) Im looking to sing with my band and would like to know if im on the right track (since this is a type of register i've never used in a live/public setting so i dont know if the vocal placement for these songs is correct). These songs are somewhat outside my singing comfort zone and what we usually play (in terms of vocal range and registers), but i would love to expand my repertoire. To give an idea my most demanding song right now is toxicity (SOAD)(with some chest pulling here and there). I've been a musician for 11 years but only been singing for 5 years now, and only had proper vocal training for about a year (not currently) mostly focusing on pitch, correct breathing, chesty high notes, etc... but nothing of this kind, so there is this desire to get into these types of songs. Also, the "technique" im using for both songs feels (in my throat) the same to me, but it somehow feels more suited for the high notes heard in the scorpions tune, than in the skid row one. so I would love to know (if someone can give some input on this) why do i get two seemingly different results with the same technique? Feedback is greatly appreciated! Thank you Jesse
  18. My song passengers was a quick filler song for my EP "Blink of an Eye" but has turned into one of my biggest "hits" being extremely popular at live shows. What are your thoughts on it?
  19. Hi, My daughter is 9 yrs old, likes to sing, she tries her best to take part in any singing opportunity that she gets. I would like to get some valuable and honest inputs from experts here about her singing. what can be done to improve here singing ability and voice quality. What kind of songs should she be singing when it comes to competition / performances, specially the songs that can increase her chance of securing better position in singing competition. Looking forward for your valuable inputs. Thanks, Avinash
  20. NEW REALITY SHOW Synopsis: Vocal Coach Julia Amisano takes on NYC area people who think they can’t or shouldn’t sing and helps them achieve their musical dream. (Must live close enough to NYC to audition in person and film if chosen). Have you or a friend or loved one, always wanted to learn to sing?Is there something musical you (or your friend or loved one) have always wanted to achieve but never thought you could? Do you sing in the shower but not in front of anyone else? Do you have an event, or occasion or you want to sing for? Are you a 1st generation American or an immigrant looking to achieve the American Dream through music? Then you should be on this new show!! Looking to cast a diverse range of people interested in taking a chance on themselves to try for their musical dream. We are looking for interesting and diverse stories about people who think they can’t sing but are willing to try in order to achieve something miraculous. Please submit a 2-3 min video (via link) to Must be submitted by May 31st to be considered. Must include the following: Who are you? Please state your name, age, where you are from. What is your musical dream and why do you want to achieve it. What would achieving your musical dream do for you, your friends or your family? What has been your biggest obstacle to achieving your dream so far? What is your cultural background? What is your level of experience with singing, if any? Why do you want to learn/improve your singing? What kind of music do you love? What do you hope to accomplish with an experienced vocal teacher? Please sing a few bars of your favorite song. Thank you!
  21. Hello I just sang this in a karaoke bar yesterday but i didnt receive any applause. I wonder why because in my ears i sound good.
  22. SwedishRocker

    Helloween Your turn vocal cover

    Hello I sang this together with a karaoke song. I tried to not use chest voice in this. Sounds kinda bad?