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Found 790 results

  1. I thought I would have a go at another Elton John song. Let me know what you think.
  2. Hello singers! I have scoured the internet for any info or exercises to develop a faster vibrato. Most posts and articles discourage what I am going for. Some of my favorite vocalists have a very fast vibrato, or tremolo, like Maynard from Tool, among others. Mine is already at or sometimes a little slower than 6 Hz, which I know is recommended, but not the sound I want. If anyone has any advice or hopefully at least one exercise that will specifically target and develop the muscles needed to gain a faster vibrato I would be so appreciative! -p0
  3. i really like singing, but sadly, i am horrible at singing.....not even joking, i am really, really bad, but, every now and then i seem to get lucky and end up hitting the proper notes and pitch of the song even surprises me when this happens 0.o for a short moment my voice sounds really amazing, like, professional amazing, its flawless, how ever, the problem is that i cant seem to consistently produce the random feats i achieve. so over the past couple weeks, i have been constantly recording myself while i experiment with different techniques and methods for singing.for hours every day, i will practice and test all different types things. and i think i may have actually pin pointed the cause of my horrible singing. hopefully you guys can tell me if this theory of mine is correct or not. i have been trying to figure out what exactly separates a good singer from a bad singer, like, what exactly is a good singer doing with there body to make them sound good.there must be at least one thing that all good singers do in order to sound good. i have noticed that while singing, i instinctively attempt to push out every word separately. its hard to explain, its like my breath pauses after each word and then i try to push out the next word with the remaining air i have left in me. this makes its really hard for me to hit the right note/key/pitch, sometimes i get lucky and it works, but most the times i fail. so to try and fix this problem, i attempted to string together all the words i was singing. its hard to explain, its like i would hold a single tone and stretch it out, while doing this, i found it is so much easier to control my voice when doing this. its like i almost have full control of my voice, i become able to easily and smoothly transition between notes, i become able to blend one note into the next, this makes me sound a lot better, it does not make me sound to good, but it definitely makes me sound so much better and its a lot easier for me to do. if anyone that is a good singer is reading this, do you hold the notes and blend them together or do you actually cut off your breath after each word?
  4. Help! I make funny faces when I sing. My nostrils kind of flare like I'm trying to get more air unconsciously or something, and my eyebrows contort in the weirdest ways, twitching with the words as do my eyes, and it just looks awful. Anyone know what's going on? I also feel like my mouth looks funny, it doesn't open as much as it should I think. But my face! It moves a lot! I have a naturally very expressive face, but when I see other professionals sing, they look so natural and not stupid! I'm not just being self-conscious. I don't have a voice teacher (would love to someday, but costs $$) and I just sing for fun. I used to be in a chorale in college but I feel like I never learned how to sing properly. My natural singing voice is very breathy and quiet, so I try to get more sound, and sometimes it works but other times I can feel myself straining and it's unnatural. Also my pitch is harder to control when I'm louder.
  5. Hello all! I'm a rather young, (14 year old) male. I've never been born with that natural singing voice and never grew up singing. However, this past year I've taken a serious interest in it, despite my conditions of not having a voice suited for singing. Those who are credible with music knowledge, and can answer my question with honesty, with very hard work ethic, and hours every day working on developing my voice, can it be possible to shape and form my voice into that beautiful singing voice I desire?
  6. Just something to celebrate that happened this week.... i'm liking the fancy blue check mark next to my name spotify:artist:00HNCJ4hdQ72bshWrNikub
  7. My song passengers was a quick filler song for my EP "Blink of an Eye" but has turned into one of my biggest "hits" being extremely popular at live shows. What are your thoughts on it?
  8. benny82

    R.I.P. Chris Cornell

    ... still can't beleive it
  9. MDEW

    Journey Practice

    It has been a while since I have posted anything. If you have any comment good or bad let me know. Thanks.
  10. SwedishRocker

    Rob Halford - thin high notes?

    Hello can anyone in here explain how does rob halford sound so thin on high notes? Is it head voice? <----during the chorus i bring your love he goes to a high C
  11. SwedishRocker

    Dio Holy Diver

    Hello I just did a great cover of this song. It was pretty hard but i sound better and better.
  12. Hello guys, I am sure many here have seen the video of the 90+ year old tenor singing clear and powerful high notes. Posted below is some other examples of some singers we can consider to have vocal longevity. I am not meaning to glorify opera singing, as I am a huge fan of pop music and other current genres. The question for everyone is, what singers are there in American Popular Music that has this kind of voice longevity (besides Stevie Wonder who is 65 and still wonderful). The requirements are: this person must be at least 55 years old with clear, unforced high notes (A4, B4, C5), and sing in english. Please post a Youtube link if possible and some justification for posting this individual. Lauri Volpi at Age 80 Alfredo Kraus at Age 68 Salvatore Fisichella at Age 73
  13. Gill Appleby

  14. Hello TMVW Friends! Yesterday I shared a Youtube video slide show with Robert Lunte, which I had created to accompany a Song I wrote for my Dad's memorial service. He passed away, early last December. Normally, I would not have posted it here, only because I'm a tad self-conscious about being perceived as "fishing for compliments." Rob urged me to share it so I am doing so. I am proud of the song, and I'm just like anyone else, I do love compliments yet, because this is not a "review my singing post" that I am paying for, I want you all to know that I'm not opposed to "discussions" regarding my singing on this tune. I will give some back story on my Dad, some "behind the scenes" notes on the recording, then list some post recording observations about my vocals which I have had recently, those should ring true to discussions that are commonly had here at TMVW. My Dad: A pump engineer who's family business focused mainly on groundwater applications. After having the opportunity to help an orphanage in Mexico establish a much needed water well, he realized this was something he could do all over the world. He founded the organization linked here , back in the mid 70's which grew over the years to it's present impressive status. He and my Mom raised my two Brother's and my adopted Sister, and I, in a fundamental Christian tradition. While I have moved to a more "Mystical" type of Theology in my adult life, I revere, and am grateful for that upbringing. I did my best to honor this in the song. My Dad played Double Bass, and left a legacy of music for my siblings and I, my kids, and all my siblings kids as well. The recording: Recorded at Mindseye Productions Arizona. My long time friend Bill Pearson is the owner. He is a master engineer, producer, & composer with a Grammy! I'm really lucky to know him. He's the reason I got some great studio vocal experience back in the late 80's and early 90's. After I wrote the song, I didn't have much time to rehearse the guitar plus, I have fairly bad carpal tunnel in both wrists so, my rehearsal endurance on guitar is limited to about 20 or 30 minutes per day. Due to this I ended up playing each (repeated) guitar section of the song only once or twice, then Bill copied and pasted. He made some beautiful embellishments on the keys, and added a nice sampled Double Bass & percussion tracks, which he composed and performed. This made it feel like my Dad was playing along with me, really moving for me! Also, I only had a rough idea of the melody, I wanted to sing it live and let any inspiration flow that came along. This made extra work for Bill because it took quite a number of takes to get the melody just how I liked it. Bill suggested the "speaking line," which I was hesitant about at first but ended up loving it! (That's what good producers do). My Vocals: A re-occurring experience for me, when it comes to studio vocals is; I will usually "o.k." a final take, then regret it later, wishing I had punched a "better," or "different" take. This happened on this recording. There were a few lines where my vowel modification was less than ideal. Also, one line in particular where I didn't use the best appaggio. Maybe you can spot those. Lyrics are in the Youtube description if you're interested. I strongly suggest using headphones or really good speakers!! Thanks for listening! k
  15. The USAF Band of the Golden West is having an audition for ALL (SATB) vocalists! Materials due 12 May 2017, live round 19 June 2017. Audition information and requirements can be found at Questions can be sent to
  16. Someone screaming my name Come and make me, holy again!
  17. When I slide, or glissando up to a note, I can hit higher notes, with more on them, than I can just hitting the note alone. What I assumed I had discovered by doing this was 'mixed voice', but I don't know. As someone with a fairly normal male voice range, if I'm starting on g4 and sliding up to g5, heavy metal singer-style, am I still in chest voice, or is that impossible? Or was I right and that's some kind of mixed voice thing?
  18. PianoandGuitarguy

    The truth about 'lifting'?

    I'm a slightly older guy and musician who just started voice lessons for the first time. A big thing my voice teacher is having me do is work on 'lifting' as she calls it. And this doesn't mean lifting the soft palate, which I THINK is a different thing. It involves lifting the cheekbones is a way that's not quite a smile, but somehow allows you to hit high notes with much more ease. Most of the time it's kind of "am I doing it right, I have no idea", but maybe 3 times so far over the weeks I somehow got it, and holy shit I had tenor high c without feeling like I might burst a blood vessel...but then I lost it again. So, certainly seems to work, but I did a search and found a lot of things disparaging lifting the soft palate, which might be related, and other things disparaging the 'smile technique'. So I was curious what the consensus was here on it.
  19. Collin571

    Writing Lyrics & Songs

    anybody have any experience writing melodies and lyrics? I'm improvising lyrics and melodies recently, I've written poems/lyrics in the past but it's harder to put melodies and rhythms to pre planned words. Freestyling seems to be the best most efficient way for spit balling song ideas. I don't always have a clear picture in mind for the idea behind the lyrics most of the time, so it tends to be pseudo prolific nonsense. Also my melodies are typically descending I need to know how to envision more motion up and down and deliver it. The obvious answer I'm avoiding is likely I should be writing full songs and learn on the job and let the maturation process happen. Do you guys have any advice or experience song writing you'd like to share, specifically involving understanding relative pitch and lyrics?
  20. A voice change can indicate a problem of the vocal health. It can range from cold to allergies and even vocal cord cancer. Here are a few voice changes that can indicate a certain problem: 1. Raspy voice- This voice is caused due to the growth of vocal cord nodules. The prominent reason of this is due to the misuse and overstraining of the voice. It is important that in order to maintain the voice, one should take singing lessons at a certified vocal school. 2. Hoarseness of voice- This kind of voice can be a symptom of throat cancer, thyroid cancer, lime disease, or brain tumors which are caused due to excessive smoking. Therefore, it is important that one must not smoke and live a healthy life. 3. Nasal voice- It is also known as hyponasal which is typically caused by deviated septum which can cause cold and chronic allergies. Therefore, it is necessary that one should properly maintain the vocal health. Maintaining the vocal health is very necessary to avoid any problems in the near future. Therefore, one should not strain the voice unnecessarily and take help of a professional to keep the vocal health maintained. ---------------------- I am Music Tutor, I like to motivate people to join music, and make a brilliant career in singing. Please share your experience. ------------------- Vocal School San Jose | Voice lessons san jose | Voice Classes san jose
  21. Steven Tyler just gets better and better..... He's probably a god or something or maybe Satan him self.
  22. Hello I am not a professional singer but have been singing for about 10 years now, I usually sing for about an hour a day. I sing in a mix of chest and head voice and am female, 27 years old. I try to do vocal warmups regularly but my motivation to do so is low because I have never noticed any improvement either short or long term. The one thing that consistently seems to give me a great voice is having been on a night out the night before. I.e. being hungover, having smoked cigarettes and not had much sleep (and probably having done a lot of shouting). This is bizarre to me for obvious reasons. I cannot think what would cause my voice to improve (better pitch, more smooth) from doing the above and would love to understand so I can hopefully find a way of achieving the same effect without damaging my voice. Thanks in advance for your help, Hanne
  23. I thought I'd post an official review my singing thread for my new EP "Blink of an Eye" available on all major music platforms. What are your thoughts? What do you like? what do you not like? whats your favorite song? iTunes Spotify