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Found 788 results

  1. I started a thread on the LP reddit, and was hoping for some people to discuss this with. Without getting too crazy, not only what we are hearing is impossible, if you slow it down to .25 you can hear 2 voices at once being modulated at the same time. Humans can't do this. also in the end has come cute masonic alphabet in it. These guys have many secrets.
  2. I don't think it's called vibrato because it's much faster I want to know the word for it so i can do some research on how i can achieve it. In this 2 second mp3, the singer does it when saying (Mad) example.mp3
  3. Posting a few tracks below. If you're interested in working together (singing or rapping) hit me up either in email (listed below) or PM with a sample of your voice. The tracks are unmixed/unmastered so if something sounds off or hurts your ears that's probably it, apologies. Money will not be involved, we're simply two musicians making music together. If we create and publish a project together, we'll split whatever, if any, profits come of it. We'll talk and make a track together. If that goes well, maybe an album. P.S. If you can write/are a decent lyricist, that's a huge plus. (forgive the high notes lmaoo) Email:
  4. Hi there! So I’m very new to singing, but I’m wanting to try and take a leap of faith, and audition for a local musical. I’m having a lot of trouble picking the right song though. Since I’m a beginner, I really don’t know where my vocal range is either. I’m able to sing along with most pop songs, though, and am decent at matching pitch. The part that I’m going for is a tenor E-G# (and I have absolutely no idea what that means other than tenors are generally the higher men’s octave). I’m also nervous because I’m a transgender guy with a voice that hasn’t dropped yet, and that’s the highest men’s role in the show (Hello, Dolly). I’m worried that I’m biting off more than I can chew with this one, and still pretty hesitant to audition, but for now I’m just going to keep pushing forward and try to pick a song to audition with. Thank you for any advice!
  5. Learn more about the RØDELink Performer Kit: ***Or get one for free at the Vocal Athlete Intensive in Seattle, May 14-18, 2018.*** Along with our current registrants, the next 10 participants of the Vocal Athlete Intensive receive a RØDE Microphones Wireless Performer Kit (a $500 value!) and a set of Direct Sound Studio Plus+ Headphones (a $170 value!)! ***What else do you get when attending the event?*** 30% Off the original price! A week of intensive voice training with Robert Lunte and Draven Grey, giving you results, confidence, and mastery. Attendance is limited to 20 people, which means lots of personal attention! Private Training Rooms with PA Systems provided by American Music! Spend a day at Ann Wilson's Studio X! * Spend the week in beautiful and musical Seattle. A RØDE Wireless Performer Kit worth $500! A set of Direct Sound's Studio Plus+ Headphones worth $170! ***That's like taking a vacation, taking your voice to the next level, meeting some really awesome new friends, and getting some great new gear, all rolled into one!*** When are you signing up? Our limited registrations are going fast, so register now!
  6. Hi all. I think I’ve posted this in the right place. I have a question about Bruce Dickinson’s modern day vocal technique. In these clips below (at about the 2:05 and 1:52 mark) do you think that Bruce is singing in head voice or chest voice? Im asking because in the original recording and early 80s live performances he sounds much more powerfull (obviously down to age) and less airy. The chorus of this is another good example of what I mean. (1:15) Im hoping that if so, I will be able to use my head voice so sing these, and with enough practice it would hopefully sound powerfull enough to still sound semi decent since I dont have the natural range that Bruce seemed to have in the 80s and 90s. Thanks, Keir.
  7. Hello everyone, recently wrote some songs at home and recorded them. Would be a pleasure to get a litte review, tipps and advice from you! Hope you like it! A link to my page: Thank you very much! Kind regards Simon Meyers
  8. Plz check out this cover and wwrite on the youtube comments your feedback. It would really mean a lot
  9. So I’m a 17 year old girl and I think my voice is pretty strange. My range currently is D3-E6 but I feel way more comfortable singing low. It seems that when I do sing in a lower register, I have so much more power as I can belt. As I reach the breaking point between chest/head voice it is pretty weak and quiet and then it gets stronger again at the top! My question is: Is it appropriate for me to sing male solo songs if I audition for drama school? For instance: ‘My Friends’ -Sweeney Todd/ ‘Shoes Upon The Table’ -Blood Brothers (and also a bit obscure but) ‘Captain Crewe’ - A Little Princess. I feel way more confident with songs like these as I’m worried to be seen as having a weak voice! If anyone has any suggestions for good songs for an alto(?) voice, please feel free to share as I’m in desperate need, thank you!
  10. I was just thinking about the different styles of singing and I started to wonder, what are prominent elements in different styles?
  11. Back by popular demand... The Carbonphone with limited edition dark stained Tone Box and retro knob! $425US + S/H. First come, first serve. Get in touch here: Sound samples and additional info here:
  12. International Talent Agency RisingStars looking for production vocalists for the cruise contracts. Singers will take part in the show which will be created by cruise company For some cruise companies singers should perform with a music band also. The duration of contract - from 6 months Company provides: air tickets, accommodation and meals Registration and more details on our web-site:
  13. Gsoul82

    TMV Games: Freestyle

    Coming very soon!
  14. Gsoul82

    TMV Games: Jazz Style

    Coming very soon!
  15. Gsoul82

    TMV Games: Pop Style

    Coming very soon!
  16. Gsoul82

    TMV Games: R&B Style

    Coming very soon!
  17. Gsoul82

    TMV Games: Rock Style

    Coming very soon!
  18. 46 yo... She was recording in London, cause of death was not revealed yet...
  19. ilovemyself

    Choosing the right key

    I read that children's natural range is D1-D2. What the natural range for adults I don't know. Let's take this song for kids: This song is in the key of A. Is this the most natural key for children? And which key would be most natural for adults? My accordion teacher told me that it would be good to play it in the key of F but I thought that it could be a bit low. What do you think? G would be a bit better, I guess.