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Found 788 results

  1. champ10ns

    Everlong - Foo fighters

    Never had any lessons or anything and I'm not sure what kind of voice type I have but I can't sing very high. What do you think about the high notes in this half step tuned down version of Everlong, does my voice sound any good for a song like this?
  2. thematrixiam

    Baritone pop?

    Hey guys, Just had my first singing lesson at the new school. My teacher said I was a baritone. And mentioned that I probably wouldn't be hitting most of the songs I want to actually sing. That it would be better to either pick new artists/songs or transcribe them. That said, curious if anyone knows of any baritone pop singers? Thanks.
  3. thematrixiam

    minor vs major 3rd

    Can someone explain these to me more. Is a minor third three half steps and a major third is? Wiki says major third is four semitones... so, half-step? And by half-step, that's just the next jump on the keys right? For example C to C # is a half step? And B to C is also a half step? Thanks, Matrix
  4. Has anyone checked this out? It's free. Just curious what peoples thoughts are on it.
  5. I was wondering about what singing in pitch, or key, really means? Whenever i sing and use a software that shows me what note im hitting it tells me that im another note, even though it sounds good. If i strum an E chord and start to sing blue eyes crying in the rain, it tells me im singing around a G but the line seems to end in an E. If i correct myself to the software everything sounds very monotone and not right at all. Is it supposed to be like this or am i lost?
  6. thematrixiam

    Singing in the car

    I have been training in the car lately. Simply because I tend not to have too much time available. Is there any issues with this? I find my posture is horrible, and I have to sing a lot lower and softer than if I were not sitting in my car.
  7. thematrixiam


    Just hit a D#5... I can go down to about a D2. Is that a decent range for a beginner?
  8. let's continue our discussion of steve perry. clearly, in a class by himself. (for earlier posts related to this discussion, please see the "i nominate urgent" post.)
  9. Darren Ehrlich

    Need some helpful feedback please

    I would appreciate some feedback on what I'm doing wrong. I am signed up to do the Americas Got Talent live auditions in December. Still haven't settled on my audition tunes but working on technique and adding some of my own flavor. Don't pay attention to the piano playing, I know I made a few mistakes lol. Thanks!
  10. JonJon

    R.I.P. Tom Petty Cardiac Arrest. 66 years old first song of his I ever heard and of course the classic
  11. Hello guys, I am new to this industry with zero experience. Long story short, I would like to record a radio quality song. Unfortunately where I live there aren't any vocal studios, Therefore, I have to create my own at home. I did some research, However, I have got four main questions, please give me your advice from your experience guys! First Question: I am going to buy mic NT1A, Focusrite scarllet solo audio interface with pro tools, mic stand, low Z xlr microphone cable. Now, are these products good as a beginner? I will not be recording any instruments. I will hire a producer online to do everything. I just need a clean recording. Question is, do I need any extra items? Second Question: I read so many times that background noise is a major issue etc... What can I do in order to avoid that? Keep in mind that i am "creating" my own home studio. Third Question: What is the order usually in chronological order -> recording, mixing, remixing, producing, mastering? How does it work. If I hire a producer is he or she supposed to do everything? and all I have to do is record? Or is a producer's job different than mixing, mastering etc.. Fourth Question: I wrote my lyrics and its all good. However, usually how do artists come up with "how to sing the song" like, do producers usually demo the song? Since I am relaying on the producer to do the beat, so is the producer also responsible for "demoing" it? Thank you so much guys, If anyone has an idea I would highly appreciate it! Have a good one!
  12. Darren Ehrlich

    Hello from Kansas!

    Hi... my name is Darren Ehrlich and I'm from a little town called Galva Kansas. I'm 52, a disabled veteran that now does custom woodworking, which also gives me time to work on my music. I sing of course, play guitar, bass, piano and drum and i'm trying to learn the violin. I sang in a band back in the 80's called Switch, you can find a couple vids on YouTube if you search for Dodge City Switch. I am planning to audition for Americas Got Talent this December. I sent in a video last year and didn't get any where. Going to do the live one this year. Figure it will probably not get anywhere either, but at least I will get to see Vegas LOL. Not sure this will work, but I'm going to paste a link to a video on my YouTube page. This is one I was practicing for my audition last year. Barry Manilow, Weekend in New England. It's a shortened version because you have a limited amount of time. My piano playing isn't great, and the first part is a little rough but it gets better. Anyone have an opinion if I have a chance? Here is the link
  13. For the past few months i have started seriously practicing to improve my singing voice. this is a difficult thing to do since my singing voice is probably one of the worst you have ever heard. I tried so many different techniques on my voice but all my attempts resulted in tragedy.....until today I understand That I still have a very long way to go before my voice becomes somewhat decent, but I think I made break through today, I think I may be on the right path but I would love to get some honest feedback for my singing. I feel that if I continue to practice and train my voice the wrong way, that i might actually develop bad singing habits, honestly I think I already have done this and it is horrible. I would love to hear if you guys think I should keep practicing or just give up. So the craziest thing happened today, I was just chilling doing nothing when a random yawn hit me, believe or not but this yawn is what helped me improve my voice 10 fold. as i let out the yawn I heard and felt my voice make a beautiful sound, I then applied the same technique of yawning into my way of singing, its hard to explain but its like I simply opened up the back of my throat and sing from the inside of my chest/stomach area. I know my voice is not good, but I do think I made some decent progress, keep in mind that i literally just learned this new way of singing a few hours ago so i intend to practice using this technique unless you guys think I should continue searching for a better way of singing. I uploaded 2 recordings, one is labeled "before" and the other is labeled "after" the "before" recording is from last night and the "after" is from this morning.
  14. I love Ben Folds and I love Elliot Smith so I figured I'd share this gem
  15. SwedishRocker

    Rob Halford - thin high notes?

    Hello can anyone in here explain how does rob halford sound so thin on high notes? Is it head voice? <----during the chorus i bring your love he goes to a high C
  16. As I've mentioned in other posts, I've been taking lessons for a few months with an opera/musical theater singer, and I've played a whole lot of different singers I enjoy for her to hear her opinion, and I find it interesting to hear the impressions of someone from a different world and different sensibilities. I thought I'd compile all the ones I remember into a collection because I was also curious to hear reactions: Chris Cornell: Disliked. "He's just screaming in the one part. And his high notes are very thin, but he puts all the scream and effect on it. If you heard it without that stuff it would just be a very weak sound." Bruce Dickinson(Iron Maiden): Disliked. "Sound is thin, poor technique on higher notes, badly produced vibrato." Dio: Unimpressed. "Again, just a thin tenor putting some effect on his voice." Warrel Dane(Nevermore): Liked. "Good control. He's making a choice on every note." Eric Adams(Manowar): "One of the best sounds of all the singers you've played for me. But still a thinner tenor voice." Mike Patton: Liked. "Nice voice, clearly knows how to sing. But I wish I could hear his natural sound more instead of all this 'put on' stuff he does." Tarja Turunen and Marco Hietala(Nightwish): "You can hear both these people know how to sing correctly, they're just doing some weird things because that's the style I guess. Forcing the straight tones is making her sound flat, and she knows that, but she still does it." Devin Townsend: "If I were his ENT doctor, I'd love him, because of all the money I'd make form all the damage he's doing. He has to be on steroids to be doing what he does consistently. Either that or he's just a freak." Eric Clayton (Savior Machine): "Completely different from the other stuff you've shown me. Sounds like a regular baritone stage voice." Daniel Heiman (Lost Horizon): "Not bad. He's doing some of that weird stuff again, but he sounds good otherwise." Alissa White-Gluz (Arch Enemy): "Oh God, that's a woman!? I can't listen, it's too painful, she's ripping her vocal chords to shreds." Phil Anselmo (Pantera): "I guess it's...kind of like singing." Tim "Ripper" Owens (Judas Priest, Iced earth): "His voice will probably last a bit longer because he knows what he's doing and being very controlled about it." Mikael Akerfeldt (Opeth): "He's got a nice voice." Mikael Akerfeldt growling: "There's no way he's producing that sound naturally. Either that or he's doing it very quietly and it's made to sound much bigger."
  17. I'm a metal/progressive rock/classical guy taking lessons with a classical opera singer. It's always an interesting thing bringing her vocals to listen to. Some get better reviews than others, but the most common thing I hear from her is that the vast majority of vocalists are wrong for my voice, because they're just too high and light, and I have a bigger voice with a darker color. I kinda knew that was true of someone like James LaBrie, but Bruce Dickinson, Eric Adams, Dio, etc. I wouldn't have called them smaller voices, or the highest, or the thinnest, but to her they are. I one guy she thought was a bit closer match for my voice was Tim 'Ripper' Owens, or maybe that I could get get away with singing stuff from baritone-y guys like Eric Clayton of Savior Machine, who has a cool voice but it's usually a different thing. To her, a voice like Geddy Lee is just an exceptionally odd VERY light and high male voice, almost off the spectrum, and 90% of the rock singers out there are light, thin tenors. She asks if I have some other things to bring her that aren't like that, but it seems in rock, almost everyone has that sound, and with the exception of a few baritones here and there. The implication - the world of rock and pop is just filled to the brim with light tenors wherever you look these days. Even on Broadway these days this is all the rage: (Also interesting my teacher thought the composer should be shot for making the singer do that B5 at the end in that style, because it's certain to cause damage over time, and this singer did indeed have to take a break because of voice trouble I think). I mean, if you listen to something like this: ...this kind of voice can't help but sound a bit old fashioned. But really, it's just a natural male voice, singing as it would naturally sound. But there's practically no place for that voice in pop or rock, it seems. I suppose the question is, to what extent are we talking about just a lot of thin tenors, and to what extent are we talking about singers who might be baritones or low tenors, but who thinning their sound out, because that's the style?
  18. Came across this info and thought many would appreciate this ENT Doctor's perspective on vocal damage and vocal health. ENT Dr. talks about the stigma of vocal injury when she heard about Adele's concert cancelations.
  19. Hey guys I haven't made video's in a while I have had some major back issues (20 years) that really has made it tough to gig the last few months and sing and work. But I had Emergency back surgery Friday and I'm looking forward to a very quick recovery. So my teaching is on hold for a couple weeks. So while I was hopped up on pain pills I decided to make a vid lol. Hope you like it.. see ya soon peace
  20. I thought this would be interesting. We've got some new members. What is your vocal range? Any recent gains to report?
  21. Howdy! I usually do an exercice given to me by a teacher I once had. It's bassically a C harmonic scale in thirds (C-Eb-D-F...). Doing this with a piano is kind of easy. I would not be able to do this without a piano. I recently talked with a musician I know and he told me something interesting. The advice was not to see singing as a theory instrument like the piano where you can easily find the notes. Piano is easy when it comes to find the intervals. Singing, he said, is a lot like talk and when you do different accents. If I could be more expressive when talking it would help my singing. I guess he's right. Still, I'm not comfortable with singing the intervals without the piano. What are your experiences with this?
  22. VideoHere

    TMV Lou Gramm Section

    i decided to take jen's idea for a dedicated lou gramm thread, so i started one here. please use this specifically for anything pertaining to lou gramm. thanks folks. and thanks in advance for putting up with all my frequent posts about!!
  23. leithinkjesusiscool

    Informal way of learning...

    Hi! Can you tell me how people like Muddy Waters or Johnny Cash could learn how to sing without formal lessons? What kind of special informal thing helped them? When I watch documentaries it's like they just did it and it was extremely easy for then but I don't think that's really the truth.
  24. Heres a little video my friend shot of me performing in the studio