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Found 2 results

  1. I was posting here little bit about 5 years ago and made random posts since then. It's really amazing how just lurking and retaining as much info as possible on these forums can really help you out, so first, thanks to all who contribute here, both the people who ask the question and those who answer them, because both have helped me along the way.   A bit of my vocal history- I started "singing" in a band when our vocalist quit and I had to take over, this was 10 years ago. While I grew up on Alice In Chains and Ryche, this was a heavy prog metal band that required screaming closer to Lamb Of God, to which I couldn't pull off....though I thought I was.   After that I fronted a couple other hard rock/metal bands that I purposefully joined to get better as a vocalist, as in a real singer, not just some guy who screams in a mic. I took a couple years away from screaming and really worked on opening up my range. I've got a low voice but I've never believed it'd stop me from hitting some Tate and Halford highs.   I'm not fronting another prog-metal band, but this one really allows me to go all over the place with the vocals, from Mike Patton-esque to Chris Cornelly to Phil Anselmo and everything in between. This tune was recorded about 7 months ago and even now I'd like to go back and redo some of it because I can do it stronger/better, but it's a good marking of where I'm at now. My guitarist sings the chorus at 1:18, but the rest of it is me.   The first half of the tune is clean/raspy singing and the 2nd half goes into a more distorted, full on vocal fry screaming sound. It's tricky to not go too crazy with that stuff live....the good screamers don't get enough credit!   https://www.youtube.com/embed/BSfjDFSi884   I openly welcome any and all criticisms and insights! Take care!  
  2. Ok... is it only me... or is John Arch one of the coolest, most original sounding rock singers ever?!  I love the way this guy sings. Yes, I know it is a bit "quacky", but he has taken that sound color and made it his signature. He also has these fantastic little vocal riffs... check out the signature John Arch riff at 3:46 - 3:48.. and 3:56... that is "so John Arch".    Anyways... anyone have any thoughts about this cat? Can anyone analyze the intervals of the riff at 3:46 and determine what scale/mode that is coming from because he uses this a lot. It sounds very modal, or middle Eastern sounding.   On "Relentless" below, check out the riff from :51 to :58... so cool!   this is a "signature" sound that John Arch does a lot. Very unique.     Here is a tune with his "Arch/Matheos" project: "Midnight Serenade"     This is also really good: "Relentless"  
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