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  1. And how to practice sight singing alone? (different question) recommended sight singing resources?
  2. There's this exercise I do, where I record myself singing a short melody of some kind, and then sing over it with a different timbre or pitch. Today, I picked an old UHURU melody I can remember from way back. Uhuru is South African music. I like a lot of African music. Well I was innocently doing this exercise, singing normally, and I played it back and listened. I couldn't believe it when I heard all these tongue clicks going through it. Tongue clicks are a feature of South African languages and music! How the **** did that get into my recording!!! Anyway, its pretty handy. I'm gong to investigate wtf went on there. Maybe I can become proficient at clicking! Must be something to do with the "word" I used.
  3. After a couple of days of junk food bingeing, my throat was dry! Some people disagree with this, but I find it a good opportunity to do diagnostics on your voice. I think that as long as you have wise limits, and don't try to do anything extreme or excessive with a dry (or inflamed) throat, you should be fine. (Better still, if, like me, you know exactly why your throat is dry and you know that it is temporary.) So I sang Green Green Grass of Home (my version, lol) and listened to the playback. I am not surprised that the worst part was the beginning and it took time for my voice to settle. Pretty much cracked on the word "road" of "down the road I look" at the beginning. Again, for me,, it tends to be the ee and oh vowels that tend to go if my throat is dry and I am not paying attention. Also, the end was a lot less controlled than I would have liked, yet I didn't feel tired or anything. So, I have to investigate what was going on there. It's just a good way of finding out your weakest spots because they get exaggerated. (I didn't junk binge deliberately for this, I just take the opportunity after realizing how dry my t throat is after I have eaten too much junk). Often, recording sub-par singing is more informative and valuable than layering and mixing "covers" and then admiring yourself.
  4. Hi everyone, I've always loved to sing but I've always been shy to show it to the world. I had singing lessons in the past but once I started a university degree I stopped singing and focused on my degree. I am now stable in my job but this passion for singing has never gone away. Could you give me your feedback please? Thank you so much, this means the world to me. I have a youtube video singing a capella: And also some covers on SoundCloud:
  5. Hello I am having real trouble finding my falsetto, I can't make that effortless sound, it is always strained. I was always able to make a voice that I thought was falsetto, but I got to the conclusion that is flageolet instead. I got really used to it and it is relaxed, and really sounds like falsetto, but I think it isn't falsetto mainly because: - It isn't connected to chest voice. I know sometimes it's difficult to connect head and chest voice, but this is extremely disconnected, it is a different world. - I am able to transition smoothly from whistle to this flageolet. Not trying hard at all, just lowering the pitch from whistle, I end up in this voice. Demo: https://instaud.io/3rzk So, an example of this strained 'falsetto', in a moment with the voice quite tired (so that the strain is noticeable): https://instaud.io/3rzm Same song, in flageolet (I know it sounds a lot like a falsetto):https://instaud.io/3rzd An example of a song, in falsetto, that sounded better, in a moment my voice wasn't that tired: https://instaud.io/3rzf (Yes, I like Ed Sheeran XD). This is as close to a relaxed falsetto that I can get. So, any advice on how to find that relaxed falsetto? Maybe I am still unable to do it because I have those muscles untrained? I've tried yawning, making the sound of an owl, or Mickey Mouse's voice... Everything is strained. Any advice, or exercise? Thank you in advance Whistle to flageolet.mp3 Strained falsetto.mp3 Flageolet.mp3
  6. Hello, I need some help with my voice type My range is E2 - F4 and my comfortable note is F2, but I cant sing E2 very loud. In the morning I can hit loud D#2 and a bit quiet C#2. My voice is straining on high notes like C4, F4 but I can still sing them loud (the straining is probably because of bad singing technique and not training enough) I used vocal monitor which tells me that I speak in A2 (if that helps). I stated learning the subharmonic singing technique one week ago and now I can hit G#1 with it but I cannot sustain because Im working on controlling it now. I wonder what is my voice type. I am 18 years old btw. Thanks in advance
  7. I heard this song yesterday. This song is so good, gave me goosebumps the very first time even though the highest note the singer hits in this is F4. However this song is very difficult to sing atleast for me because it requires pitch precision, has many subtleties and is very delicate with the melody. One off note can mess it up. I wanna sing the Acapella of this. What are your suggestions how do I go about learning it? At around 03:37, this guy sings that line amazingly <3 Note to mention his vocal texture is insanely beautiful. This is my native language btw. Thanks!
  8. Thank managers as well so to admit to all the members that make up this prestigious group. I want to tell about VocalCare® because that will be useful to you all.Many professionals in various disciplines who need and depend on their voice to perform work: singers, vocalists, coreutas, comedians, drivers on radio or TV, actors, lecturers, teachers, trainers, broadcasters, entertainers, business consultants and sales, telemarketers, pastors, etc.They use for many hours a day the voice as a basic tool to develop their work.Who must preserve your voice various factors that require daily.To all of them is aimed VocalCare®.And of course we realize that with the constant demands that arise on a day to day wear are produced in our tool, either by endogenous factors (inherent in ourselves or we can prevent), as well as exogenous factors ( we can not control or predict), which can produce significant changes in the organs that produce the voice and consequently deficits.The need to preserve our voice in optimal conditions led us to develop the most complete line of natural products for voice care !!VocalCare® is the answer to a better quality of life that helps us to protect and develop the most valuable asset we have: our voice !! More additional information on our website www.vocalcare.net
  9. Hello! I wanted to know what you guys thought about something. My vocal range is E2-F4 (sometimes D2). I really want to be in an a Capella group but I'm not sure if anyone would want me as their bass, since I can't hit notes that other bass singers can.
  10. Just want to know if I should keep singing or give it up? (Singing) ----> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lsbptdfKSFs
  11. Hey! I'm a 16 year old male. Currently my vocal range is E2 - C4 (D2 - C4 in the mornings and on a good day). I was wondering if my range would lower to at least a consistent C2 in the next couple of years, because I would love to sing bass in a a Capella group or a choir. I know E2 is a bass, but I really want to hit those lower notes. Any helpful comments and replies is greatly appreciated! Have a nice day!
  12. First acapella track I'm posting... let me know what you think!
  13. TMV World Team

    A Capella

    So, you're a singer. Singers sing. Right? Do you sing along with singers you love? Who doesn't? But, how far will that get you to sounding as good as your favorite or sounding even better than her/him? Granted, you can make some progress by trying to duplicate style, pitch, learn lyrics, and so forth, but that only takes you so far. As you know, singers sing with music and they don't have someone else to carry the tune for them. This kind of practice of singing with a singer can act like a crutch and actually put you on a plateau of no progress. The first step on up that mountain is to do a solo flight. First try it with silence. I'm not sure of the source, but my high school band director said that "music is a painting made on a canvas of silence". That is a great place to start! Sing it a capella (with no music). Speaking of "a capella", did you know that is Italian, as is most music terminology? "Capella" is Italian for chapel. Chapels usually are so small that they don't have room for pianos or organs in them. So we don't mean to sing small, we just mean to sing without any instruments and we call that a capella. It is a great way to discover what you really know and what you are faking or are "mistaking". I just had to make that rhyme!
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