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Found 52 results

  1. I've included 2 videos. Eden turn the page is to show my struggles and little wonders is to show strengths. I cant say i know what im doing technically and that's what i need y'alls help for. If there's anyone who can help me understand what I'm doing both right and wrong itd be so helpful. Thank you all for taking the time. QuesoMcpeso
  2. the_Bay_harbor_butcher

    Stone Cold and Hallelujah (Duets on Smule)

    I haven't been doing covers on Smule recently. Hallelujah Stone Cold
  3. the_Bay_harbor_butcher

    My cover of All I Ask by Adele

    Hello guys. Bay is back. It's been 3 years since my last post. Got busy. Lol
  4. Hi all, I've always loved to sing, but over a month or so I've began lessons and been using the app "Vanido" to try and improve my intonation, which has always been my problem. As such, could I please have some feedback on my cover of Julio Iglesias' "Begin the Beguine," with particular attention to my pitch? Of course, comments on tone and everything else is very welcome too! The playback is a karaoke version from YouTube, and I added some reverb in GarageBand. Thanks so much for your help on my singing journey
  5. K-Jacob D.

    What to improve?

    Hello guys, that is my cover of true color by justim timber lake.. i want to ask this question? What more to improve? Did i reach my maximum potential? is the timbre of my voice is good enough? I want you to be "BRUTALY" honest with me please
  6. Hey guys I haven't made video's in a while I have had some major back issues (20 years) that really has made it tough to gig the last few months and sing and work. But I had Emergency back surgery Friday and I'm looking forward to a very quick recovery. So my teaching is on hold for a couple weeks. So while I was hopped up on pain pills I decided to make a vid lol. Hope you like it.. see ya soon peace
  7. Hey all, I had been thinking about adding a few new genres or categories to our challenge possibilities. Bono brought it up the other day, so I know I'm not alone now. I'm wondering who else is thinking about this. I've been thinking about certain specialty challenges. These are ones where everybody doesn't have to do the same song. For example, with 4th of July approaching, here in the United States, and this being an international forum, I thought about the idea of a National challenge, where everybody picks a song that has to do with the country they live in. For example, I might do something like Georgia by Ray Charles. Maybe a celebration challenge that focuses on holidays would be cool too. Bono already brought up musicals. Does anybody else have any ideas?
  8. Gsoul82

    Fire and Rain

    Well, I did the thing : D
  9. Another challenge that people wanted to do, The Nationals Challenge! In this challenge, we will sing songs about our countries and songs about the places within. It's great for people to sing their national anthems but lets challenge ourselves and not just select short songs.
  10. It's that time of the year! A number of artists have just put out Holiday-themed albums, such as R. Kelly, The Rascal Flatts and Neil Diamond. Christmas, as well as some other holidays, are now upon us. There are literally tons of songs that can be sung here. So, who would be up for a Holiday Season challenge?
  11. Lead Vocals

    The Mystery behind Key Change

    For the pipe organ an open valve will trigger the sound of the pipe. The key of a song tells us which valves we can open safely to stay in harmony. Singers have a comfort zone All singers have a comfort zone, a range of notes that sound best and can be performed effortless. Despite of the ability to expand the vocal range through training, every singer has an individual physical quality which is responsible for the position of the comfort zone within the vocal spectrum. We may not consciously observe this, but the habit of speaking is already giving us a clue about this range. In classic musical education we classify this range by defining voice types, though this method is mostly a helpful convergence to reality. For the singer it is therefore essential to spend some effort on song choice, especially to ensure that a song lies within his or her vocal abilities. Of course that is not the only consideration during song choice, and if you are interested we invite you to read our article "Improve Your Song Choice" to find out more. Another possibility is to simply change the range of notes to be performed by changing the key of the song. The original key Every song was written in an original key. The key we know for any of these songs could be the one it was written in, or it could be the key used when the recording we know was produced. We still refer to it as original key. Original keys are usually relatively easy to access. They may be documented in sheet music, or available in databases, per example for DJ's that research harmonic mixing, among other sources. It also can be determined by examining the chords and notes of the song. It is to mention that a key can and oftentimes does change within a song. The key a song is regarded to be in is most often starting in the key and at one point returning to the same key before the end. Find out what exactly a key is, and how keys are transitioned in our article "Musical Keys and the Key Change". Here is an example. A song written or performed in a G Major key is based on the tonic note of G, and includes a system of notes defined by the major scale that is also based on the tonic note. The chord progressions used in the song will to a great extent lie within the scale, with the tonic chord being the foundation of those progressions. What happens between the use of G Major may be harmonic movement and/or modulation. Lead Vocals and original keys Here at Lead Vocals we consider our practice section as a tool to quickly review and learn the melody, timing, phrasing, and mood of a performance. In addition we think that the tool enables vocalists to study other artists by paying close attention to ingredients like dialect and pronunciation in language, the choice of placing words or phrases within rhythm and beats, any habits, and style and musical influences. Unlike other existing tools like per example some karaoke platforms we do not offer access to the same performance in multiple keys. But just recently we have introduced additional helpful information about many of the songs available here within the tagging system. At present we offer selection by tonic pitch, musical key, and scale information which can be helpful to explore new music. We think that from an educational point of view the choice of the tonic pitch is most interesting, because many melodies in songs may start or end with the tonic note. If a vocalist can deliver that note in a rich, strong, and compelling tonal quality that makes the audience want to hear more, then the song choice by tonic pitch may lead to the discovery of suitable songs for the singer. You may give this a try by selecting a song to practice by tonic pitch. Continue solving the mystery Find out why vocalists change the key of a song and how they approach the key change. In an attempt to solve the mystery behind the musical key we define what a key is, and explain the background of harmonic movement, chord progressions, and modulation. We also include the consideration of emotional characteristics for all keys based on the major and minor scale, that may play an additional role in the selection process for the vocalist. Further we're taking a brief look at common practice in recording sessions. Continue reading about this topic in our article "Musical Keys and the Key Change" at Additional Information Our Practice Section at Lead Vocals Try to Sing Along at Lead Vocals What is Lead Vocals? Lead Vocals is a free of charge online resource for aspiring vocalists, who are learning the craft of singing and who practice their art by singing along to playback recordings and to other selected musical performances on video. All recordings are hand selected and the lyrics are spot on matching to the performance of the lead vocalist. The tool allows for quick access to practice specific parts within a song. We especially took care in avoiding clutter and disruptive advertising. Follow us on Social Media
  12. An example for the use of music is its distribution to people through a sound system. If a singer, instrumentalist or a band wants to record, use, or perform music that is owned or controlled by somebody else, it is very likely that a license has to be obtained to do this on legal ground. Find out what kind of licenses control the use and recreation of music compositions, audio recordings, the use of music in public, the reproduction of sheet music, and the performance of theatrical productions. At Lead Vocals we also offer links and services to help you obtaining licenses for cover songs. The purpose of licensing The purpose of music licensing is to make sure that the people and companies involved in the creation process of music, like per example the composer, the record label, the performing artist, and the publisher will get paid for the work and effort they have put into a piece of music. Allowing somebody to use a piece of music either as a composition, or as a recording, can be understood like a trade between the creator and the licensee. Per example, if an artist is recording a cover song of another artist and is then distributing and selling that song on his or her own album release, he or she must ensure that the original composer of that song gets a share in form of a royalty. A royalty is a sum of money paid to the rights holder for each copy of a work sold, or for each public performance of a work. In common practice such royalties are most often calculated and collected in advance during the phase of producing the copies. Types of music licenses It is to mention that we in general distinguish between different kinds of uses for music, its recordings, and its production. Here is an overview with examples for the most common types of music licenses: In general a license is necessary when the task is done by someone, who did not create the work. The overview shows a common example, but is in no way a complete reference. If you are interested in reading deeper into the topic please continue reading our article at - Additional Information License a Cover Song Our Practice Section at Lead Vocals Try to Sing Along at Lead Vocals What is Lead Vocals? Lead Vocals is a free of charge online resource for aspiring vocalists, who are learning the craft of singing and who practice their art by singing along to playback recordings and to other selected musical performances on video. All recordings are hand selected and the lyrics are spot on matching to the performance of the lead vocalist. The tool allows for quick access to practice specific parts within a song. We especially took care in avoiding clutter and disruptive advertising. Follow us on Social Media
  13. As we just about come up on the halfway point of 2016, we've unfortunately lost several big names in music. Prince, David Bowie, and Maurice White of Earth, Wind and Fire, just to name a few. This is a challenge where we will challenge ourselves by selecting a song from the catalog of one of these great artists and attempting to sing it ourselves. The only requirement for this challenge is that the song must be by somebody who passed away in 2016. As far as time limits for this one goes, I was thinking about 45 days but suggestions are welcome.
  14. I'm now remembering that, some months ago, we were working on voting for a song for one of our new genre challenges. One song seemed to get a lot of suggestions, but because of the selection process, it did not get chosen. Things must be kept uniform and fair, but the most important thing that goes on here is that we choose the challenge songs that everybody wants to sing. With that being said, who would still be up for an I Can't Make You Love me Challenge?
  15. Opened a topic to discuss the next challenge. The consensus seemed to be most wanted either the Nationals Challenge (Songs about your country or places within your country) or the Late Legends Challenge (Tribute challenge to some of the late greats we lost in 2016, ex. Prince, David Bowie and others, by choosing a song from on of these artists catalogs) Let's vote for 3 days and get going!
  16. At this point, we've done several genre-based challenges, where we voted on a genre, then voted on a song from that genre. We've also started doing non-genre-based themed challenges, like the Lover's Challenge from December, wherein any song involving love could be selected, and the more recent Artist challenge, where we voted on an artist and selected any song in that artist's catalog. Where does everybody want to go next? I've been thinking for a while about doing a National Challenge, where we choose songs about our country or places within our country. I think I introduced that idea back in November, and with Memorial Day coming up in the states, I was reminded.
  17. It's Bee Gees Challenge! Select a challenging Bee Gees song, of your choice, and cover that thing. Post your attempt in here! This one will go to March 17th.
  18. Randomly got the idea to try to do the first cover I posted on here again. I posted it about one year ago, exactly. Wanted to see if anybody could see any improvements here and anything that needs work. I did "Ooh Baby Baby" by Smokey Robinson and The Miracles. Here's the original: Here's me giving it another shot. Differences between the first one I posted and this one is that I held a mic closer to my mouth, as opposed to singing into my phone's mic, which was sitting a few feet away, on the counter. Also, I sang the entire thing here.
  19. A few people have brought up the idea of doing an artist-themed challenge. This is going to be another one with some freedom. The artist will be voted on, but you can choose any song from that artist. Somebody suggested a Weeknd Challenge and somebody else suggested an Adele challenge. In this topic, lets nominate artists for this challenge, for the next 5 days. Each participant can nominate two people. Afterwards, we will vote.
  20. Voting is open for 5 days. Here we go!
  21. About a week ago, I said we'd be having several challenges running at the same time. Several people had hinted in the past that they wanted this one. Leaving this here to be filled in a little later (probably tonight).
  22. The voters have it! This is the Lover's challenge! The cool thing about this challenge is that there's only one constant here; and it's that the subject matter needs to be about love. Besides that, you can choose to sing any song you desire. Let's run this challenge until January 17th. Looking for instrumentals to sing over? Check out the link below. If, for any reason, you feel this challenge isn't for you, don't worry. There will be more, on the way, before this one has run it's course. Let's get singing.
  23. It's time to shake up the challenges. This time, we won't be deciding on one genre, and then deciding on one song to sing. We'll be voting on a theme, and everyone will get to decide whatever song they want to sing. If you've got any trouble deciding, I'll be here to help you with that. As usual, people are encouraged to create the best recording they can make. Acapella is an option, if it really comes down to that, but production is a very valuable skill. A necessary skill, especially if you're serious about a music career. Several of us, here on the forum, are trying to learn this, so join us, and we'll all talk about it.. Voting will be open for about 5 days, because we won't be voting on songs to be sung. Those are completely up to you.