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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all, I've always loved to sing, but over a month or so I've began lessons and been using the app "Vanido" to try and improve my intonation, which has always been my problem. As such, could I please have some feedback on my cover of Julio Iglesias' "Begin the Beguine," with particular attention to my pitch? Of course, comments on tone and everything else is very welcome too! The playback is a karaoke version from YouTube, and I added some reverb in GarageBand. Thanks so much for your help on my singing journey
  2. This is a big enough topic, on it's own, so it deserves it's own discussion thread. Some popular production programs on the forums, are listed at the top. Several of us have some of these programs. I, myself, have Logic Pro X. Though, you're encouraged to join this discussion, whether you're using something else, or you're trying to find a program to start using. Let's get serious about this stuff. One of the places you can find bed tracks is HERE.
  3. Alimination

    Amorkiir - Songbird

    Hi everyone, I'm not the singer of this project, but I took some vocal lessons to direct this wonderful young lady to sing one of my songs. I hope you all enjoy. It's my first love song done just in time for Valentines Day.
  4. Recording plugins are some of the most essential and fun additions for any home recording. The quality and variety of recording plugins available today is simply miraculous. With the right choice of plugins, and a little bit of skill at home recording, an experienced home recording engineer can produce recordings that sound very professional! Plugins are not just for vocal effects. They are also available to simulate vintage preamps, compressors and even recording consoles like the famed SSL console system. In the world of plugins for digital audio work stations, (DAWs), there is no company that does a better job then waves. Visit and learn more about how you can make your home recordings sound professional! TOP RECOMMENDED WAVES PLUGINS FOR RECORDING VOCALS! CLICK HERE TO VISIT WAVES RECOMMENDED VOCAL PLUGINS AT WAVES: CLA VOCALS *JJP VOCALS *EDDIE KRAMER VOCAL CHANNELMASARATI VX1 *BUTCH VIG VOCALS *VOCAL RIDER *HR REVERBHR ECHOREAL ADTAPHEX VINTAGE AURAL EXCITERWAVES TUNEWAVES TUNE LTDOUBLER *DEBREATHDeEsserVITAMIN *RENAISSANCE VOXTHE KING'S MICROPHONESAND A LOT MORE...!* Honorable Mentions... essential! Other Vocal Gear Required for a Complete Home Recording Include The Following Recommendations: A digital Audio Workstation - DAWs: LogicProX, Reaper, ProTools.A digital audio interface: We recommend the Scarlett digital audio interfaces from focusrite.A recording, condenser microphone: RODE Microphones: NT1, K2Pearlman MicrophonesSee The Vocal Gear Store for more suggestions.Headphones: Extreme Isolation x-29s.See The Vocal Gear Store for more suggestions.A Reflextion Fliter: SE Electronics Reflexion Filter Pro Ambience.A Pop Filter: See The Vocal Gear Store for more suggestions.
  5. *OPEN VOCALIST AUDITIONS*Impact Event is in search of a pop-rock vocalist. Female preferred, but open to all. Those interested please email"2114" can be listened to here: You can find out most information about the band on our website here:
  6. Not sure if this fits here hope any ops will be kind enough to move it to a more appropriate place on forums. Hi today I am looking for a small portable mixing desk. With 2 or 4 channels and hopefully battery powered or at least 9v or 12v so I can mod it for battery when out and about. That said there is this Behringer XENYX 1002B This is kind of big for my portable busking setup but if it's the only option will save After thinking about things it would be handy if I could get a small desk that was usb as well as battery and having outputs for speakers too. Then I could use it for recording in pc ans take in my busking setup. Any ideas would help
  7. Please participate in this poll... this "Poll" post has been opened up for discussion as well.