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  1. Hello, I really want to improve my singing, I do not know what exactly to do though, other than singing in general. Please give me advice on what I might be doing wrong or bad. https://soundcloud.com/user-12387201/singing-photograph-ed-sheeran
  2. Hey guys and gals check out this video when I did a masterclass a couple years ago for VocalizeU students (teachers as well but not on site), 90 min rasp/distortion etc. Hope you enjoy it
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    Joanna Cazden, MFA, MS-CCC, is a speech pathologist specializing in voice rehabilitation and a respected advocate for holistic, multi-disciplinary voice care. Joanna offers private services in voice rehabilitation and training, workshops and master classes for voice students, and seminars for speech pathologists and vocal arts teachers. Joanna also sees voice patients by medical referral at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center's outpatient Voice program. Helping to found this program in 2001, she has treated well-known pop singers, actors, broadcasters, and musical-theater artists. She was a clini
  4. 1 download

    With over 25 years of experience, John Henny is regarded as a leading vocal coach in the music industry and as a true teacher of teachers. John’s techniques not only keep the voice healthy, they also improve the overall sound, help eliminate cracks in the voice and extend the singer’s range allowing the singer to express themselves vocally without limitation. John Henny has lectured at prestigious colleges and institutes such as USC, Paul McCartney’s Liverpool Institute of the Arts and The Academy of Contemporary Music in England. He is also a Master Teacher for vocal coaches all over
  5. 4 downloads

    Ingo R. Titze is a vocal scientist and executive director of the National Center for Voice and Speech at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. He is a professor at the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders at the University of Iowa and has written several books relating to the human voice. He is considered to be one of the world's leading experts on vocal research. Dr. Ingo Titze www.NCVS.org
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    Robert Edwin has gained international recognition as a singer, songwriter, teacher, and author. He has sung Bach cantatas in church cathedrals and rock songs in Greenwich Village, New York coffeehouses, recorded for Avant Garde and Fortress Records, and toured extensively throughout the United States and abroad. He has performed in New York City’s Carnegie Hall, Town Hall, and Radio City Music Hall, and has appeared with such outstanding artists as opera star Jerome Hines, jazz legend Duke Ellington, and famed actor/director Ossie Davis. His TV and radio credits include several NBC Christmas s
  7. 0 downloads

    Gary Osborne is the founder and inventor of Lampifier Microphones. Lampifier Microphones feature a unique, build in compression solution that uses light as its medium. Lampifier microphones are great microphones and offer an interesting and unique solution to compression for singers. Gary Osborne www.Lampifier.com
  8. 0 downloads

    With a teaching career that spans nearly four decades, Jeannie Deva is an international celebrity voice and performance coach, published author, clinician, recording studio vocal producer, trainer of voice teachers and originator of The Deva Method® - Complete Voice Training for Stage and Studio.As a graduate from Berklee College of Music in 1975 with a degree in Composition and Arranging, Jeannie assisted in establishing the college's voice department and later became President of Berklee's Alumni Association for ten-years. Voice teachers around the world base their teaching on Ms Dev
  9. 0 downloads

    John Gresko is the founder of Direct Sound and inventor of Extreme Isolation Headphones. The best isolation headphones available to singers in the world. John Gresko www.ExtremeHeadphones.com
  10. 6 downloads

    Robert Lunte is the owner founder of the The Vocalist Studio International www.TheVocalistStudio.com, an Internationally recognized voice training school for extreme singing vocal techniques and advanced vocal instruction. Robert is also the author and producer of the critically acclaimed vocal instruction training system, “The Four Pillars of Singing”. TVS techniques are shared around the world by voice teachers as part of the TVS International Certified Instructor Program, which is one of the fastest growing vocal organizations of highly trained voice coaches in the world today. Robert
  11. 0 downloads

    Peter Freedman is the founder of RØDE Microphones, an Australian-based designer and manufacturer of microphones, related accessories and audio software. Its products are used in studio and location sound recording as well as live sound reinforcement. Peter Freedman www.RODEMicrophones.com
  12. 2 downloads

    Kevin Alexander is the CEO of TC-Helicon vocal pedals are the world's leader in vocal processing products for singers. TC-Helicon manufactures vocal pedals for singers, the MP-75 microphone and rack mounted systems that are used all over the world by singer's that know where to find the best vocal pedals. Kevin Alexander www.TC-Helicon.com
  13. 0 downloads

    Scott Rabb is the world's leading retailer of vocal health products. Learn more about what it takes to run the world's largest operation for vocal health. Scott Rabb www.JustGottaSing.com
  14. 0 downloads

    Dave Pearlman builds custom microphones for the studio. Enjoy this discussion regarding his process and views on recording microphones. Dave Pearlman www.PearlmanMicrophones.com
  15. 0 downloads

    Bob Heil is an American sound and radio engineer most well known for creating the template for modern rock sound systems. He founded the company Heil Sound in 1966, which went on to create unique touring sound systems for bands such as The Grateful Dead and The Who. He invented the Heil Talk Box in 1973, which was frequently used by musicians such as Peter Frampton, Joe Walsh and Richie Sambora, and is still in use today. Heil has been an innovator in the field of amateur radio, manufacturing microphones and satellite dishes for broadcasters and live sound engineers. In the late 1980s Hei
  16. 1 download

    Robert Thayer Sataloff, MD, DMA, FACS is the Executive director of The Voice Foundation. The World's leading association for research regarding the human voice. He is also professor and chair, at the Department of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery and senior associate dean for clinical academic specialties, Drexel University College of Medicine. He is also adjunct professor in the Departments of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery at Thomas Jefferson University, the University of Pennsylvania and Temple University, and is on the faculty of the Academy of Vocal Arts. He served as conduc
  17. I'd appreciate hearing some of youz guys's perspectives on Paul Rogers comments in this interview. I'm sure everyone would agree with his comments about "warming up" however, he makes an interesting comment about "his range," and then still manages to really avoid answering the question. Personally, I'm convinced he simply doesn't know the answer yet, he does offer the good warm up advice. The actual question is: "why do some singers lose their upper range as they age, and some don't?" -That's point #1, point #2 is, what about the interesting answer he gives regarding "feeling the
  18. Hello new guy here but been lurking in the background since late last year. I plan on taking vocal lessons from Rob in the near future as soon as I can afford to(and get the time to as well)as I want to train to become a metal vocalist. In the meantime I came across this interview from Rob Halford that you guys might find interesting - http://observer.com/2016/03/screaming-cocaine-food-poisoning-vocal-lessons-from-rob-halford/
  19. 'Vocal Strength and Power' by Dena Murray Interview Steve: Hi, Dena! I understand that your new book on singing has just been published. Would you tell us a little bit about it? Dena: This is a book that has been 15 years in the making. From the time I started teaching (over 20 years ago,) I knew there was a problem with the prevailing concepts of diaphragmatic support. Singers were injuring themselves from too much pressure and misperceiving instructions. Steve: Do yo mean that the usual "singing teacher's lingo" was not helpful in leading the student in what the
  20. Recently a new platform for music professionals called Music Gateway was launched. Music Gateway is a business platform connecting music professionals from around the globe in one simple, easy to use website. It's not so much a LinkedIn of the music industry as a complete collaboration solution where you can post and receive projects and collaborate on them in a secure environment. If you are looking for ways to find paid session work or find new talent to collaborate with beyond your direct network, Music Gateway might be just the thing you need. You can reach out o n a global scale and prov
  21. http://www.kxii.com/news/paris/headlines/Opera-singer-visits-former-high-school--329317201.html Cool article and vid about an opera singer who was originally from Paris, Texas and returned their to visit. Paris is north and east of Dallas, close to the border if southeast Oklahoma.
  22. https://app.box.com/keepthefaith lol Is it serius about tags? hahahaha
  23. So, You Want To Be A Singer? by Diva Joan Cartwright CHAPTER 1 - Music Studies: Songs and Lyrics. The first thing any singer must know is the words or lyrics to the songs he or she wants to sing. Don't just guess. Buy the sheet music or a recorded version of the song and learn the correct words to the story as written by the composer. Most song lyrics are available online. You can type the name of the song, a line from the song or the composer's name in the search engine. Also, see: www.lyrics.com www.azlyrics.com www.metrolyrics.com www
  24. The number one vocal skill is actually a combination of several skills and is collectively known as "musicianship". If you are lucky enough to have gained it from osmosis, then God bless you! Most people have no idea why they cannot sing in tune, do great riffs, understand style, form, structure and hear and know melodic and harmonic intervals and more. The audience hears that something isn't quite right but may not know what to call it or how to analyze it. Musicianship goes far beyond merely singing in tune and merely having a great sense of tonality. There is so much more! Sometime
  25. This past weekend, I had lunch in Washington, DC with my voice teacher from college, Myra Tate. Much more than a voice teacher, Myra helped me - after two years of rigid, top-down conservatory training- to regain my vocal and personal confidence. While a long lunch wasn't enough time after 13 years apart, we caught up, shared our experiences and discovered new insights together. Here's some of the precious dust from the surface we scratched together: Stay Positive I've always felt that Myra never got the credit she deserved for her incredible talents. Yet every time I would
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