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Found 11 results

  1. Hi , here is my cover of "man against the world " originally performed by survivor . I sing it 4 half tons down , because i am not a high tenor like jimmy jamison. Please review and comment for me to improve my singing. Thank you
  2. Robert Lunte

    How To Sing Like David Bowie

    This is a lesson that gives two simple tips on how to capture a David Bowie vocal color. There is a lot more involved than these two ideas, but this should be helpful. Be sure to view the two performances of "Space Oddity" & "Life On Mars". Learn More:
  3. I doubt that this has anything to do with training the voice but there is the possibility. I am a small skinny guy 130 pounds tops all my life. I have not been training aggressively but using more support more twang and cord closure. The issue is this, I have noticed that the soft tissue around my neck is swollen, also under my armpits. Normally my armpits are concave and there was a dip between the collar bones and sides of my neck. These areas are now puffy and convex. Earlier in life while working out with shoulder shrugs(holding weights) and other exercises meant to strengthen the neck and shoulder muscles this also happened. That was expected and looked for. Can just using more aggressive singing and stronger support cause these issues?
  4. I don't usually sing torch-y rock stuff like this but I love listening to it and heavier stuff within the genre. Wanted to try something new. Any and all feedback is welcome.
  5. Hi Folks, A few in the forum have indicated that I have a bright sounding voice, so I was tempted to cover some James La Brie! This is a work in progress version. Please indicate errors that you spot so that I can clean them up. Especially areas where you see a dipthong or onset issue! I find that to sing this song, I need to hear myself extremely well(Talking about the high parts in the latter half of the song). In a sense I have to visualize the note as it forms in my vocal chords. Even if my hearing is slightly off(through loud background) I have a big difficulty in getting the weight right. It leads to strain and off pitched notes. Therefore this is a very low margin song for me to cover live. Do you have any recommendations on how I can overcome this problem? Also any tips to improve the mix will be really useful!! Also suggestions for songs that you think will suit my voice!!
  6. I've heard a lot about depressing the larynx with the tongue and how one tells that they're doing this by the fact that they sound like Kermit the Frog but are there any examples out there people doing this or are there even any examples of singers who sing that way ? I may have that problem myself, i've been to a quite a few different coaches and the one I have at the moment has had me vocalizing with my tongue touching my back teeth as well as with my tongue sticking out but it still sounds muffled or hollow when I sing a scale or just anything in that general part of my voice. Also just in case anyone was wondering i'm as bass as far I know....the voice type not the fish...
  7. For a long time, I have been practicing to have similar technique to this vocalist. Mind you, I do not wish to sound exactly like him, I know that's not possible, but I would like to better understand his techniques and vocal flexibility. Over the past five years, I have accomplished his range and some use of techniques, but as you will hear in the recording at the bottom, my formant and vocal flexibility are lack luster. This has been hard to fix for me. Part of my formant problem is me finding the spaces in my voice where I sound my best. And, due to imperfect technique, I get tired very quickly. This is the song I am singing. Below is the same song with me singing over it. You should be able to hear it pretty clearly, how much voice doesn't quite have the same overtones, yet, it seems like our vocal tones are within the same ballpark. You can hear my voice get so, so tired after a while. Sometimes I sound mouthy and muddled whenever I feel like I sound so much brighter or warmer. I am unsure of what to be looking for. I want to be a performer. This doesn't sound very healthy to me. Please help me to understand where my voice needs to be worked on. Thank you.
  8. Javastorm

    Because You Loved Me

    I had been working on this song since last year - the climax "Because of you" isn't as full as I would like it to be, I guess since my voice thins out past Bb4, but I think the pitch is right for the most part. This key felt really comfortable for me though besides that part. I really like this Adult Contemporary stuff she did. Any and all feedback welcome.
  9. Lexbrooke

    Gary Catona - Opinions?

    Hi all, A little while ago I stumbled on the name Gary Catona through a documentary that was on British television, where he helped a vocalist (Connie Fisher) who had been losing her voice. Ever since I have been researching him and of course his impressive client list. In essence, what he says about strengthening the muscles does seem to make sense but it still leaves me a little confused about 'where to go' and what to use moving forward and of course how it conflicts with everything I have ever been taught. IE: Feeling 'anything' in the throat is a big no no. I am classically trained and have been singing for about 10 years. I have trained using the techniques that Gary says are BAD and will ultimately lead to the destruction of my voice, which leaves a giant question mark hanging over my head. I really want to investigate what he is saying and more to the point, reviews from every day people that his technique has/hasn't worked for. I can't however find any discussions on the guy apart from testimonials that are all good and maybe a few bad Amazon reviews on his DVD. I bought his iPhone app, which seems OK so far but it leaves me confused as to where to go from there? Do I drop all of my previous vocal exercises that I have been doing? For example, he says lip trills are bad.. What about using resonance? What about diaphragm support? What about singing with slightly raised cheeks? What about mouth shape and tongue placement etc etc (he says all support should come from the larynx and that is what controls your breathing) Do I continue the exercises I have known and been doing for years but with the idea of putting more tension on the larynx to strengthen it? Do I 'ONLY' do the exercises Gary provides and then eventually sing (a song) without the added tension with what he says will be a stronger more agile larynx? It just doesn't seem totally clear. I should add, I've had a problem for a little while where the bottom of my voice disappears after I have done a full warm up. It's strong and even resonant at the beginning but as I make my way up to the middle and beyond, when I come back down, it's all over the place and not solid at all. It seems to come back a few hours later but at the time, I just can't produce low notes very well at all. Strengthening those lower muscles (muscle memory too) of course would make sense in helping such a problem. I'm looking for solutions to this and of course trying to work more on the lower notes so they are as strong as the upper. If anyone has any opinions on Gary Catona, whether you've tried his technique yourself or any other thoughts you have on the matter, it would be very interesting to hear! I'm just a singer who wants to do the best for my voice and to make sure I'm not doing myself any damage. I know there can be a lot of conflict in the vocal world with regards to 'how' to do things and what is good and bad for you and it can all get very confusing. For anyone that hasn't heard of the guy, this is his website and also a talk he did at Google. T
  10. Been going through a lot of 90's singers respective discographies, found the French version of this song and then the Spanish version which was recorded later on in the 2000's. [There's also an Italian version sung by a male Italian singer apparently?] Sang it a fifth below the original Spanish version linked below. Not all of the lyrics in the video are correct, I think but it's right for the most part. Found that it was easier to lighten the top notes of the last few choruses instead of bringing all the weight up. Any and all feedback welcome.
  11. In line with what Sexy_Beast suggested, I decided to try something that is more Soul and less Pop. Still looking for the right Teddy Pendergrass song. This song was originally done by Bettye Swan in 1972 but covered by Joss Stone on her 2003 album The Soul Sessions, which my sister had bought when it first came out, and when I first remember hearing this track and "Super Duper Love". I really like the vibe and the story told by this song. Any and all feedback is welcome. Edit: Updated song file, revised