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Found 27 results

  1. Hi there! My band is looking for a talented singer to wright and preform vocals for a full length album. We already have all the material demoed out and just need the all important vocals! You will need to have access to basic recording equipment and the ability to track and send your vocal lines to me for mixing. This is a hobby project however any money made will be split equally. Check out our sound cloud for a taste
  2. Hi everyone! Few months ago I started to post some musics online and I would love to have some advices to improve myself. I don't have a powerful voice but I think it's correct, but I would like to know what can I do to improve! I'm also recording with an USB mic and I would like to have an XLR one but I don't know what microphone to buy for a low budget. Here's one of my song! Thank you!
  3. What song have you been addicted to lately? For me, it's this song: Another Life by D'angelo. Came out officially 7 months ago. I've been listening to it ever since, and it's almost been an everyday thing. Even made the 3rd chorus my ringtone, and I end up singing along every time my phone rings What about everyone else? What song have you been listening to a lot lately?
  4. Hello, Not sure if this is the right section to post this but hoping someone could help me out. I am a solo performer (guitar/vocals) looking to find the best app for viewing lyrics on my ipad. I have memorized most of the songs in my set but some I can never quite remember. I have been using Dropbox for the past 4 years but they keep needlessly updating it. It has now become unusable. Before I could pull up lyrics to any song in under 5 seconds through a list of 500. Now it takes much longer.. And time in between songs is precious. I was saving lyrics in MS Word and loading them into Dropbox. Perhaps this is an ancient technique but it worked well for me. Anyone have any recommendations? Ease of use and timing is huge for me. Don't want to be searching & scrolling for too long. I would prefer to not have to re-write all the lyrics documents I have saved if that's possible. And I don't need any guitar tab or chords, just the lyrics. Thanks for reading! Cheers
  5. Heres a little video my friend shot of me performing in the studio
  6. My song passengers was a quick filler song for my EP "Blink of an Eye" but has turned into one of my biggest "hits" being extremely popular at live shows. What are your thoughts on it?
  7. 2 cats in a dust bin

    Enunciation and Diction

    Well this is two people who have told me now that I need to work on my pronunciation through a song. personally I dont see the point as all your voice has to do is sound good but never the less is there a proper exersise to work on ones pronunciation of singing words or do you just do it through each and every song you do? Thanks 2CIADB
  8. Hello TMVW Friends! Yesterday I shared a Youtube video slide show with Robert Lunte, which I had created to accompany a Song I wrote for my Dad's memorial service. He passed away, early last December. Normally, I would not have posted it here, only because I'm a tad self-conscious about being perceived as "fishing for compliments." Rob urged me to share it so I am doing so. I am proud of the song, and I'm just like anyone else, I do love compliments yet, because this is not a "review my singing post" that I am paying for, I want you all to know that I'm not opposed to "discussions" regarding my singing on this tune. I will give some back story on my Dad, some "behind the scenes" notes on the recording, then list some post recording observations about my vocals which I have had recently, those should ring true to discussions that are commonly had here at TMVW. My Dad: A pump engineer who's family business focused mainly on groundwater applications. After having the opportunity to help an orphanage in Mexico establish a much needed water well, he realized this was something he could do all over the world. He founded the organization linked here , back in the mid 70's which grew over the years to it's present impressive status. He and my Mom raised my two Brother's and my adopted Sister, and I, in a fundamental Christian tradition. While I have moved to a more "Mystical" type of Theology in my adult life, I revere, and am grateful for that upbringing. I did my best to honor this in the song. My Dad played Double Bass, and left a legacy of music for my siblings and I, my kids, and all my siblings kids as well. The recording: Recorded at Mindseye Productions Arizona. My long time friend Bill Pearson is the owner. He is a master engineer, producer, & composer with a Grammy! I'm really lucky to know him. He's the reason I got some great studio vocal experience back in the late 80's and early 90's. After I wrote the song, I didn't have much time to rehearse the guitar plus, I have fairly bad carpal tunnel in both wrists so, my rehearsal endurance on guitar is limited to about 20 or 30 minutes per day. Due to this I ended up playing each (repeated) guitar section of the song only once or twice, then Bill copied and pasted. He made some beautiful embellishments on the keys, and added a nice sampled Double Bass & percussion tracks, which he composed and performed. This made it feel like my Dad was playing along with me, really moving for me! Also, I only had a rough idea of the melody, I wanted to sing it live and let any inspiration flow that came along. This made extra work for Bill because it took quite a number of takes to get the melody just how I liked it. Bill suggested the "speaking line," which I was hesitant about at first but ended up loving it! (That's what good producers do). My Vocals: A re-occurring experience for me, when it comes to studio vocals is; I will usually "o.k." a final take, then regret it later, wishing I had punched a "better," or "different" take. This happened on this recording. There were a few lines where my vowel modification was less than ideal. Also, one line in particular where I didn't use the best appaggio. Maybe you can spot those. Lyrics are in the Youtube description if you're interested. I strongly suggest using headphones or really good speakers!! Thanks for listening! k
  9. HI:) I'm searching for a female vocalist and the author of the text to pop music project (something like Imany). Here is a link to an outline of one of the tracks
  10. I have been somewhat in a kind of void wondering what I might post. It's been a while. I stumbled across Rosetta in my hours of Youtube wanderings searching for music. I remembered the old hymn she was singing called, "This Train," though I sang it with a waspy congregation, the whiteification of the song didn't water down it's impact on me. I like the way Rosetta soften's (with humor) the potentially "condescending" anti drinking & smoking lyrics by gesturing towards one of her band members as a loyal whiskey drinker. The inspiration of course is to always strive to shed my vices and aspire to righteousness! Makes me wanna be good! So as I'm watching Rosetta with a tear in my eye, suddenly I think of Alabama Shakes, realizing what an interesting similarity Rosetta shares with their lead singer Brittany Howard. Not ONLY that, but my favorite song by Alabama Shakes, "Don't Wanna Fight" was also a perfect sentiment to my personal circumstances, and is an outstanding groovecentric tune! Both these Women really demonstrate a level of passion and emotion in their singing that I really admire!
  11. I was pondering these metaphors and thought I'd see if I could expand it some. Let me know how you see it! Easel is the pedagogy/coach Canvas is the formants Paint is the phonation Colors are the acoustic qualities & vocal modes Brushes are the intrinsic muscular configurations & appoggio Frame is the musical context/setting (band, choir, acapella, singer w/ instrument, musical, etc.) Lyrics are the finished image Lighting (as in a gallery) is amplification & vocal effects
  12. Get a professional mix to make your songs sound great - free. Female vocal only. Arranged; Mixing; Vocal Tuning ; Mastering - free.
  13. I was on youtube and I found this gem. Brett Manning is not only a gifted coach but also an extremely gifted songwriter. This song has been stuck in my head all day.
  14. Hi Guys, i'm new here. I'm from Poland. I working on my own album now. In Poland hard to find the vocalist with a good-sounding English/U.S. If someone wants to work with someone from the other side of the world - welcome . I need a vocalist, and a lyrics for this song. If you are interested, please e-mail me ( song: thx, BR Daniel
  15. Dear friends, if you need lead or background vocal for your future song, CD or demo project, feel free to contact me. I can also write lyrics and create lead vocal melody. Check my latest work (Destiny). In this song I sung, created lead vocal melody and lyrics. You can find my other works on my website: Feel free to contact me! Website: Facebook:
  16. Hello Let me introduce myself!I'm Chryssanthemis.I'm a singer and a vocal coach.I sing using the speech level singing technique.This is my rock cover in "Take me to Church" .This is 100% live sound.Just let me know if you like.
  17. *OPEN VOCALIST AUDITIONS*Impact Event is in search of a pop-rock vocalist. Female preferred, but open to all. Those interested please email"2114" can be listened to here: You can find out most information about the band on our website here:
  18. Hello my name is SilverStorm! I have a track that will be needing vocals. Unless you live in summerville, south carolina you will need your own mic and a metronome. I will handle all processing and i will give you a lot of credit. Here is the privet link to the song contact me about doing vocals with me, my skype is: "kalibfrazier" Link again: If the link does not work contact me on facebook: Kalib Dane Frazier or Skype: "kalibfrazier" Have a good one!
  19. I was getting kind of bored while working on another song so I started messing around......This is just for fun....
  20. I am really loving the feel of it, tell me what you think so far HEY GUESS WHAT!! you can review people's music and get paid for it AT --referral link I use the site every once in awhile and make a few bucks so I figured it wouldn't hurt to share the love and make a few bucks at the same time (Feel free to delete this part of my post if you would like. I am mainly posting about my new song im working on. If you would not like to see referral links on the forum please feel free to delete this part of my post. I am just trying to make a few bucks)
  21. The Cure For Winter Blues Don't be feeling down Just because winter came around Let me share things I have found Before more snow hits the ground My youtube channel viewwithme Has much excitement for you to see So go to the site and join me It really is the place to be There are playlists to suit your every need Anything from wild bats out of trees To the judging of birds and bumble bees Take a minute to give it a peek You will find what you seek There is nothing you would consider bleak These playlists are all very unique Even if you have the flu Don't go feeling blue You can still have fun and see something new From waterfalls to making a shoe If you are into storm chasing Or even furniture making You can watch from when you're first waking Until your eyes are aching If you like to watch a whole lot of contests My youtube channel viewwithme is the best You may even need to take a rest Before you can continue to see the rest There are playlist of stagecoaches and wagons too And much more in store for you And all you really have to do Is find the right playlist that works for you This is how you cure the winter blues Aren't you glad I shared the news About my viewwithme channel on youtube And all that still awaits you View full articles