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  1. Hi there! My band is looking for a talented singer to wright and preform vocals for a full length album. We already have all the material demoed out and just need the all important vocals! You will need to have access to basic recording equipment and the ability to track and send your vocal lines to me for mixing. This is a hobby project however any money made will be split equally. Check out our sound cloud for a taste
  2. Roy Khan not only is my favorite singer but one of my major vocal influences and my inspiration getting into music/singing. His tonality is one of the best around and here is one of the reasons why I said that: I was wondering how hard would it be to get a tone like that? Rich,vibrant and beautiful. I'm not so much talking about sounding like him(although I would love to sound like him)but to get that same rich tone he has especially singing ballads like Abandoned?
  3. As far as Im aware I have a pretty average chest voice range. the highest I can sing are the likes of fear of the dark by iron maiden. Recently I went to see Testament live and understandably I was getting pretty into it. When the singer was saying the typical “are you guys ready” sort of stuff I yelled back “f*ck yeah!” as you do. Somehow I accidentally yelled extremely high and loud (enough for me to hear myself) and I somehow hit this really high note that I have never been able to deliberatly do. Im talking like the trooper and hallowed be thy name range which is really high for me. Its funny because the exact same thing happened to me when I seen Diamond Head live too. Im wondering what made me able to do this so that I can start meaning to do it. Was it just because I was so in the moment and put so much effort into the shout? Or is this not possible? I dont think ive ever tried putting that much effort into singing before due to fear of injury so im wondering if this is what “belting” is?
  4. Hi all. I think I’ve posted this in the right place. I have a question about Bruce Dickinson’s modern day vocal technique. In these clips below (at about the 2:05 and 1:52 mark) do you think that Bruce is singing in head voice or chest voice? Im asking because in the original recording and early 80s live performances he sounds much more powerfull (obviously down to age) and less airy. The chorus of this is another good example of what I mean. (1:15) Im hoping that if so, I will be able to use my head voice so sing these, and with enough practice it would hopefully sound powerfull enough to still sound semi decent since I dont have the natural range that Bruce seemed to have in the 80s and 90s. Thanks, Keir.
  5. After my last cover being an older R&B style, I thought I would go for a heavier rock this time. At the suggestion of friends, I chose Devy Metal. I'm very comfortable with the style normally, but I'm definitely not used to using so much grit. I usually only use grit as an occasional effect. Also, singing the F4 and G4 with a solid grit can be extremely difficult. Up to E4, no problem. A4 and above, no problem. F and G, ugh. The moment you do it wrong once, it's extremely easy to start pushing and grinding. With my students and friends, that range in grit has it's own name, "F'n G." You can get used to it with practice, but it takes time - and I didn't practice this song for very long. I tried to do a second take of the whole song, and immediately hit my throat when doing grit. Everything went downhill from there. So, what you see in this video is another single take with two camera angles. I did overdub two small parts, but only because I said a couple of words wrong since, apparently, I didn't fully know the lyrics yet. The other guy in the video, Charlie Munro, I found at random when trying to find an instrumental for the song. The only instrumental I found, he had done all the music for and uploaded to SoundCloud. I asked him if I could use it, and the next thing I know, we're doing a video together. Cool guy, great studio engineer and guitarist. All in all, it was a lot of fun, and a cool challenge to take on. I'm working with Robert on a couple of online courses specifically for grit and screaming, so I figured, "why not go all out?" I'm happy to answer any questions you might have about grit and screaming.
  6. Robert Lunte and producer Jason Shavey mixing a new song, "The Fool That's Now Forgiven". Just a casual behind the scenes video of two guys working on a great song. This board is an SSL4000g. The microphone was an ADK U67. Enjoy!
  7. I find it funny how I might be working on a piece with my teacher, and struggling with a part that only goes up to D4, and then I switch genres and I'm happily hitting G4 without difficulty. I almost want to classify things as 'rock high' vs. 'classical high' or 'Broadway high'. I had a piece of music that was killing me that centered around C#4 and D4 that kept going back into my throat, and I had to stop after a few minutes. But then I'm singing Karn Evil 9 by ELP, which is basically 100 G#4's and A4's in a row...and it's not a problem. Does anyone else find this to be the case? What is it about certain things that make them harder than others?
  8. As I've mentioned in other posts, I've been taking lessons for a few months with an opera/musical theater singer, and I've played a whole lot of different singers I enjoy for her to hear her opinion, and I find it interesting to hear the impressions of someone from a different world and different sensibilities. I thought I'd compile all the ones I remember into a collection because I was also curious to hear reactions: Chris Cornell: Disliked. "He's just screaming in the one part. And his high notes are very thin, but he puts all the scream and effect on it. If you heard it without that stuff it would just be a very weak sound." Bruce Dickinson(Iron Maiden): Disliked. "Sound is thin, poor technique on higher notes, badly produced vibrato." Dio: Unimpressed. "Again, just a thin tenor putting some effect on his voice." Warrel Dane(Nevermore): Liked. "Good control. He's making a choice on every note." Eric Adams(Manowar): "One of the best sounds of all the singers you've played for me. But still a thinner tenor voice." Mike Patton: Liked. "Nice voice, clearly knows how to sing. But I wish I could hear his natural sound more instead of all this 'put on' stuff he does." Tarja Turunen and Marco Hietala(Nightwish): "You can hear both these people know how to sing correctly, they're just doing some weird things because that's the style I guess. Forcing the straight tones is making her sound flat, and she knows that, but she still does it." Devin Townsend: "If I were his ENT doctor, I'd love him, because of all the money I'd make form all the damage he's doing. He has to be on steroids to be doing what he does consistently. Either that or he's just a freak." Eric Clayton (Savior Machine): "Completely different from the other stuff you've shown me. Sounds like a regular baritone stage voice." Daniel Heiman (Lost Horizon): "Not bad. He's doing some of that weird stuff again, but he sounds good otherwise." Alissa White-Gluz (Arch Enemy): "Oh God, that's a woman!? I can't listen, it's too painful, she's ripping her vocal chords to shreds." Phil Anselmo (Pantera): "I guess it's...kind of like singing." Tim "Ripper" Owens (Judas Priest, Iced earth): "His voice will probably last a bit longer because he knows what he's doing and being very controlled about it." Mikael Akerfeldt (Opeth): "He's got a nice voice." Mikael Akerfeldt growling: "There's no way he's producing that sound naturally. Either that or he's doing it very quietly and it's made to sound much bigger."
  9. Good morning Ray, thanks for randomly playing on my shuffle this morning as I drove into the studio. Keeping it real, and reminding me why the hell I started doing this...
  10. Rob Halford, 65 today. Super iconic singer some songs and vids I grew up on This one also happens to have a "model" guitar solo Insane vocals
  11. Hi guys, so after some constructive criticism from some youtubers I recently purchased Reaper, and my friends and I are looking to do some better quality recording for some youtube covers and eventually some originals. I have done tons of research on recording and vst plugins, and I have my mind pretty much made up on all of them except for the vocals. Because I am singing in such a niche genre, I am not really sure what vocal plugins would be best for what I am going to be doing specifically.I have a very low bass voice, and we are mostly going to be doing Type O Negative covers and other bands of the same sort, so I want something either geared towards that or something that at least has the tools to handle it. I am going to include a few links for the sound that I am trying to replicate. you can see, all these bands have a sort of "epic" sound to the vocals which is what I am looking for, of all the dozens of videos I have seen on vocals or articles I have read, they are mainly describing how to get a commercial radio sound, which is not at all what I am looking for. There are 2 main things I was wanting help with from this post, one help picking out a vocal plugin, and secondly help with just a general starting point how to achieve their vocal sound.I know that there is no all in 1 vocal processor that is better than buying the individual plugins, but I was hoping for some recommendations for a beginner like myself in a bundle. As I said, I have done months of research on this so I am not a complete idiot on the subject, but ease of use and hopefully many presets that would be useful for my purposes would be ideal.And secondly achieving that sound, I know you can't cram years of vocal editing advice into a reply, but I was hoping for just a general starting point for me to go from. I just don't have the ear to be able to tell what they are doing. Effects? Number of vocal tracks? Just the basic stuff.Also what would be a basic starting point for eqing my type of voice, I know you are supposed to boost what sounds good and cut out what sounds like crap, but I am not experienced enough to know what that is. Here is a link to a Woods of Ypres song, and then our cover of it to see what I am working with. Was just recorded with the camera mic. list:UR44 Audio InterfaceSM7B mic with cloudlifterAs I said, I have also pretty much made up my mind on the other plugins, but I am going to list them here, and if anyone has a better product in mind for what I am going to be doing, I am all ears!
  12. Please leave a comment below if u are interested in getting ur track mastered for only $5!
  13. Do you have music on Spotify, iTunes, etc? If you do not, we offer services to post your single, albums, or EPs on up to 14 major music platforms cheap! If you have music on Spotify, we can jumpstart you with tremendous amounts of plays for very cheap prices. If you earn royalties on your music, you can actually make money off of these 100% organic plays. Lemme know what you think! 1,000 Plays - $10 ($4) 5,000 Plays- $40 ($20) 10,000 Plays- $75 ($40) 50,000 Plays- $350 ($200) 100,000 Plays- $500 ($400) 200,000 Plays- $750 ($800) 500,000 Plays- $1500 ($2000) 1,000,000 Plays- $2500 ($4000) 2,000,000 Plays- $4750($ 8000) those are our prices, the prices in the parentheses is how much you would make off of the plays if you made .004 cents per play. (.004 cents per day is the lowest amount of royalties given by spotify.
  14. Hello My band is covering this song right now. But the problem is that i cannot make my voice thin on the high notes for example during the bridge when Rob says Then and there.... He holds the note which goes up to a B4. He makes it sound so thin at the top. Is it mixed voice or head voice? Because when i try to sing a B4 i just yell the note. Should i sing it in head voice instead?
  15. Hello everyone, sorry if this is a bad place to ask this question but i really need some help. Anyway, i'm the vocalist in a band, and my main "style" i guess is pretty much heavy gritty screaming. Call it screamo i guess, don't really know the proper term. For whatever reason our guitarist wrote up a song that just doesn't seem to fit with my typical style of vocals. So i'm stumped on how i can use my screaming to fit with this song. So basically i was wondering if anyone could suggest a vocal style that can fit with this song, but also be easily doable with my vocal style. It wouldn't be a problem if i could sing good clean, but I unfortunately wasn't blessed with a good voice... Anyways, here's the song for reference. It's just a rough draft with only guitar. Thanks...
  16. We live in Bayonne NJ which is literally 10 miles to Manhattan. Some of our influences include, but are not limited to: Slipknot, Soulfly, Korn, Strapping Young Lad, Slayer, Deftones, Marilyn Manson, Gojira, Cavalera Conspiracy, Fear Factory, Nine Inch Nails, Tool, Type O Negative, Sigur Ros, Dead Can Dance. 21 and over only please. Below are some of our tracks. If interested please message me either on here, SoundCloud or Facebook under Illusionbank
  17. Hi, I am looking for a male singer who can do modern metal style vocals (screams & cleans) with an ability to record at home to complete a side-project I am doing with a female singer. It is more in the modern/mainstream vain, along the lines of, but not limited to, Within Temptation, Amaranthe, Nightwish etc. There are 10 tracks so far, fully produced. Here you can listen to snippets of 4 tracks : Many thanks Than
  18. Hello new guy here but been lurking in the background since late last year. I plan on taking vocal lessons from Rob in the near future as soon as I can afford to(and get the time to as well)as I want to train to become a metal vocalist. In the meantime I came across this interview from Rob Halford that you guys might find interesting -
  19. Robert Lunte - "Nocturne" I love this song, I hope you do too... Some of you have heard this. This is the Final production. Special thanks to my team Zack Uidl, Jason Shavey and Clay Copeland.
  20. Happy New Year! A song I wrote with and produced with "Thin Black Line". Engineered at Synergy Productions. Probably influenced a bit by Peter Murphy's album, "Deep", which is is characterized by rich, baritone sound colors, minus the super high screams of course because Peter Murphy doesn't scream like this. Hope you enjoy it. To learn more about TVS training, check out our program for singers here: Cloud Burst, from unlit skies cloud bust, from unleht skuh-eez Onward – Way ward lives Now pretend, until you overcome Now Prehtend, un tell yuh ovuh come And decent, Hide from everyone hand dehsend , hud from everyone chorus I would be your eyes I well beh yuh uh-eez When you look away, and I When yuh luck uh weh Would be your dreams Wud beh yuh-r drehms At the Break of Day, and… hat thuh brehk ov deh hand I would be your fear) I wuld beh yuh-r fehr On the night we pray and I………. Hon duh nuh-eet weh prey hand duh-ee Now wonder, where secret lies And hunger - Until you realize Chorus I would be your eyes I well bay yuh uh-eez When you look away, and I When yuh luck uh weh Would be your dreams Wud bay yuh-r drayms At the Break of Day, and… hat thuh brehk ov deh hand I would be your fear) I wuld beh yuh-r fehr On the night we pray and I………. Hon duh nuh-eet weh prey hand duh-ee I!!!!! HI am this life W&R Onset I am this life I am this LIFEE!! I am this life I am this life I am this LIFEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Solo---------- 3:17 SCREAMING!!! I would be your eyes When you look away, and I Would be your dreams At the Break of Day, and... I Would be you your fear On the nights we pray and I………. I am this life X15
  21. *OPEN VOCALIST AUDITIONS*Impact Event is in search of a pop-rock vocalist. Female preferred, but open to all. Those interested please email"2114" can be listened to here: You can find out most information about the band on our website here:
  22. Greetings, I'm a new member here so please let me know if I do something wrong. I am a composer looking for a female vocalist. You do not need to be perfect or even try to be. Just be yourself. I am the nicest and easiest person in the world to work with. Yes there is a certain sound I'm looking for, but maybe once I hear you I will change my mind. Please don't be shy. The only thing I am hard on is the country music twang. I cant do that. Please have a look at and I have a VERY unique writing style. The above links have a very limited song choice, but its my copyright free audition stuff. Short to the point. The vocalist I'm looking for is not just for one song and then I'm done with you, but rather I'm looking for someone that can become a part of Eramyth for long term. I'm also very willing to write music to and for your lyrics melodies for Eramyth. BUT I'm also willing to write music for YOU! Email if interested Robby