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How did you hear about TMV World?

Found 8 results

  1. I thought it might be fun to do another poll to find out why we choose one singer over another. Is it their range, the key, their looks (or the lack of them) their "technique" or how they made us feel....what is it? Are we conscious of why we chose one singer over another? This is not about finding out who we think is the better vocalist. It's not a poll to find the best singer, but an exercise for all of us to get in touch with our inner selves and discover why one is considered liked the most by each one of us. Here are 4 guys singing the classic tune "Unchained Melody" which, if I were a voice teacher, would make every student of mine learn to sing. It's a beautiful tune. I purposely left all of the original and well known vocalists out, including Bobby Hatfield who most likely made it the infamous tune that it is. So listen to all 4 guys covering this classic, and think deep, deep within you about why you are choosing one over the other. Then please share your thoughts as completely as you can. I think this might be very interesting. Folks, please don't piggyback off another's reply..as in "Yes, I agree with" .....or a plain "Me too." Commit to giving us a real good idea, a well thought out, comprehensive explanation of why you picked who you did, AND why you didn't pick the other 3 . We're looking for more of an explanation than "I just didn't like the others." Each person please provide their own perspective. Here we go: 4 talented singers, 4 different voices, 4 different (live) performances...... #1. Jonathan Jackson #2. Harrison Craig #3. Johnny Robinson #4. The late Johnny Maestro Thanks very much for your complete involvement and participation. I think this will be very interesting! We might even learn something about ourselves that can make us even better singers!
  2. Just want to know if I should keep singing or give it up? (Singing) ----> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lsbptdfKSFs
  3. Hey everybody, if any of you have the time, could you possibly answer dissertation questionnaire? Its about performance anxiety. Its completely anonymous and will only take a couple of minutes. Im trying to control the amount of different instruments at first so i don't get too many of one instrument. My dissertation is about instrument-related anxiety and if theres a correlation between the instrument we choose and the types of symptoms we may or may not suffer.If you'd like any more information or if there are any questions you're unsure about please drop me a message on here!CheersLeeroyhttps://www.surveymonkey.com/r/SFYXJJS
  4. Please participate in this poll... this "Poll" post has been opened up for discussion as well...   That statistic on warming up is interesting.... almost 50/50.
  5. The "Win New Vocal Gear" page is a service we provide to our sponsor companies. TMV World sponsor companies work with TMV World to offer FREE product give-aways for our membership, in exchange to have an opportunity to share with the TMV World membership the benefits of their products and services for singers. TMV World ONLY works with the best companies in the world and in the last 7 years, we have given away hundreds of microphones, vocal pedals, vocal health products, headphones, accessories and services to lucky members of our community. Companies that have participated in the past include; RODE Microphones, TC-Helicon, Electro Harmonics, Singer's Tea, Electro Voice Microphones, Placid Audio Microphones, Heil Microphones, Extreme Isolation Headphones, Audix Microphones, Hercules Mic Stands and more! In the coming weeks we will have our new "Win New Vocal Gear" page set up and ready to go... at that time, we will begin inviting our sponsor companies to share what they have with us. Thank you for your patience as we put the final touches on our new community system and prepare to offer, not only our members, but our sponsor companies the best venue we can.
  6. I found this cool web site that offers bed tracks for Classical arias and art songs! Check it out! http://www.virtualorchestra.eu
  7. Hey all, It's been requested that I put out an anonymous poll so that people can choose which version they liked best. Everyone did great to even attempt this challenging song. Please vote on which one you liked. If you took part in the challenge, please vote for someone other than yourself. Poll will close on June 9th. Pekka Jabroni Take 1: Take 2: GSoul Ronws: https://app.box.com/s/em0tqq2maxoxp5kllc7wwz89a986oci7 Felipe: https://app.box.com/s/kwny9uwtzmjq2ugeet4swf8bx1enhswj
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