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Found 33 results

  1. Posting a few tracks below. If you're interested in working together (singing or rapping) hit me up either in email (listed below) or PM with a sample of your voice. The tracks are unmixed/unmastered so if something sounds off or hurts your ears that's probably it, apologies. Money will not be involved, we're simply two musicians making music together. If we create and publish a project together, we'll split whatever, if any, profits come of it. We'll talk and make a track together. If that goes well, maybe an album. P.S. If you can write/are a decent lyricist, that's a huge plus. (forgive the high notes lmaoo) Email:
  2. Hello guys, I am new to this industry with zero experience. Long story short, I would like to record a radio quality song. Unfortunately where I live there aren't any vocal studios, Therefore, I have to create my own at home. I did some research, However, I have got four main questions, please give me your advice from your experience guys! First Question: I am going to buy mic NT1A, Focusrite scarllet solo audio interface with pro tools, mic stand, low Z xlr microphone cable. Now, are these products good as a beginner? I will not be recording any instruments. I will hire a producer online to do everything. I just need a clean recording. Question is, do I need any extra items? Second Question: I read so many times that background noise is a major issue etc... What can I do in order to avoid that? Keep in mind that i am "creating" my own home studio. Third Question: What is the order usually in chronological order -> recording, mixing, remixing, producing, mastering? How does it work. If I hire a producer is he or she supposed to do everything? and all I have to do is record? Or is a producer's job different than mixing, mastering etc.. Fourth Question: I wrote my lyrics and its all good. However, usually how do artists come up with "how to sing the song" like, do producers usually demo the song? Since I am relaying on the producer to do the beat, so is the producer also responsible for "demoing" it? Thank you so much guys, If anyone has an idea I would highly appreciate it! Have a good one!
  3. BlazinAcoustics

    Singing Improvement and training

    Hi All, I have created a YouTube Channel on which I plan to upload acoustic guitar instrumentals to help fellow singers train and improve their singing skills. Looking for feedback and suggestions. What do you guys think? Link to the latest video:
  4. Hi to everyone! I've been reading this forum for a couple of years now and always found it very interesting and helpful in dealing with some of my own issues, so I thought I'd post this project that I've got going on. For a long time, I have suffered from vocal tension and inability to sing past D4 without pushing the "chest voice"/ overly-engaging the TA's basically. However, in the last year or so, I have experienced great relief after starting to do falsetto exercises suggested by Anthony Frisell in his manual "Training Baritone Voices". After reading many other sources later on, I have started questioning the usefulness of voice classification, purely from psychological point in the beginning (belief that one is a lower voice and its effect on the voice and singing), but now also physiological (neglecting upper range), especially in contemporary music (pop, rock, jazz, music theatre...). So now, I am writing a dissertation on the validity of voice classification in contemporary music and have already got some interesting answers. However, since there is barely any research done in relation to contemporary music, I would really be grateful if any of the members here, who give voice lessons, would participate. This is the link if anyone is interested: Thank you and feel free to spread the link if you find it useful! In general, I would also love to hear your opinions on this. Do you think tutors should classify their students and why?
  5. Please leave a comment below if u are interested in getting ur track mastered for only $5!
  6. Do you have music on Spotify, iTunes, etc? If you do not, we offer services to post your single, albums, or EPs on up to 14 major music platforms cheap! If you have music on Spotify, we can jumpstart you with tremendous amounts of plays for very cheap prices. If you earn royalties on your music, you can actually make money off of these 100% organic plays. Lemme know what you think! 1,000 Plays - $10 ($4) 5,000 Plays- $40 ($20) 10,000 Plays- $75 ($40) 50,000 Plays- $350 ($200) 100,000 Plays- $500 ($400) 200,000 Plays- $750 ($800) 500,000 Plays- $1500 ($2000) 1,000,000 Plays- $2500 ($4000) 2,000,000 Plays- $4750($ 8000) those are our prices, the prices in the parentheses is how much you would make off of the plays if you made .004 cents per play. (.004 cents per day is the lowest amount of royalties given by spotify.
  7. What do you guys think about this guy's technique in terms of his agility? Does the shape of his mouth help with the insane vocal agility he has?
  8. Randomly got the idea to try to do the first cover I posted on here again. I posted it about one year ago, exactly. Wanted to see if anybody could see any improvements here and anything that needs work. I did "Ooh Baby Baby" by Smokey Robinson and The Miracles. Here's the original: Here's me giving it another shot. Differences between the first one I posted and this one is that I held a mic closer to my mouth, as opposed to singing into my phone's mic, which was sitting a few feet away, on the counter. Also, I sang the entire thing here.
  9. Hello guys I am curious to know what singers have demonstrated vocal longevity without losing voice quality. Who are your favorite artists that consistently have sung well for at least 20 years? For me I must have to go with Celine Dion and Stevie Wonder. Please include clips of the proposed artist if possible.
  10. Rockstar

    Crazy Agility!

    This is my friend singing. He's a natural. I cannot even process what's going on with these Indian style trills/runs/licks. How does one develop such agility? Is that even possible to achieve? How do I even memorize these notes? You can witness this in almost any Indian song. This sounds so beautiful. Recording: Another one:
  11. What do you all think of Beyonce as a vocalist? She seems to have excellent control over her instrument. My only gripe is the clavicular breathing with the audible inhalation. Here are a few good videos of singing for you all to analyze: What do you all think?
  12. Did this a little while ago. Sang it with a lady friend. Did the whole thing in falsetto, or, as Rob might say, "falsetto mode"
  13. I'm looking for an RnB voice that can sing a song I've written (It's pop RnB and I'll post a rough demo once I slap it together). Please post a demo of your voice on soundcloud (or any site) and link it here so that I can hear it and judge your vocal ability. Have a good day.
  14. Hello everyone, my name is George Ruiz. I'm the creator and CEO of an all new worldwide, online singing contest named SuperXtar. I want to get the word out to as many people as possible. Anyone from around the world is welcome to check it out, whether submitting a video yourself or as one of the countless voters. Singers AND random Voters can win THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS IN BITCOINS! (Promo video Just look at these amazing prizes that our sponsor VrTuoTV has for SINGERS like you: Every Week $1,000 in Bitcoins for the Weekly Winner. $5,000 in Bitcoins to each Monthly Winner The twelve Monthly Winners, each with two companions will be flown from anywhere around the world to the Grand Finale site in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. Hotel and meal packages for 10 days, plus tour and transportation around Nashville. Monthly Winners will participate in the VrTuo TV reality show: ‘Who Wrote That?’ Grand finale prizes: $25,000 for third place and $50,000 for second place. The winner will receive $100,000 plus a recording contract and a restored Harley Davidson Motorcycle. All Winners will receive free promotion in all of our social media channels. We have more than 114K followers in Twitter, 44K fans in Facebook and over 13K Linkedin connections. Our followers are from all parts of the world and your video would be enjoyed worldwide. Plus, some very important people in the entertainment world follow us and may notice your talent! Also, every Week our sponsor will give $4,000 in Bitcoins to random Voters as well. Yes, your fans will be delighted to know that they can win money voting for you! You can find answers to any of your questions in FAQ in our website New contest starts on November 04, 2015. To participate, submit your video to today. Thank you very much!
  15. Chryssanthemis

    Chryssanthemis - Listen (Live)

    "Listen" is οne of four new songs written for the feature version of Dreamgirls (originally a 1981 Broadway musical). Ιt's lyrics make reference to tenacity, love, the refusal to defer dreams and finally rise towards fame.In the film version of Dreamgirls, Knowles portrays the character of Deena Jones, a pop singer loosely based on Motown star Diana Ross. The story explores the life of The Dreamettes (based on The Supremes), a fictional 1960s group of three female singers,whose manager Curtis Taylor (based on Berry Gordy and played by Jamie Foxx) manipulates their personal and professional relationships.I Hope you Enjoy it!Official Facebook Page: Music Arts Facebook Page: : Music Studios Facebook Page: Editing: Modern Music StudiosElectric Guitar: Steve SovolosPianoAikaterini DeliyiannidouBass Guitar: Dimitris VerginisKeyboards: Kleanthis KonstantinidisDrums: Fotis Yiannopoulos
  16. Hi! I'm Anthony, I'm new!! This is a clip from an audition I did in 2009: This is a recording I did last year: I've never had any training or really performed in front of anyone, other than karaoke and that audition from six years ago. I have massive stage fright, so it makes things really difficult for me. I'm not even really sure what my voice type is, or what genre would suit me. I've been told I'd be good for Broadway or opera. I'd like to get some feedback and see what I can do, musically. Thanks!! - Anthony
  17. Hi everyone! For me music has been on and off, and I feel the urge to reignite that passion. I'm a guitar player and thought I'd try my hand at singing. I'm keen to hear some advice.
  18. Please rate this, give me tips, tell me if I improved or not, etc.
  19. Hey guys, here's my cover of Earth Song by Michael Jackson! Please tell me of your opinions, what I'm doing right and wrong, the type of voice you think I am, whether you'd like to hear me singing something else etc I'm a 19 year old untrained amateur singer from Pakistan. English is my third language. Cheers!!
  20. Hey all, For those of you that are wondering what this about, check out the following link and please join us: It's about that time. It's been decided that, this month, we will run two challenges at once. Two separate challenge threads will be created. Everyone is greatly encouraged to participate in both of these. Even if you don't have time to mix two great tracks, try to get something done for each and post it in the corresponding challenge topics. Given the goal of these challenges is to get everybody really racking their musical brains and get everyone out of their comfort zone at one point or another, we did Rock this month, so Rock will not be an option for June, but it will show back up in the poll that will be created on June 26th for July's challenge. HOWEVER, just because a Rock song won't be chosen this month, it does NOT mean that you cannot take one of the songs that we end up choosing and sing it Rock style. As a matter of fact, if Rock is your absolute favorite style, it is encouraged that you do take one of these songs and sing it that way. It is also encouraged that you try to learn to sing in the style of the genres that are selected. We are NOT prohibiting styles, we are switching genres. There are 7 choices for this month's challenge, and the two genres with the highest number of votes will be chosen. Voting will go on until May 31st (120 hours from now). At that point, we will go about selecting the songs we will be singing during June. June's challenges will begin June 6th and end on July 5th. Voting for the genre selection of July's challenge will begin on June 26th and end on July 1st. July's challenge begins July 6th. These are the choices for this month's poll: R&B Country Blues Pop Folk Jazz Gospel Let the voting begin!
  21. Hey guys, if you do not know Sam Smith he is a super awesome pop/r&b singer - I thought he had an amazing technique but now I found out he has to undergo surgery. He has been singing with a vocal hemorrhage and is going to need surgery. The doctors have told him to rest until his voice is fully healed or it can become a long term issue. I personally thought he had a wonderful technique able to sing in either register very easy and not sacrifice his lower notes. Not sure why the bleeding on his vocal cords occured maybe he overwork himself or simply is singing in a way he should not be. You can read more about it here . What do you guys think? Hopefully all goes well for Sam he is a great artist and unfortunately had to cancel his Australian tour.