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Found 19 results

  1. The Mojave Audio MA-1000 Click Here to Purchase
  2. Please go visit my channel and view a few videos .pleassse Watch "Payton Sells Music" on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/sellsh
  3. Please go visit my channel and view a few videos. https://www.youtube.com/user/sellsh
  4. Please go and visited my channel and view some videos www.paytonsellsmusic.com
  5. European company JZ Microphones is amongst many manufacturers that offer a modern take on vintage sound. Their Vintage 11 (V11) is said to produce very smooth sounding top end, and in theory, should be very good for voice-over work. But the concept of “modern vintage” still sounds a bit vague and lacking explanation to some. Needless to say, we got our hands on one of these mics to see what it does. When it comes to striking visual design characteristic of JZ Microphones, the V11 is no exception. This thing looks like it belongs in the interior of an expensive luxury car, perhaps as
  6. For about ten years, a European company called JZ Microphones has made its flagship Black Hole 2 (BH2) studio microphone, supposedly a versatile, visually stunning, and beautifully sounding mic that “easily finds its place among celebrated all-time classics”. It seems that up until now critics have showered this piece of technology with one favorable review after another (to the point where it almost gets a bit ridiculous), so we thought we’d give it a try and see if it really deserves such generosity. The looks JZ Microphones present their BH2 as a “premium”, “high-end” studio micro
  7. The Carbonphone by Placid Audio is a very unique microphone for anyone who is interested in experimenting with sound. Its military grade carbon granule element captures sound and creates a "lofi" sound that is naturally distorted. Creating sounds similar to scratchy vinyl or an old military radio, this microphone is perfect for anyone looking to recreate a more vintage tone or anyone looking to create something new altogether. Included with the microphone is the Tone Box which provides the current which is needed to power the microphone. While the microphone can be powered by any standard
  8. The Chantelle Microphone by Ear Trumpet Labs is created to be the best live vocal microphone, bringing the clarity and warmth of a large diaphragm capsule to a low-profile body. In addition to a smooth high end with no harsh tones and an upper-midrange emphasis, included is also a full foam pop filter for even greater sound control.With exceptional feedback rejection, the can be used on even the loudest of stages.The microphone comes specifically tuned to handle any stage and still provide excellent feedback rejection. Chosen by performers in diverse genres, from R&B (Andra Day) to
  9. 0 downloads

    Gary Osborne is the founder and inventor of Lampifier Microphones. Lampifier Microphones feature a unique, build in compression solution that uses light as its medium. Lampifier microphones are great microphones and offer an interesting and unique solution to compression for singers. Gary Osborne www.Lampifier.com
  10. 0 downloads

    John Gresko is the founder of Direct Sound and inventor of Extreme Isolation Headphones. The best isolation headphones available to singers in the world. John Gresko www.ExtremeHeadphones.com
  11. This is the full song. I am currently putting this song out on iTunes, Spotify, google play, and every place you can think of. Expect a forum post within the next week or so saying "check me out on the tonight show" ha ha. http://vocaroo.com/i/s1ObRDbNrJpo
  12. I want to record a high-quality song in the studio. I don't want it to sound pretty good or just nice. I want a professional radio-ready, tv ready sound. What do I need to do and how do I do it? Do I just buy recording time and they will do the rest or do I have to buy mixers and masters and all of the fancy people I don't know the names for? What are the steps and how do I start to make a pro recording of a song? I am not worried about how much the recording costs. I am only worried about the quality and the quality alone. Important information I have never done any work in
  13. Recording plugins are some of the most essential and fun additions for any home recording. The quality and variety of recording plugins available today is simply miraculous. With the right choice of plugins, and a little bit of skill at home recording, an experienced home recording engineer can produce recordings that sound very professional! Plugins are not just for vocal effects. They are also available to simulate vintage preamps, compressors and even recording consoles like the famed SSL console system. In the world of plugins for digital audio work stations, (DAWs), there is no
  14. In my quest for the perfect recording setup, I was pleased to discover an audio recording solution that minimizes the amount of gear I require to produce my YouTube content. I create educational videos on an almost daily basis and having a simple and effective audio recording setup is essential to my workflow. That's why I'm pleased to have discovered the RODE NT-USB microphone. The NT-USB is a Condenser Microphone which means that it's capable of recording the human voice with far clearer quality compared to something like a lavalier or headset mic which contain a Dynamic Microphone.) Ther
  15. Hi, I am working with a pretty talented young man that can sing reasonably well, I mean, he can sing his own songs well. We were in the studio over the weekend working on a song he did not write and it was one of the worst sessions I have ever had. His tempo was off, pitch was off, he was a totally different person than I worked with before. After several agonizing hours I decided to take a break. We was embarrassed and I was frustrated. I left the track playing in the back ground and he started singing one of his songs. It was perfect. Thinking he found his mojo I immediately jump back on th
  16. Would love to hear thoughts here from folks. I have always assumed that live singing is far more difficult than studio. You get only one attempt to sing it right. On the other hand, someone(maybe it was Ronws) here once said that in live singing, you mistakes get buried in the noise whereas studio singing I feel the mistakes get amplified.. I feel that somehow when I sing live, I have a decent technique, I can make the song sound good singing in one take.. Same thing in studio is so much difficult.. Especially when singing on to a karaoke track.. Every single mistake gets amplified.. Am
  17. Singing is one of the most important means of communication that we are blessed to experience. It is the means by which we express our innermost thoughts and feelings in a language shared by the whole world. We sing songs as worship...as symbols of patriotism...as words to inspire change...to amuse...to romance....to uplift. Often, it is forgotten how integral singing is to our existence. When at play, children seem to almost instinctively sing as part of their games. These same young voices are instruments capable of producing a wide array of tones and timbres. In order to access this wide ra
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