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Found 417 results

  1. P.S. I'm aware that I messed up a few words near the end. I was singing from memory and forgot some of the lyrics but just ignore that plz haha
  2. Its a robyn song and a Coldplay song. If you click the link you just have to download the songs.
  3. I've included 2 videos. Eden turn the page is to show my struggles and little wonders is to show strengths. I cant say i know what im doing technically and that's what i need y'alls help for. If there's anyone who can help me understand what I'm doing both right and wrong itd be so helpful. Thank you all for taking the time. QuesoMcpeso
  4. Hello, my 10 year old daughter is an aspiring singer. She is in voice lessons and has been in some musical theater productions as well. We understand she is not necessarily a "natural", but she does have the drive and desire and truly loves performing. Any thoughts or suggestions for improvements are welcomed to help her with her goal of becoming a singer one day? She has sung the National Anthem at a couple college sports events and a professional event. I am also including a link for one of her musical theater shows, Music Man. Thank you in advance! (National Anthem) (Goodnight my Someone)
  5. Hi people, here’s my attempt at this CCR song. Any feedback is appreciated... I’m trying to learn hoje to sing.
  6. Hey people, thanks for the attention! This is crucial for me so help me out please I have no one I can turn to I'm an actor and I've recently lost some damn good opportunities in my field (musicals or just any part with a singing scene) because I'm terrified of being just a horrible singer delluding myself into humiliating me in public. I'm fed up with this because actually I love to sing and I do it constantly when I'm at home. I believe 100% that most people have ok ordinary voices, potential singers who could apply themselves and become fine singers if they just got the knowledge and practice. So I'm building up confidence to enroll in singing lessons because i'm totally aware that I need them since I have no freaking clue what I'm doing when I open my mouth, so none of the said needed knowledge. But I just need that extra push to build the courage to sing in front of a teacher you know, i could use some sober distant perspective and confidence cause I've heard some mean things when I was younger and I feel that that has scarred me so I have the hardest time bringing myself to believe on my potential to sing again, even tough I don't hate what I hear when I record myself. So PLEASE HELP don't dellude me and just don't be mean, SHOULD I PERSUE IT AND ENROLL IN SINGING LESSONS? DO I HAVE THE POTENTIAL IT TAKES? Remember I'm want to professionally persue this (musicals) so just bearable isn't actually a great thing, but it's a starting point i guess. Thank you very much me trying to sing low then high this year: me trying to sing high last year: me trying a showtune a few years ago: Hear me here: p.s.: english is not my first language so bear with me on(?) that
  7. I had fun with the song, tell me what u think. thank you where where you in the morning 2_.mp3
  8. I had fun with the song, tell me what u think. thank you where where you in the morning 2_.mp3
  9. The reason for the beginning bit was that I was doing an audition with this tape and they required us to go up a scale. I've been practicing a bit daily now and I want to see if my voice has improved at all. I want to know if I have a voice good enough to do lessons and such. Please help :'))
  10. Abdullah

    Reveiw my song

    Hi there !! I'm new to this platform & willing to have your feedbacks,reveiws on my home recorded song "My heart wil go on"... I'm eager to hear from you the good,bad & the ugly as is the link for my song...go through with it...share your thoughts with me...
  11. I’ve recently taken up the guitar and I’m hoping to get to a point where I can play a few songs around the campfire with mates or family. I’ve never sung in front of anyone before and self awareness isn’t my strong point, I know I’m never gonna be good but I’m hoping to get to passable, and hoping someone can give me some feedback on my voice? Is there any potential whatsoever there? I’ e found I can only get by with the capo on 2nd or 3rd fret, so I’m guessing my voice is quite high or young sounding? Appreciate anything you can tell me, cheers.
  12. I need to know if I sound good in tone and where I need to improve(vocal analysis). Also I don’t know if I’m a tenor or baritone.
  13. I've been really struggling determining my voice type. I've been singing since i was young but it was only the past year where i started being concerned with technique, agility, range, etc... I know i am not the best singer but it would really be great if someone will try to classify my voice and help me develop! My lows notes usually is from C#2-B3 but it can also reach B1 (vocal fry), I my voice starts to crack somewhere in F4 and G4 idk if i start transitioning from chest to mixed here but i know my voice switches into something else in this part. Idk where my head voice starts but it can reach up to G5. My falsetto can go as high as C6 sometimes Eb6 or higher but it's really hard and sounds very weak if i try to go higher than C6 and my whole voice gets tired and uncontrollable after overutelising it. Idk if i am resonant or if i have a good support. I'm not sure if i'm doing runs properly. Also, idk if i'm singing healthy. Self learning is hard ughhh Very high falsetto: Comfortable falsetto: Me singing:
  14. Hello you vocal freaks ! It's been a fiew years since I have been tthere. Whell. I had a fiew years break from singing but I returned and I'm pretty active now. I'm singing in Genesis cover band (they would kill me for such version of Land as I've recorded here ) Wonder if there are some old guard representatives here? Anyway - I'm shering with you with my raspy metal voice development. I'd like to see some of your reflection on that. (also feel free to critique my english I'm self taught dude from Poland ) It is not "produced" - It takes like 15 minutes of recordings very early morning Best Regards
  15. I messed up the words and whatnot but either way here's two examples of me singing. I feel like I'm very tense and nasal at times, and on Silent Night I got throaty and in Purple Rain the high note was just yelling, so I was wondering how to work on these flaws. Silent.wav purplrain.wav
  16. Hi everyone! Few months ago I started to post some musics online and I would love to have some advices to improve myself. I don't have a powerful voice but I think it's correct, but I would like to know what can I do to improve! I'm also recording with an USB mic and I would like to have an XLR one but I don't know what microphone to buy for a low budget. Here's one of my song! Thank you!
  17. I'm trying to unlearn a lot of bad habits I've picked up in my singing, through a combination of listening to and emulating singers who strain, and also from me trying to sing around my voice when I went through puberty. I'm just looking for advice and critiques on my current vocal situation, and how I can become more comfortable on an F4 and above, because now i tend to tense up in that area. SilentNigh.wav
  18. sp3c13srock

    Working on a song

    This song is out there. I like it, I'm happy with it, but I want to learn how to take my voice higher obviously. I'm a baritone I think. I can hit A4 but not with agility. This song goes up to F#4 which is typical of baritone. Constructive criticism is appreciated. Take a listen to my voice and let me know what you hear. Thank you!
  19. Home 17.m4a I apologize in advance for how much this will hurt your ears. I know I'm pitchy (advice on improving intonation quickly would be great, but trust me when I say you don't want to hear where I started 6 months ago. I missed notes so badly they couldn't even be considered flat or sharp. I guess I still do that now but I seriously couldn't even pretend to hold a melody then), but I'm most interested in how I can improve my general tone/sound/whatever. I can't seem to find what people call chest voice, and I can't really falsetto either. It's more like a very straight, hard sound (head voice I think?). I'm stupid poor right now and have only been using youtube. I'm hoping to get at least a few vocal lessons for Christmas and then start one of lunte's programs to build on those, but I would love to hear your guy's feedback on what I could improve on. I guess what I want to change most is my awful tone singing higher notes like at the end of the voice memo. I do enjoy pop and would like to sing pop, but I'd love to sing it as correctly as possible too. Thanks in advance, you guys rock.
  20. I have always loved singing however never tried to purse it because I never thought I would improve, but recently I decided to follow my dreams and started taking up vocal lessons. It been 3 months since I've started professionally learning how to sing and I've seen significant changes, nevertheless I am still not satisfied with my singing and would like to know how I can improve it.
  21. I really dig it and I'm hoping it has radio potential. What do you think? Here's the Spotify link
  22. BrokeGuitarist

    I'm desperate for help

    Hello guys, i made a quick review on me singing playing gutiar. I come to this coz i can't afford singing lessons.. I just want to know what i need to improve.. Resonance Pitch Vowel Etc.. I want you to be brutally honest to me..
  23. miken12

    Review My Singing

    Hello singers, My name is Mike. I'm a beginner singer with no prior vocal training. Recently, I have been developing a passion for singing and I would love to be able to get better. I would love to be able to sing professionally one day. I don't have a good singing voice, which is why I need constructive criticism in order for me to find out what I need to work on. I recorded a clip of me singing and I am open to honest constructive criticism. Thank you if you took the time to listen and reply.
  24. Yeah, so great course. A lot of useful info, like A LOT. But made great progress. Still not close to the level I'm aiming for, but its getting better.!Aswc74K62WP_5ESOLvajN6OkYCgK