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Found 68 results

  1. Hey Guys i'm new on this forum, I would really appreciate your opinion about my High C bandicam 2019-02-25 18-45-28-988.mp4
  2. Hey everyone, I am 17 and I have been singing for about 1 year (never sang before, not even in the shower, but I have played guitar for a really long time). Yesterday right before my vocal lesson with a local teacher, I though I could sing See You Again from Charlie Puth. I spend about 2 hours singing the song before I went to the lesson and pitched the idea to my teacher. I sang her the song and she said that it's a lot beyond my range and comfortable zone and that I shouldn't sing so high. She said that I can try singing it, but it will never sound good. That kind of hurt, because I like rock and pop songs and both are mostly high pitched songs. So I recorded myself at home and I am starting to disagree, which I shouldn't since she is the teacher and I am just a student. She had a problem with the high falsetto part, which I think is not that bad considering I have never used falsetto (I love the chest belting). She was okay with the "It's been a long time" and "We've come a long way" parts though, which to me sound terrible. So to sum it up, I want to ask all of you what you think. Do you think I have the voice, potential to sing these high notes? Or should I stick to someone like John Mayer, John Lennon, Michael Buble and bring the song down when I want to sing pop/rock songs (for example Charlie Puth or Freddie Mercury)?
  3. the_Bay_harbor_butcher

    Stone Cold and Hallelujah (Duets on Smule)

    I haven't been doing covers on Smule recently. Hallelujah Stone Cold
  4. Gsoul82

    TMV Games: Freestyle

    Coming very soon!
  5. Gsoul82

    TMV Games: Jazz Style

    Coming very soon!
  6. Gsoul82

    TMV Games: Pop Style

    Coming very soon!
  7. Gsoul82

    TMV Games: R&B Style

    Coming very soon!
  8. Gsoul82

    TMV Games: Rock Style

    Coming very soon!
  9. Are we gonna go ahead and do this? Felipe was the first to say it, but he hasn't made the thread yet. For anybody who doesn't know, this is essentially just a tribute thread. You may have seen the Challenge sub-forum. We regularly suggest songs based on certain criteria (genre, artist, certain themes). We then post covers of those songs. It's not a competition. The actual challenge is against yourself; to take something and see what you can do with it.
  10. Gill Appleby

    Mercedes Benz Please excuse the outro. And yes it's me singing with JJ in the background. Thoughts?
  11. Hello! So I just recorded 2 tunes (first takes, lots of mistakes, but i just wanted to record something) Im looking to sing with my band and would like to know if im on the right track (since this is a type of register i've never used in a live/public setting so i dont know if the vocal placement for these songs is correct). These songs are somewhat outside my singing comfort zone and what we usually play (in terms of vocal range and registers), but i would love to expand my repertoire. To give an idea my most demanding song right now is toxicity (SOAD)(with some chest pulling here and there). I've been a musician for 11 years but only been singing for 5 years now, and only had proper vocal training for about a year (not currently) mostly focusing on pitch, correct breathing, chesty high notes, etc... but nothing of this kind, so there is this desire to get into these types of songs. Also, the "technique" im using for both songs feels (in my throat) the same to me, but it somehow feels more suited for the high notes heard in the scorpions tune, than in the skid row one. so I would love to know (if someone can give some input on this) why do i get two seemingly different results with the same technique? Feedback is greatly appreciated! Thank you Jesse
  12. Been a little while since the last one was proposed and started. We've done genre-related challenges, which are self descriptive, and theme-related challenges. What are you up for next? Say it loud and proud!
  13. Hi Folks, This video really highlights all of the style and skill inside M.J.'s vocals. I thought it would be enlightening to hear, study and digest. All the little embellishments and techniques he used, some exclusive to only him. It's a great resource if you want to tackle that one and cover it well. Vocals begin around 46 seconds in.
  14. Another challenge that people wanted to do, The Nationals Challenge! In this challenge, we will sing songs about our countries and songs about the places within. It's great for people to sing their national anthems but lets challenge ourselves and not just select short songs.
  15. It's that time of the year! A number of artists have just put out Holiday-themed albums, such as R. Kelly, The Rascal Flatts and Neil Diamond. Christmas, as well as some other holidays, are now upon us. There are literally tons of songs that can be sung here. So, who would be up for a Holiday Season challenge?