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Found 785 results

  1. tell me what you think
  2. VojtaNovy1

    Thoughts on my singing?

    Hi, I am 17 years old, have been singing four about a year an a half. Just wanted to know your opinion, what could I improve. I would like to say in the beginning that I do have some problem with pitch sometimes (usually about a half note higher or lower). Any good exercises?
  3. Anythingshouldwork

    Teach me how to sing

    I have been playing guitar for some time now, and i want to be able to pick up the chords for a song instantly, but i have major difficulty in singing the sound i hear. So i tried singing a few songs, really tried, and realized i have absolutely no vocal range, doesnt get sharper or "darker", it's just the word itself. If i try to do the song how it really is, either the voice dissapears or i cant hold the note for even 0.5 sec, just jumps back and forth with sharp and "dark". Even watched some videos to see if i have correct form, like chest up, chin slightly down, breathing and all, but my voice simply has no pitch whatsoever besides the natural one. How can i upgrade my vocal range dramatically? I would like to be able to sing, atleast decently in about 6 months, so i can play guitar and sing at same time And not tonedeaf btw 17y, male. So sorry for making you guys hear this, destroying the music
  4. What are some techniques that will help a student learn how to use good breath support?
  5. Hey everyone, I am 17 and I have been singing for about 1 year (never sang before, not even in the shower, but I have played guitar for a really long time). Yesterday right before my vocal lesson with a local teacher, I though I could sing See You Again from Charlie Puth. I spend about 2 hours singing the song before I went to the lesson and pitched the idea to my teacher. I sang her the song and she said that it's a lot beyond my range and comfortable zone and that I shouldn't sing so high. She said that I can try singing it, but it will never sound good. That kind of hurt, because I like rock and pop songs and both are mostly high pitched songs. So I recorded myself at home and I am starting to disagree, which I shouldn't since she is the teacher and I am just a student. She had a problem with the high falsetto part, which I think is not that bad considering I have never used falsetto (I love the chest belting). She was okay with the "It's been a long time" and "We've come a long way" parts though, which to me sound terrible. So to sum it up, I want to ask all of you what you think. Do you think I have the voice, potential to sing these high notes? Or should I stick to someone like John Mayer, John Lennon, Michael Buble and bring the song down when I want to sing pop/rock songs (for example Charlie Puth or Freddie Mercury)?
  6. I need to know if I sound good in tone and where I need to improve(vocal analysis). Also I don’t know if I’m a tenor or baritone.
  7. My voice naturally has a little bit of rasp after singing for years but for the most part my voice is pretty clean. I'd love some tips to get more grit especially on the top notes!!
  8. leithinkjesusiscool

    Need help with terminology

    I am a person who dont easily understand how other People experience stuff so please be very concrete with me. Some talk about passagio (bridge in English?). I see different bridges in my voice. I need help with what the correct terminology would be. I have my speaking voice around D#3/E3. When I go lower to Bb2 I go to my lower voice (bellow speaking voice). There is a bridge between those. If I go higher to G3 I go above the speaking voice. There is a bridge between those. If I go even higher to D4 there is Another bridge. Then at F#4 there is another bridge. The at G#4 there is yet another bridge. What is the correct vocal terminology for this?
  9. leithinkjesusiscool

    Tenor quality

    I talked with a director of a Gregorian schola who said that they would even sing as low as A2 (must be great for the baritones but not for me). I want to sing with them since this is music I like a lot. According to one vocal teacher, with whom I agree, the best key for Silent night, when I sing, is C. That high F4 works ok but I shouldn't sing low notes. Did/do the great tenors have any problems with A2? Gregorian chant seems kind of too low for me if A2 is a must. I would even choose higher keys then what is found in hymnals. I disslike singing low notes. When a teacher tells you that your voice has a tenor quality what does it mean? And is tenor voices rare since most men sing too low at sing-alongs? I had one audition with the schola director and she made me sing the low A2 but it was uncomfortable. I dont see any good reasons why we should sing below C3. What are your practical advice(s)?
  10. salazarspanish

    Feedback request for my new single

    Hi everybody, I just joined the forum, hoping to get some feedback on my vocals in my new single. To be honest, I never liked my voice, but some friends and family urged me to record my own voice instead of paying other people to sing on my rock productions. Let me know what you think: Thanks in advance for your help - Luis
  11. I'm teaching a few voice lessons in a undergraduate music education class and am working with a female student who is breathy and lacks confidence in her singing. What exercises or tips do you have to improve her confidence and help with breathiness? She plays french horn and has good breath support but doesn't think she is a good singer.
  12. Hello all! I am new at teaching voice lessons, and I was wondering if anyone could offer advice. How do you help a female voice use their breath to produce a more consistent sound, especially in their higher range?
  13. Aubrey Maneth

    Breath Activation

    What are some good ways and/or vocalizes to get your students to really use their breath to get a better sound throughout the rehearsal? Does movement while singing work? If so, what are some other ways to help with a student not getting a full sound?
  14. I have always loved singing however never tried to purse it because I never thought I would improve, but recently I decided to follow my dreams and started taking up vocal lessons. It been 3 months since I've started professionally learning how to sing and I've seen significant changes, nevertheless I am still not satisfied with my singing and would like to know how I can improve it.
  15. Hello! I'm Emily & I been into singing contests/performances since I was super little, then joined acapella at around 15 and have been in it ever since. There has definitely been a change in voice from 12 years old to now. When I was younger, my "technique" or sound was kind of the opposite we can say haha. I used to strain so bad! I do still feel some strain in my throat but that's after a lot of singing, and I do feel it is easier to sing the way I am now than in the way I was when I was 12 lol. In the video provided, I would strongly appreciate it if anyone can give a nice analysis on my register(is it chest??) and **anything** I could work on! one thing I am concerned about for the past few years is that I have a "beegees" feel (at least my dad said) to my voice no matter how low I try to sing. it sounds like an airy type of voice. I wanted to know if that could maybe be my natural voice or if it's a way of coping with the straining I used to put on my voice when I was younger. Or possibly if that's simply how my voice developed over many years. I do feel pretty natural singing this way. Thank you loves!
  16. What song have you been addicted to lately? For me, it's this song: Another Life by D'angelo. Came out officially 7 months ago. I've been listening to it ever since, and it's almost been an everyday thing. Even made the 3rd chorus my ringtone, and I end up singing along every time my phone rings What about everyone else? What song have you been listening to a lot lately?
  17. I remember seeing posts like these for years. Now, I finally get it somewhat. What are some good ways of accomplishing this?
  18. KYLIVY

    My voice type

    I know that classifying a voice type isn’t something I should focus on but I’m just curious about what I would be labeled as. My speaking range is from G2/Ab2-D3/E3 (this is just when I speak, I tend to reach G2 when I’m tired or sick) I am untrained and have never taken a singing class, but the highest my chest voice can push if I try is D4 and maybe F4. I don’t try and use head or falsetto since I don’t want to damage my chords since I’m not a trained singer but I feel in mixed and in head voice I could reach higher notes. Again, I know voice classification shouldn’t matter and that everyone has their own unique voice but I am curious what I would be labeled. Btw I’m new on this forum and I wasn’t sure where to post this.
  19. I think lots of people here might have heard somebody say that a voice gave them chills. What is it about a voice that can trigger this kind of response in somebody's body? This question could also even be extended to an emotional response period.
  20. Please answer this as one as it applies to you.
  21. Lyssie

    Best vocal course

    Which vocal course is best? (I want sing mainly rock - from art rock, blues rock, swing to heavy metal but too can sing most of music genre) I hear (mostly) good opinions about: Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy and course '' How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else '', Kevin Richards (Rpm Vocal Studio) and course '' Breaking The Chains '' ''Superior Singing Method'' of Aaron Anastasi And '' Singing Success 360'' of Brett Manning What do you think about these courses and which is best and help me 'increase' my voice? - Lyssie
  22. I am new here. Please give me some constructive tips so I can improve! ;)
  23. TryingToMakeAMark

    Novice here, Please review

    Hi, I am a complete novice to singing. Have never sung before, I am not even a native English speaker, but I am planning something special for my significant other. Could someone please review this piece that I have attempted and suggest improvements? Thanks
  24. Learn from the best to become just like your Idols.