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How did you hear about TMV World?

Found 8 results

  1. IN THE UNITED STATES WE HONOR OUR WAR HEROES TODAY THAT GAVE THEIR LIVES FOR OUR FREEDOM. ... It has nothing to do with singing? ... think again: The freedom to express yourself & say what you want to say about anyone. The freedom to be an artist. The freedom to innovate and make music. The freedom to debate and disagree. The freedom to sing and dance! ( some cultures and countries it is illegal to sing, dance and listen to music ). The freedom publish content without censorship, etc...
  2. An idea I have had for a while. In light of the sometimes argumentative/hardcore debate vibe of online forums....lets go the opposite way and work TOGETHER and record a song. How would this work? Dunno but I can put out some suggestions. I would be willing to do most of the legwork. IT DOESNT HAVE TO BE A WORLD BEATER....JUST SOMETHING FOR FUN AND CAMARADERIE! 1) I can write a basic song and record the rhythm track etc. We can vote on the key lol. 2) Either I, or all of us together, can write some basic lyrics. 3) a.) depending on how many brave people step up, we can subdivide the song parts. 1 guy sings first verse, another guy 2nd verse, a couple guys on the chorus. Someone with some soul and melisma can give some nice fills etc. b.) or, I can just sing a demo of the whole song and then each person can sing whatever part of the song they want to sing etc 4) I'll put an mp3 of the rhythm track and you can import it into your DAW and then everyone can send me a wav of JUST their vocal and I can put it into the song and mix it all etc My thinking is that the verses will be basic chest voice stuff and pretty easy, then maybe the chorus will step up a bit into headvoice etc. The bridge of course is where people can get creative and do their best Robert Plant vibe or whatever else they want to do. I havent thought it thru to the nth degree but it could be a really fun thing and the details will work themselves out. Any brave volunteers?? We can vote on the general vibe of the song, keeping in mind im an "old timer" so its going to be in the vague ballpark of LedZep/Beatles/VanHalen, with maybe a touch of grunge ---------------- Edit. after much discussion blah blah, here is what we currently have: ok guys. I have uploaded all pertinent files to box.com. We can try these links to see if they work song with vocals https://app.box.com/s/qd4imrazmdd9zcmpkck87usmw32hlg7l Rhythm track without vocals. Use this in your DawDAW at 130 bpm https://app.box.com/s/u8u6g6vxs0x5hy77cpw6z82n3rcei1yj MP3 rhythm track 11.3mb https://app.box.com/s/3hn868cn7ugzlwpm7e6swvtla4orh2nv Total vocal track, isolated. if you want to bring this into your DAW for reference etc. https://app.box.com/s/3dxy8vub6f9l5liywnamo29xaukhfq6r And if you want to hear the harmonies broken down Main chorus part https://app.box.com/s/z96dq4hsu1nain204e3q1yvotlmcclon Chorus middle harmony https://app.box.com/s/5lc9f79znf6jyr3nj61vpac4du1wsqko Chorus high harmony https://app.box.com/s/57e8hsloikcjn78se2shpt09wz9y1lk4 Those parts were mixed to start at the beginning of the song. Import them to the beginning of the song and they will line up correctly etc to send me files set up a free account at box.com. upload your files. share them and either post the share link in the thread or PM it to me on your recording levels. Dont try to go super hot right up to 0db. its digital so there is no need. We dont want to clip. just get a decent level like 3/4 of your meter or whatever Dry vocals etc. ---------------- Edit: The chords to the song. Only for the brave of heart
  3. Hii... i'm posting this one link here... its a pretty untidy take at the song I am confused as to whether this hooty sound is head voice or what is supposedly called the 'reinforced falsetto' .. what i know is that its not meaty enough the way true resonant head voice is ... I've nowadays taken to exercising for a fuller head voice..But i wanted to know just what i've done here
  4. The "Win New Vocal Gear" page is a service we provide to our sponsor companies. TMV World sponsor companies work with TMV World to offer FREE product give-aways for our membership, in exchange to have an opportunity to share with the TMV World membership the benefits of their products and services for singers. TMV World ONLY works with the best companies in the world and in the last 7 years, we have given away hundreds of microphones, vocal pedals, vocal health products, headphones, accessories and services to lucky members of our community. Companies that have participated in the past include; RODE Microphones, TC-Helicon, Electro Harmonics, Singer's Tea, Electro Voice Microphones, Placid Audio Microphones, Heil Microphones, Extreme Isolation Headphones, Audix Microphones, Hercules Mic Stands and more! In the coming weeks we will have our new "Win New Vocal Gear" page set up and ready to go... at that time, we will begin inviting our sponsor companies to share what they have with us. Thank you for your patience as we put the final touches on our new community system and prepare to offer, not only our members, but our sponsor companies the best venue we can.
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