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Found 2 results

  1. So now that I am in full swing back to singing professionally between my cover band and getting back to session singing and staff writing the demands on my voice are heavier then they have been in 20 years. Especially in the band where we are doing a lot of R&B, Top 40, dance and disco. A couple of things I have realized for myself living now on the frontline of the reality of singing is that training my voice as a rock singer for all these years did some great stuff but I feel I neglected a lower bridge and lower falsetto, 2 things that are absolutely paramount with that style that aren't really that important when you're a slammin rock singer and can actually be a detriment because it can make you sound 'unauthentic'. But for all this Pharrell, Kool and the Gang, Cupid, Bruno Mars etc.. it is absolutely critical to have, not only for stylish reason but so that you can sing 50 songs every night while dancing. It all came to a head about a week and half ago, my voice felt exhausted. I was getting gassed just talking. Took a few days off, also went to the ENT to get scoped and everything is perfect looking so it's just muscular. So I started to really dig into what was going on with me and where I could improve. I started reading, watching videos, pulled out all my old workout CDs etc.. Also started back training with a few different coaches and have really learned a lot about myself and my voice the past week or so. Voice is feeling and sounding way better. So here are some of my epiphanies:    1. I need to put time in everyday working my lower blend, head voice, falsetto and lower falsetto. Both with the feeling higher in the head and more in the mask. I've been studying with Johanna Boberg who is one of the absolute most incredible R&B singers and sings full-time in a working band. She has really helped me to start to identify what's going on. She's also really boosted my confidence by appreciating my voice.   2. I need to stay diligent everyday with the right life habits; eating a healthy non-acid reflux causing diet, not eating 2 hours before bed, using  humidifier at night, not drinking cold water, long hot showers, doing vitamins & throat gargle, throat coat tea. I also ordered a oil diffuser humidifier for my studio.    3. Exercise and stretching; My buddy Jaime ran through all his vocal enhancing stretches with me this week and I have been doing them along with a little passive yoga and working out. Huge difference.   Anyway, these are some of what I am doing if anyone has some cool tricks they want to ad that be great. I am more into singing now then ever in my life and I am actually enjoying being serious about singing again. That was one of the things that kept me from wanting to sing in a band again because I just wasn't willing to do the right thing, I always knew what it took to sing full-time and just didn't want to do it but now I do and I am enjoying it. No more slacker s**t. A few companies that I have publishing deals with have been asking for me to release something new for the past few years and I just balked, I felt I didn't have anything new to say. That's gonna change after this transformation. I will definitely do a new video/audio. Probably not a book though.    Here are a couple of videos I have been enjoying to watch and are resonating with me.    
  2. Devin Burns

    Average progression time?

    Just wondering how long it usually takes people to make progress in certain areas.   Bridging?   Connecting?   Getting a "chesty" sound in the head voice?   I'm not meaning significant progress, just some noticeable progress.  I've been training with the Four Pillars for the past couple weeks and I've successfully bridged a handful of times.  (You have no idea how excited/shocked i was when it happened). So i feel i'm making pretty good progress there.  I can get a connected sound in head voice pretty easily when practicing.  It's a little harder to maintain the connection when singing actual lyrics.  But the last part is what really gets me.  When singing phrases ranging from, let's say, C4-A4, I feel i can get in and out of my chest voice fairly decently, but while there's not a noticeable "break", it doesn't sound like the same voice at all.  I'm definitely not expecting this to be a quick process by any means, but does anyone have any idea when i might notice my head voice starting to sound like my chest voice? And i don't necessarily mean my head voice sounding meaty, just more like my chest voice in general. (hope that makes sense!)   I've been trying to practice at least 4-5 days a week.  I usually do the foundation building routine, then add some bonus scales and sirens afterwards to get more practice with my onsets (mainly Dampen&Release, Wind&Release, and Contract&Release) and bridging. When i get more comfortable with my bridging I plan to start working on the other exercises in the program.