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  1. Opera singers, classical singers, actors, cantors, preachers and even nowadays rock stars and rappers could gain a great deal from learning one of the most elaborate and sophisticated singing techniques that was invented more than 200 years ago by the Scuola Italiana del Belcanto (translated freely into: The Italian school of beautiful singing). This ancient school of thought has produced some of the most fundamental Opera music and singing techniques that are on a daily basis use by most Opera houses in the world. But , you don't have to be an Opera singer to take advantage
  2. www.vocalizing.com By Karen Oleson and Timothy Strong The genesis for this article comes from a workshop I was asked to present for a local chapter of NATS (National Assoc. of Teachers of Singing). It is only in very recent history, that performance studies in vocal jazz have been offered in academic settings. Prior to this if one wished to be a jazz singer they learned by listening to, following and copying other singers and experimenting and performing at every opportunity. Now that jazz styles have been codified it is easier for modern educators to expose jazz singing to s
  3. How do you find ways to encourage instrumentalists to feel comfortable answering questions related to singing? Examples like: How to chose repertoire for a beginning singer or what kind of vocal inefficiency is there? (Assuming they do not have much experience singing themselves) I have found that it is hard for me to get them to join the conversation during lessons in our pedagogy class. I don't want them to feel like I am calling them out, but I also really want more participation from them in general. What do you all suggest I do?
  4. https://clyp.it/user/5ohhxngx Please give me some feedback on my voice, and on whether you think it sounds nice.
  5. I've included 2 videos. Eden turn the page is to show my struggles and little wonders is to show strengths. I cant say i know what im doing technically and that's what i need y'alls help for. If there's anyone who can help me understand what I'm doing both right and wrong itd be so helpful. Thank you all for taking the time. QuesoMcpeso
  6. Home 17.m4a I apologize in advance for how much this will hurt your ears. I know I'm pitchy (advice on improving intonation quickly would be great, but trust me when I say you don't want to hear where I started 6 months ago. I missed notes so badly they couldn't even be considered flat or sharp. I guess I still do that now but I seriously couldn't even pretend to hold a melody then), but I'm most interested in how I can improve my general tone/sound/whatever. I can't seem to find what people call chest voice, and I can't really falsetto either. It's more like a very straight, hard sound (he
  7. How much body movement when singing is bad, and what are some ways to work on excessive physical movement while singing?
  8. My siren (it's getting to where I want it to be, but it is still work in progress) https://soundcloud.com/kickingtone/sah004rvp (I've deliberately allowed the harsh open tones at the high end of the scale, rather than alter the vowel.) NB It is all my own opinion, so don't let it turn into a slanging match as it has in the past. If you disagree, why not post your own siren and explain the differences. Objectives: 1. Throat, larynx, upper body and vocal tract should be completely relaxed and naturally posed. Nothing much going on there. 2. All effort is concen
  9. Hello, Im currently a student and i love singing alot, but i couldnt afford a vocal class and im facing this problem with my voice, and i dont know what is this or why it happen. is my voice broken??? https://soundcloud.com/nicole-chang-959104894/whats-this-weird-sound i sing with my head voice at the beginning, it starts at F3 and my head voice it very weak, then i tried changing from chest voice to head voice, it has this really weird sound. anyone can tell me why this happen? and how can i fix this? pleaseeeeeee
  10. In this Quick Answer, I talk about how to train to build consistency in your singing voice. Besides an important exercise, I also address the main questions that came up from my last videos about finding your voice and avoiding voice fatigue, bringing it all together.
  11. Hi all. I think I’ve posted this in the right place. I have a question about Bruce Dickinson’s modern day vocal technique. In these clips below (at about the 2:05 and 1:52 mark) do you think that Bruce is singing in head voice or chest voice? Im asking because in the original recording and early 80s live performances he sounds much more powerfull (obviously down to age) and less airy. The chorus of this is another good example of what I mean. (1:15) Im hoping that if so, I will be able to us
  12. Robert Lunte & RØDE Microphones present four weeks of vocal training in Germany, Italy and France. April, 2018. For information click the links below or reach out to the people tagged in this post. See you in April! TVS Events Page http://bit.ly/TVSEvents Download The Tour Poster HERE: http://bit.ly/TVSMCTourSpring2018 14-15 APR Ansbach, Germany http://bit.ly/TVSMCAnsbachGermany 21-22 APR Pescara, Italy http://bit.ly/TVSMCPescaraItaly 28-29 APR Cagliari, Italy http://bit.ly/TVSMCCagliariItaly 1-2 MAY Nimes, France http://b
  13. I made one of these last year. What are you vocal or musical goals for this year? 1. Improve breath support, because it is something that limits me. 2. For me, the next on my list is range increase. I'm at the point now where my style would benefit by more range, and I think other things are now strong enough to where I can really focus on range. 3. Be able to play 7 songs on the guitar while singing. 4. Pick back up Piano lessons 5. Produce first cover song using audio software. 6. Continue learning songs by ear.
  14. I am sure I read something on the net about this, something to do with memory mapping or something like that Is it true?
  15. Hello , This is my first publication i little bit nervous i want to know your impressions about this song and Thank you !!
  16. This is a song I've been having my more advanced students study and work through. The guy has impecable technique through most, if not all, of the song. I usually use this as a great song for practicing tuning the formant when they get tired of going through the exercises. He rides the line between light-mass head voice and full voice all the way to belting, all the while keeping great placement. As some of you know, when you're tuned well (especially in head voice), adding in chest voice muscles, dampening, twang, distortion, and just about any other sound color is much more simple. This song
  17. Hey there! I just want to show you this website that has a bunch of free vocal exercises. Ive been using them for a couple of weeks now and they are really good! here it is: http://jacobsvocalacademy.com/vocalexercises/
  18. The answer is: Dealing with something serious like that cannot be self-served. Nevertheless, one of the commercials on weight loss for men says: “If you could do it alone, you would’ve done it already.” - Harvey Brooker Indeed, but some people still think that if they knew the diagnosis and somewhat (in theory) how it could be treated, they would have attempted fixing their vocal issues by themselves… The fact is that any voice problem, by definition, is already an internal problem; and thus, has to be treated very seriously and by a qualified voice specialist. The wor
  19. Teaching both contemporary and classical students, do you have any recommendations of a comprehensive sources for vocalises? Instead of a resource to teach singing, think of it more as a supplement for a teacher to pick vocalises from for the student. As boring as a book like that might be, I need something like that. And because I'm working with classical teachers and other contemporary teachers as well, the more exhaustive and general terminology, the better. They don't all follow the same pedagogy. I was originally just going to ask @Robert Lunte, but I figure a lot of you
  20. 0 downloads

    Joanna Cazden, MFA, MS-CCC, is a speech pathologist specializing in voice rehabilitation and a respected advocate for holistic, multi-disciplinary voice care. Joanna offers private services in voice rehabilitation and training, workshops and master classes for voice students, and seminars for speech pathologists and vocal arts teachers. Joanna also sees voice patients by medical referral at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center's outpatient Voice program. Helping to found this program in 2001, she has treated well-known pop singers, actors, broadcasters, and musical-theater artists. She was a clini
  21. 0 downloads

    With a teaching career that spans nearly four decades, Jeannie Deva is an international celebrity voice and performance coach, published author, clinician, recording studio vocal producer, trainer of voice teachers and originator of The Deva Method® - Complete Voice Training for Stage and Studio.As a graduate from Berklee College of Music in 1975 with a degree in Composition and Arranging, Jeannie assisted in establishing the college's voice department and later became President of Berklee's Alumni Association for ten-years. Voice teachers around the world base their teaching on Ms Dev
  22. 6 downloads

    Robert Lunte is the owner founder of the The Vocalist Studio International www.TheVocalistStudio.com, an Internationally recognized voice training school for extreme singing vocal techniques and advanced vocal instruction. Robert is also the author and producer of the critically acclaimed vocal instruction training system, “The Four Pillars of Singing”. TVS techniques are shared around the world by voice teachers as part of the TVS International Certified Instructor Program, which is one of the fastest growing vocal organizations of highly trained voice coaches in the world today. Robert
  23. Muffinhead suggested this poll in response to the Vocal Coach Poll I did earlier. I liked the idea, had the day off and through this together. The aim of this poll is to give a chance for more advanced singers to encourage beginning students of singing, and convey a vision for the dedication it takes to get the singing voice you desire. Hopefully no self proclaimed "singing sensations" who are actually beginners, will vote and hack the results. We got nobody hangin' out in TMVW like that though right?! no worries. The idea is, if you have dedicated yourself to training (w
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