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  1. Let me know what I’m doing bad or good please . I’ll take every piece of advice I can get! The sound quality was kinda bad so I’m sorry for that. I did two recordings Of my two favorite Michael Jackson Songs and this is the first time I’ve actually recorded them. So here goes: Free - https://clyp.it/3liht3wg Loving you - https://clyp.it/abz35ozt Btw: I’ve have no experience at all in vocal lessons or anything.
  2. Hello you guys! I am 17 years old from Honduras! Been singing for a few years. No really any formal training. So I have 3 covers in 3 different Genres. I have a lot more, but thought I'd show these recent ones. Feel free to critique as harshly as you want. You DON'T have to review them all. If you want to then that would be even better. Tell me what you think!
  3. Hi! I'm new-ish to this forum, posting here for the very first time because I'm super excited to share my progress. I'm male, 23, started taking singing lessons only 2 months ago. Prior to that I was a rubbish singer. I'd read a lot about vocal technique in the past i.e. chest, head voice etc. but it was all rather abstract - especially when it came to the mysterious mixed voice (what the what?). Anyway, I couldn't sing for my life until recently when I bit the bullet and started seeing a voice teacher near where I live. Only 2 months later and I CANNOT believe the progress I have made! This recording was taken today - I usually record myself doing vocal exercises at home - and has me doing a vocal slider up to C5 while adding some cord closure and lots of support. Although I could only hold the note in full voice for a couple of seconds, I managed to get a tinge of vibrato in there and the release felt AMAZING! 2 months ago I was straining to even hit C5 in falsetto! https://vocaroo.com/i/s0ecsVplMXIH Just goes to show that practice and patience works!
  4. I am working with a new voice student. She has been a piccolo and flute 8+ years. I am trying to find some effective warm-ups for her. She is able to match pitch and has more confidence singing in her lower range. She has been recently singing with a very pressed sound and is very tense when beginning warm-ups. Trying to find warm-ups to help combat these things!
  5. I am a 15 year old and have been trying to learn singing for over six months, but with little to no progress. I can't sing in tune with any song. No one in my family, neither from my mother's nor from my father's side, can sing well. Maybe it's something hereditary that prevents me from singing well. Whatever the reason may be, I have absolutely no talent when it comes to singing. So, I want to return to square one. Please suggest a vocal training routine and share some tips.
  6. Hii... i'm posting this one link here... its a pretty untidy take at the song I am confused as to whether this hooty sound is head voice or what is supposedly called the 'reinforced falsetto' .. what i know is that its not meaty enough the way true resonant head voice is ... I've nowadays taken to exercising for a fuller head voice..But i wanted to know just what i've done here
  7. Just want to know if I should keep singing or give it up? (Singing) ----> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lsbptdfKSFs
  8. Hey Guys Check out my cover of "Love Yourself" on Youtube. Reply with your own LIVE cover recordings!
  9. The "Win New Vocal Gear" page is a service we provide to our sponsor companies. TMV World sponsor companies work with TMV World to offer FREE product give-aways for our membership, in exchange to have an opportunity to share with the TMV World membership the benefits of their products and services for singers. TMV World ONLY works with the best companies in the world and in the last 7 years, we have given away hundreds of microphones, vocal pedals, vocal health products, headphones, accessories and services to lucky members of our community. Companies that have participated in the past include; RODE Microphones, TC-Helicon, Electro Harmonics, Singer's Tea, Electro Voice Microphones, Placid Audio Microphones, Heil Microphones, Extreme Isolation Headphones, Audix Microphones, Hercules Mic Stands and more! In the coming weeks we will have our new "Win New Vocal Gear" page set up and ready to go... at that time, we will begin inviting our sponsor companies to share what they have with us. Thank you for your patience as we put the final touches on our new community system and prepare to offer, not only our members, but our sponsor companies the best venue we can.
  10. Hello there! In the other one community they convice me i should NEVER sing. Whatever i do with my voice it is crap for them. I got a lot of songs and wanted to be recorded but now i`m not sure. They say not just "middle voice" or "nothing great" dut should NEVER sing. Can you help me tp figure out what is SO wrong with my voice or they just troll me Please listen to the random cover on this link http://www.mediafire.com/view/df23p3qjaoc4da9/acrr1.mp3 (mean English is not my native language)
  11. An original song of mine - just released as a single from www.heathercoulton.com. I'd love some opinions/constructive criticism on my voice. Thank you xx
  12. TMV World Team

    Join us!

    If you are a voice scientist, researcher, ENT surgeon, Speech pathologist, voice coach or voice engineer - Join us on the voice specialists group: http://www.themodernvocalistworld.com/ Lots of voice information to share there!
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