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Blessings and Balance everyone.

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Ernest Whaley

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I just joined TMV and thought, since I would like to get a CD made this year, that I would ask for feedback on my voice as it is now, and what I might do to get a better sound inside of a month or two.

Not that I would stop after that time period, but I have been sitting almost 5 hours of material for too long without recording any of it outside of my home studio. :D

I have some on my homepage here at TMV, and more at http://www.myspace.com/ernestwhaley

Any suggestions you could send my way would be GREATLY appreciated.

Blessings and Balance,


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HI Ernest; in the song "I want more “I hear many pitch issues especially when you sing make it slip away and a few versus after...The music is very good. This would be a good song for you to work with a vocal coach...This song you are all over the place vocally; it can be good and you can do it well....: but you need a coach to help you with your breathing and help you to truly exercise your voice and help you mature your voice.

"Children with Tom Hanlon" Is a big improvement over "I want more"...You start off great; but you are having trouble with the high...2:08 - 2:18 “summers over time to put away all of your toys” is way too pitchy...

I know you can hit the notes; you hit high range and are clear in certain areas... I think it’s a lack of vocal confidence. I suggest learning some fundamentals from a voice coach; develop a good warm up routine...I would also let someone else play guitar or record your guitar and sing to your tracks and concentrate solely on your voice...You have the potential to be very good. Do not sing for people and be pitchy in parts of the song you are not comfortable reaching...Instead chooses a lower register; its more enjoyable for the audience.

Choose lower register songs when you begin a set to warm up your voice; never jump into high register songs when your voice is cold. Once its damaged it takes hours and days to recover.

Keep me posted on your progress...

Let me hear a song that you record and feel that there is no pitch problems...I can't wait to hear it.

Nice sounding guitar by the way.


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