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Vocal Coaching

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I don't really know where I could put this but since many vocal coaches look at this section in the forum I thought it would be the best place.

I was wondering how I could become a vocal coach, I know I would need to get lessons from someone first. How long do you think it would generally take to become one?

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I don't know that there's a specific degree plan or even an "apprenticeship" program, like one might find in a union for hard trades, such as plumbers, welders, or electricians. However, some of the best do have several things going for them.

Let's look at Robert Lunte, for example. He has a college degree and an education in classical voice and pedagogy. He also has performed in bands, and still does, to this day. He has also studied under other maestros as a student. He was coached by David Kyle, who has also coached such people as Geoff Tate of Queensryche. And he's been knocking around this field for at least two decades, possibly longer. Not that all of those are requirements, necessarily.

I am a master electrician. But, though I have been to college, I did not go to trade school and I was never in the union (IBEW). The school of hard knocks. And I studied for license exams on my own. I started actual electrical work in 1983, though I have studied electrical theory longer than that. In total, I have about 25 years expereience. Which doesn't mean I know everything. I have taught it for a living for a while. And I really enjoy that. So, being a coach or teacher of anything requires a skill set separate from the actual skill. The ability to express to someone else. The dedication of seeing to it that the student comes first. They are not stupid, you just may not have expressed it in a way that they need to hear it.

And the proof is in the pudding. What do your students sound like? What they get from the instruction? Remember also that prospective students are going to want to know where you came from in your instruction. So, instruction or mentorship under a well known name can't hurt.

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