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Okay Folks,

Here's something that I came up with while driving home last night.  If we really want to understand high notes from all angles and a high note could speak, what would it be asking of the body?  What would the voice say to you, if for example, it wanted to produce a big, powerful high note?

What is really mentally and physiologically going on when you produce a high note?  Do we really know?  Should we really know?  Let's go into this really deeply.

To make this really interesting if you care to reply, do it as if you were the high note, not just provide explanations. Take on the personna of the high note.  You are a high note in your body.  What are you going to ask of your entire body? Try and be really specific....

I'll begin.....(going in a first-things-first order of requisites):

It's a running conversation between you, (Singer) and the High Note.

(High Note) "Before we even get started, are you well hydrated, and did you get a good night's rest because if you didn't you're gonna make this much harder than it needs to be."

(Singer)  "Yes, I'm good.  What's next?

(High Note)




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highnote- i like it when you dont put so much pressure on me, why do you keep pushing me if you keep doing that im gonna leave you and then you will be left with the not so highnote.

me-absolutely you win im sorry for always pushing you into things you dont like. i promise to back off and be more considerate of you since im so much stronger .  

highnote-youre kinda a buly


me-im so sorry i will lay off and alllow you to be as you wish


highnote-thank you so much,   xoxox

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Highnote: Hi Jens 

Jens: Hi highnote, so what have been up to?

Highnote: Not much, chillin some watching some nexflix

Jens: Oh thats nice man, what did you watch?

Highnote: The walking dead, it's a great show have you seen it?

Jens: Yes ive seen it, I didnt like it that much or well the first season was decent.

Highnote: Yeah it kindo slows down after the first season your right, so what up you been up to Jens?

Jens: Ive been shopping some drank some coffe with friends, other then that not so much.

Highnote: Thats great Jens, i gotta go now grab something to eat Cu u later Jens

Jens: Ah nice, Cu 2 Highnote


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  • Administrator

Cool Bob, I dig it!  I'm in...

Highnote:  "oh, here comes that cocky bastard... can't wait to hand him his ass today or embarrass him in front of his students..."

Rob: hey wassup high note, time to go to work, wake up bitch...

Highnote: Uh, hello... ya, sure... what ever you say ... Same G4 again? ya ok, what ever... 

Rob: ya, need that G4 now, got a student in front of me and Im trying to demonstrate the chorus for "Tears of a Dragon".

Highnote: Man, aren't you sick of this tune yet?

Rob: Yes, but Im making a living dick weed, just give me that note.

Highnote: Here you go...

Rob: Seriously dude? That fuck'n blows... can you give me some compression. Wake up, lets go!

Highnote: how 'bout that?

Rob: Uhm... marginally better, but still lame... ok, Im just going to bitch slap you into shape with glottal attacks... here we go.

Highnote: "ouch! Oh!, Hey, Im not up yet, Im sleepy, oh! argh! ok, ok, here you go..."

Rob: More like it ...

Highnote: whats next?

Rob: ok now we have to do some damn demonstration thing for TMV World Forum because Martin won't stop calling me out and killing all my time...

Highnote: Seriously?  That dude again?!

Rob: Yep, your old special friend, always keeping you on your toes... so lets get this thing done, you ready?

Highnote: ya, lets do it.

Rob: Thanks bud...


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Oh man!.....LOL!!!  Dan came the closest to what I was going for...

(High Note) "Let's make sure we're really warmed up before we even go near this. C/T, I need you to stretch to the instruction you'll get from the brain. Wait till you hear from the brain.  And T/A, you need to keep me strong and connected, but don't forget to let go enough for C/T to stretch. Hang in there T/A, don't go wussing out on me. This is the pitch where we all really need to work together. Don't try to steal the show or I swear I'll lock the whole thing up.


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  Just had this conversation:

High Note:    You again?

MDEW: Yeah, I'm Back ........ I'm  sorry about last time. :( Did't mean to hurt you......... You OK :mellow:

High Note: .......... I think so.........Lets try again....:mellow: Start from the Bottom.......... OK..........Ease up a little............Thin out........Don't sqeeze too much ............Shew! :mellow: That was close ..........

MDEW: A little shakey there........You think we can try again?

High Note:  Yeah, I just need a little more air........Don't be afraid to hold on..........I am not made out of china you know..........

MDEW: Yeah,....But the last time I almost hurt you...............

High note: It's OK.........This time I am ready for it ...........Last time you just jumped right in and pushed me too quick.........

MDEW: Here we Go .......... Meeeehhhh.......................Eehhhhhhhhhhhh..................Whoooooo.....................That was nice!!!!!................

High Note:  Thank you MDEW.....:)

MDEW:............No..............Thank you High Note.........:)..............Maybe we can work together again.............I have a little project in mind  and I really need your help....:)

High Note: (under his breath).............You need help alright..........I just don't think I can provide that kind of help..............But I will do what I can to Help you sing.   :headbang:

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Jarom: Hey high note! I think its time for some rock n roll. Will you please be a darling and let me use you for a show?

High note: .......(silence).........

Jarom: Please

High note: .........(silence)..............



Jarom: thats what you get

High note: Im leaving for a couple days..... you hurt my feelings


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Joseph: Hi high note, I'm not really doing much today and I'm not learning any new pieces so I'm just gonna scale through my range.

High note: All warmed up? Nice and hydrated? Watch your passaggio.

(Since the OP asked for a nice, strong high note)

Joseph: We've been over this thousands of times *continues singing scales*

High note: *Refuses to come out of my throat just for the sake of giving me a scare* Don't push yet, remember, tilted larynx, no falsetto. Come on, sound happy, think of puppies and rainbows for compression and clear sounds.

Joseph: Let's try that again. Sings last few notes again but gets to my trademark weird passaggio around the top of my voice (You can read about it in my thread) and then sings above it and hits the note.

High note: About time

Joseph: Shut up

High note: Actually shuts up and the sound refuses to come out. (This part doesn't actually happen)

Singing teacher: So, you conquering them high notes yet?

Joseph: *Too scared to try that note in front of teacher so hits it using overtones caused by huge twang in tilted larynx*

In all seriousness though. If you have trouble hitting a note you need, use twang overtones, because it's safer.

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Me: hey what's up high note?

High note: hey what's up baldie!

Me: ouch! I see you are sharp today!

High note: Yeah! I'm always sharp, but you are often flat sometimes.

Me: al right, strike 2! Let's get down to business, as you seem to be so warmed up that is burning. I got 1-2 hours I can practice. I got the guitar and the home-made vocal acoustic monitor attached to the mic stand.

High note: oh that plastic thing you cut from a fabric softener bottle? You make me laugh!

Me: ok, enough chat. Let's begin!

High note: Hey! Aren't you going to warm up with scales or something? Are you properly hydrated? Did you do some breathing exercises?

Me: Hey, quit whining! No scales, singing songs is the warm up. I'm well hydrated, and got another bottle of water at room temperature. No breathing exercises. Can we start, please?

High note: All right, all right. But you used to have a bottle of lukewarm water or apple-cinamon tea with cayenne pepper to keep me warm and the blood flowing. Well, I guess it could be worse like that Dio guy, drinking beer while recording heavy metal vocals. At least he knew what he was doing. Why do you think you can get away with this?

Me: Ouch, again. That was low, especially for you, my friend. Ok, let's do some resonance training with m's and n's. But no scales. We start with songs relatively lower in pitch and energy.

High note: Good choice baldie. Which song do we use first? Crying in the Rain (by A-Ha) or Hotel California (Eagles)? I think for Hotel California you will have to call twang and cry your way through, keeping your resonance, especially for the chorus.

Me: No smart pants. Tonight we start with Good Riddance (Green Day) 2 times to get the feeling for the resonance, Wonderful Tonight (Eric Clapton), and then, we will do Crying in the rain (A-Ha). I'm not in the mood for Hotel California tonight.

High note: All right! Let's shake things up a bit. And after that, do we repeat any song? 

Me: We might. Let's see how we feel about it. If you feel good about it, we could switch to higher level songs, such as Love ain't no stranger (Whitesnake) or Heaven (Warrant). Let's see how you feel.

High note: Oh oh! I like that Love ain't no stranger better than Heaven, David Coverdale is an amazing vocalist with high and low notes. But you got to remember not to push me at the chorus as you always do. You got to use a different approach to sing those lyrics. You know you have no problem with singing those notes, what is tricking you is the damn words.

Me: Ok my friend, I agree. Let's get to it...


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Yeah, great replies guys!!!

(High Note) "Listen Bob, I know you work your ass off trying to get me to go higher, but I'm just not gonna stretch that much......yet.  If Falsetto is having a hard time, how do you expect me to do it?  Didn't I give you some new notes within these last couple of years?  Who knows?  Play with Falsetto some more and touch base with me again later this year.  Work with what I gave you for now.  And remember, when you're done, before you put me away and start speaking again, let me relax and cool off.  Sometimes you don't know when to quit."

"Oh, one more thing...You're not Lou Gramm or some of these big black guys so work with what you have and we'll all be better off."







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i think my high note would sob out of lonliness,,,,cuz we havent found each other xD

I know you are probably a little serious but that gave me such a mental image. And so eloquent and with sparsity of words. Bravo, Elvis.


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  • 4 weeks later...

Xam: Hey High Note! How are you feeling today? Ready for training?

High Note: Maan, C'mon! We're sitting here  in the shower, half asleep, with hot water falling over us and you want me to excercise already?

Xam: ... umm...yup? lol

High Note: Ohkk...  Ok, let's get moving :)  Tell this muscle head, TA, to cooperate, though... Some days he's like too pumped up or too lazy. Have you talked to him, dude??

Xam: Yeah, High Note, I work with him extra hours so we can all get along...  Now of to business :D

*Starts doing Octave and a half scales in the shower... *

High Note: Woo, I feel like flexible today, I might be even gaining some strength from the last week of work. It's nice to get warmed up so fast :P

TA: *Walking in, vigorous and energetic* - HEY WHAT'S UP?! DID I HEAR "WARMED UP"?? I JUST SAW YOU GUYS WORKING OUT AND I WANT IN TOO.  
-WANT A BIT OF MUSCLE HERE? *makes loud noise*
-A BIT OF MUSCLE THERE? *adds volume to a connected B4*

High Note and Xam: Wo, wo wo... Man, calm down, I know we all feel like singing this early in the morning. We got the energy and feel nice, but man, we're just starting. Hang on for 10 more minutes. It sounded cool and nice, but there's still people sleepi....... *BAM!!!  THE BATHROOM DOOR OPENS AND A GUTTURAL VOICE APPEARS FROM THE SHADOWS!*

Mom: WTF?!! Everyday is the same! I'm already awake and all, but your sister is sleeping!  Eeeeven if it didn't bother me, there's still people....

Xam: Ok, ok, mom... gonna keep quiet... 

*door closes, the demon dissapears back to the shadows from where it came*


High Note and Xam: OH, C'MON, MATE!!

TA: Sorry, lmao... that was just for giggles, I like to irritate your mom. :P :24:

      - Back in Xam's room

Xam: Ok, guys.. As always High Note will start moving around and when he feels ready, we will start adding compression, little by little, get it  ?

High Note and TA: Sure, dude.

*at the end of the workout*

High note: *To Xam* I love when TA supports me that way, man. He's really learning to work as a team. No matter if the volume is loud or super soft, he is right there keeping things in order. Connected :)  I feel like we could make a good team after all

Xam: It's awesome to hear that High Note. TA has trained alone a lot, so it has been a long road for him to adjust. But the other way round, you have been working assisted for too long, we need to get you pumped up if we wanna show you consistently to the audience!
So we'll work a lot more on your solo activity, haha

High Note: Sure man. I hope one day I can be as strong as TA, though. It seems a very unreachable goal :/

Xam: Don't worry, man :)  We are all different, You probably wont have as much muscle, but you are far more agile and flexible, so we gotta take full advantage of that. You'll be awesome :headbang: :D

High Note: Thanks, man. Thanks for trusting in me :)

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Then I can't even tell you guys any of my high note conversations because I'm still talking with the middle notes. :D

Jeremy I would like you to meet A4......A4 this is Jeremy.

Now that you have been introduced maybe the two of you can get to know each other. :bang:

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Jeremy I would like you to meet A4......A4 this is Jeremy.

Now that you have been introduced maybe the two of you can get to know each other. :bang:

Just got back from a date with A4, it said I was an abusive a$&!%&! and to never call it again. :/  Guess I'm going back to it's cousin, A3...

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Sorry. I read the posts to be polite. As my needs are not of this topic, although I found this thread informative. Actual reason for posting. I'm trying to make a skype lesson appointment with Robert Lunte, and the website is not how I last experienced it. I purchased the  package with three online skype lessons. And have tried all day to make an appointment. The web site is just not working. Can anyone shed any light on this problem? Vimeo still says I own the full course, but "thevocaliststudio.com" doesn't resposnd as if I'm a customer?

Again, sorry to go off topic, but am feeling a little anxious.

Michael Clark

You can go to any post in this forum and contact Robert about half a dozen ways. Have you tried that? Look for a thread where he responded or one he started.

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