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My voice becomes hallow in live performance

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I'm practicing since a year now. And I can sing quite good now. But whenever I perform in public, most of time I feel my voice very shallow and hallow kind of.

I find certain strength lacking in my voice. When I practice alone, and with my friends, then I'm OK.

I feel lake of connection when singing in public. Even sometimes I hit wrong notes, which sounds weird. I don't get too nervous, at least physically. I don't shiver so I'm unable to find the reason of this. Please help me out.

What kind of practice should I do to rectify this problem.


Thanks is advance!

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Two things:

Stage fright can manifest itself in different ways, not necessarily in shivering. Just remember, it is about the song, not about how you look.

And what you hear sonically in a public venue with amplification is going to be different than you in some living room. That is why Robert Lunte advocates practicing with amplification. It's not that the voice is weak but that you need to get used to how you sound coming through a system other than natural room reverb.


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 Get used to hearing yourself through a PA system or amplification of some sort. Also the way the Pa is set(treble,Bass, Mids) can give a hollow sound to an otherwise strong voice.......... And a good sound man can make a hollow voice sound full. Your proximity to speakers and their placement can also effect how you sound to yourself while singing. Use a monitor system when performing..................

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