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I like your intro bump...

Nice job on this song. It appears you have had some voice training... its pretty.

1). It was a bit difficult to hear you. I wonder if that is just limitations in the video or the live sound... but a little concerning.

2). Do you have to sit down through that entire song? For me it is a bit distracting to be sitting when singing, unless you playing guitar or piano... why not get on your feet, it would be more engaging. Sitting has the subtle message of, "I'm relaxing... " or "Im lazy...". Which I know does not apply to you either way, so why not tell people, "I'm a professional that is on my feet, doing my job and engaging you now" and "... this song is really beautiful and powerful, it requires me to get on my feet and you to pay close attention to me". You might have less chatter in the audience if you were on your feet, commanding their attention more, as opposed to sitting.

3). Your voice is beautiful, a bit classical however. Do you ever work with belt techniques that allow you to engage more musculature and compression?

I would be happy to help you more if you like, hit me up on the private email system if you like.

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