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Losing voice coordination partly, why?

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Miki B

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Hi guys,

Not long ago I opened a post here asking for help with fixing my speaking voice.  I have since managed to find a set of several vocal exercises that I can use to "reset" my voice to a good, connected voice.

One good indicator that my voice is "on track" is if I can do a vocal fry easily, which I can after doing the vocal exercises.

My question is this - I noticed that when I just "let go" and keep doing my day, sometimes after maybe half an hour or so of not speaking at all, I lose my voice coordination, can't get vocal fry.. and I'm wondering why is this happening?   is it normal?   or does it indicate of something that gets in the way in between vocal sessions, like bad breathing pattern, or strains etc?

P.S: I also noticed recently that once this happends, one of the quickest (and sometimes the only) fix for this is using Lip rolls.   so I guess its just coordination that hasn't yet been habitualized?

Thanks in advance,


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  • Administrator

@Miki B

You are on a good path with semi-occluded phonations... contact me personally on the private email system here or my personal email which is in my profile. I want to help you by offering you more exercises and solutions that will help you to heal and build endurance for your voice consistently. I am going to offer you a very special deal because I want to help you out. 

Ingo Titze's straw demonstration is not going to heal your voice BTW... it is only a demonstration of one kind of semi-occluded phonation. I will give you exercises that are practical to apply. You don't need a glass of water and a straw. BTW, this is an interesting video, it is one of the bonus videos in my vocal training program to demonstrate semi-occluded phonations, but not vocal health. For vocal health, you need something a little different. 

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