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Mee Mee Mee.. Does it realy make the voice powerful?

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Miki B

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Hi all,

If you looked at the "Vocal Health" sub forum, you might have a seen a few topics that I have opened regarding issues that I had and exercises that I do and help to fix my speaking voice.

Basically I use singing vocal exercises that work on my lower "chest" voice range, more specifically Lip Rolls, "Ya"s, "Gi", "Keh" and Humming.  My main issue resolved around the volume of my speaking, and this situation became worse when going out to loud places like Bars or Clubs.  Hence, why I started doing these exercises and they surely helpd me mostly with cord closure.. 

But yesterday I discovered something new and wanted to ask you guys about it.

I was on my way to a friend, 30 minutes drive, knowing that we were about to go to a loud bar.   So I used these 30 minutes drive to warm up my voice for the apparent extensive use I was going to. And then after doing humming and lip rolls and Ya's and Gi's and more.. I kept feeling that my voice is still not "loud" enough, and still coming from the back of my throat mostly.

Having recently heard about Twang exercises, the Mum exercises that are used by alot of voice teacher for vocal projection, and the use of the "EE" vowel to help with closure and brightness, I then remembered that I saw somewhere the "MEE MEE MEE" vocal exercise and decided to give it a try.

So I started by Humming a song, and during the humming I opened my mouth for a "MEE" on some notes here and then so it looks like: mmmmmmMEEmmMEEmmMEEmmMEE..  I am not sure if when I did the MEE.. at first it was bright.. and then more twang like EE ... can't exactly remember it.

Anyway after doing this for about 2 or 3 minutes, I tried to examine my speaking voice .. and all of the sudden I got a new sensation that I didn't have before: I felt that the voice was coming from the middle of my mouth - right above the tongue, and right below the hard palate.   As if it was resonating from the mouth.   It was strong, LOUD and powerful.   It literally felt like I shifted the placement of where the voice was coming out of - instead of the back of the throat as used to be, to the middle of the mouth.

I wanted to know.. is this MEE exercise realy the reason for it?   is this what it's designed to do?

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   Mee does give your folds more closure and it resonates more forward and more into the nose or head.  If you are like me and speak quiet with the voice back in the throat when TRYING to get loud you just send more air over the folds ........... using the same relaxed vocal fold position. That will just wear you out. More closure equals more volume. The EE also gives a brighter sound which carries more.........I have more to say but I have to go for now.............

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  • Administrator

Mikki, I just responded to your email... 


I have a video that teaches people how to get compression on their vocal folds, that sounds like you got that from one of my videos on youtube.
Provided that the “mee” is done properly, it helps create strong compression of the vocal folds… it pumps up the muscles that close the vocal folds.
When your vocal folds are compressing better, you are able to amplify more sound energy in your resonators and vocat tract, which includes your mouth and upper hard palette.. the response that you got would seem to be consistent with doing quack & release onsets, which is kind of what you were doing.
It is one idea out of many that is great vocal health and good for your singing.
If you want to learn more, and really take this somewhere, become a client.
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