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Who are the best vocal melody composers?

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Looking to get suggestion about great vocal melody writers. 

It's difficult to specify what I mean by great vocal melody. But singing lines with great rhythm, catchy yet not predictable, instantly likable because of gripping dynamic, are mainly the qualities I think. 

So, I like stuff done by Ella Fitzgerald from the Cole Porter songbook and other songs too. L Armstrong of course. 


I also like Iron Maiden, if you listen to this kind music. Bruce Dickinson's vocal lines are very engaging and dynamic. 

I would greatly appreciate any suggestions. I don't care about genre and language. Don't kindly assume I have listen to/am aware of all notable singers. So, if it's a basic/obvious suggestion that's great too. Thanks in advance. 

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Mike Patton is very creative, a bit on the crazy side but I like it a lot.

Dio is one that was quite creative with his backing vocals and, often used the Dorian mode in his melodies to produce that tense mood.

Speaking of Dorian, you can check Scarborough Fair. (edited its not paul simons song, but its still a very interesting melody)

If you dont mind the different language, check the perfomances of Elis Regina, brazilian Jazz/Bossa singer (her interpretations are also stellar), in particular the songs "Como Nossos Pais", "Alo Alo Marciano", "O Bebado e O Equilibrista" e "Se eu Quiser Falar com Deus". The belting/power singer folks should check it too, one of the most powerful singers I know.

Chris Cornell specially on the Sound Garden era. Sound Garden was a very creative band all around, great rhythm and harmony sections too.

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Stevie Wonder (70s my favorite era), Brian Wilson, Queen, and Beatles era Mccartney before he went predictable.

Motown had some great writers (Smokey, Whitfield, Holland/Dozier/Holland, are only scratching the surface)  and the great American songbook has so many you can throw a rock and it would hit someone. The Cole Porters and Gershwins and all that. There are so many it is tough to keep track. If you grab a Frank Sinatra album, chase down the names of the writers chances are they are good.

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Another person who would craft lovely and memorable vocal melodies is Don Henley (founder, drummer, one of the many lead singers of the Eagles.) He sang on most of the Eagles songs. Glen Frey would sing some of the others. And then a few revolving door players would sing along. Jackson Browne was around for "Take it Easy," for example.

Yes, I have way too much trivia floating in my brain.

Then there was the time Joe Walsh was from the band. 


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For the younger folks, you might like to check out some Jethro Tull music.....High level musicianship, lots of dynamics, and some awesomely intense lyrics.

Some of their most accomplished compositions are:

"Thick As a Brick" 

"A Passion Play"

Both are 1-song albums! 



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