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Question about quitting one instrument to concentrate on voice

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My 11 year old daughter enjoys singing. Her electives in school are band and Spanish,  she likes languages and wants to learn at least two before she graduates.


She sings in a local Chorus and at church. She had voice lessons for two years, but we stopped them because she didn't have time.

She plays the French Horn in band. She also takes guitar, which she enjoys, but doesn't practice.

The kids in her choir are really good, and it is very competive. She is in the second or lower level group, she really wants to make the main group next year.

I found a voice teacher close to our home who I think can help to motivate her to work harder. She is more expensive, but also offers opportunities to showcase her progress. My daughter has little experience with solos, and I think this is a good way to get some.

I am not rich. I spend about $100 on guitar lessons a month. I can afford the voice teacher if we drop guitar.


I would like her to go back to guitar over the summer. Is this unreasonable or asking too much of her teacher? I feel bad quitting, but guitar is the least important of her pursuits right now.

Is getting her a higher quality voice teacher important? She doesn't have natural talent as far as an amazing tone, but she is pretty good at pitch and sight reading. She has a voice that blends well.

She isn't training to sing professionally, but  to sing well for enjoyment in her life. I am also a believer in music being great brain food. 

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What does she like the best?  Is she taking all these lessons because she actually wants to or is she taking them because you feel it is best for her? What does she practice and how much does she practice. If she isn't practicing that could be a clue that she might not like what she's learning. Ask her what she likes most and do that. 

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I consider myself a singer first, guitar player second, though I have been doing both for the same amount of time. But I came to the realization some time after beginning both.

So, I second what Jarom is saying. What does your daughter want most? That is the thing to concentrate on. I could easily say, voice, all the way. But I am not your daughter. And, she can change her mind later.

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