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How old is too old to start singing professionally

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Find places where you can sing and get paid for it. Certainly, there may be times where you sing in public and don't get paid but get your name and sound known. You could advertise being able to sing at weddings, birthday parties, bar mitzvahs. Van Halen played at frat parties.

Local clubs might be able to pay you a small fee for providing singing entertainment.

Also, have your stuff well-recorded and on cd format or available for download to generate some income that way. Professional, in the short definition, means getting paid. As for age, Bob is right, do what you can do and where you can do it.

I am an older guy, too. I might never get out of my five-county area but that is fine, for me.


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Bar owners have one big change to deal with.....they aren't as crowded anymore and one reason is they aren't pickup places any more. People go online for that nowadays.

You may have to ask the bar owner much more than once to get him to try you.  Then don't be surprised if he says "sure, I'll hire you, I liked your demo...how many people are you going to bring with you?"






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