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Curbing and overdrive?

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K. Mc

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I have only had two years of CVT training, this after I had transitioned from classical to CCM. The way that I understood my voice in classical was as having a very metallic timbre which is what I was told was the overdrive mode of singing. I would work on removing some of the "metal" from my voice.

That said, I am trying to discover a way to remove the more metallic timbre from my headier belts. It is easy for me to "belt" well into the fifth and sixth octave with an overdrive sound, but, I would rather produce the sounds by "Curbing" some of that metal by not singing quite as loudly.

One of the issues I have always had with CCM training is trying to lower volume because obviously in opera we never used amplification (mics).

Are there any way to alter the sound of the voice ala timbre in CCM music? In classical I was taught that darkening of the voice was never acceptable to do, because we must respect the natural weight, but does that also translate into the CCM world, too?

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 One of the things that gets in the way of improvement is thinking that you have to sound a certain way or thinking that you are stuck sounding a certain way.

 This thought that tension is bad is one of the problems. Lifting soft palate, Dampening Larynx, Larynx position, crying into the sound, adding distortion, Twang, compression, air, fold closure , Placement of resonance.........these are tensions ......... and all of these things change the tone and timbre of your voice AND they are necessary no matter what style of music you are singing. Altering the relationships between these things are what adjusts tone.

   If your tone is a little too bright and shrill you can cut back on Twang and Fold closure ..... add a little air bleed. Direct the tone a little more to the back of the throat instead of forward. Adjust tongue position or Mouth opening. People tend to think that it is one extreme or another but it is a balance to get the tone that you want. A little more this a little less that ................ It is not all or nothing. But it does take training, experimenting and control.

    The main thing is to allow yourself to experiment and find different sounds that work with your voice.

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