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Cord closure

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Hello, I have been singing with real efforts to learn for a couple of months now. I'm an obvious tenor and my range when warmed up goes from a comfortable F2 to a G4. Forcing my voice and doing a fair amount of warm up I range from a breathy D2 to a painful C5 far beyond my comfortzone. Singing rock and pop I often go up to G#4s and A4s without any serious strain, unlike A#4. My lower notes are all quite breathy, there is a slight stream of air coming through the cords below A2s. However I still at times hit G#2s in my speaking voice, when I have a good voice day. 

My question is, how can I eliminate the breathiness, both in my speaking voice and in my singing voice? The breathiness is always in my speaking voice unless I'm speaking after singing whitch gets it running.

Essentially I,m looking for exercises to improve the my cord closure or to be more precise, to easen up the muscles controling my folds, as well as streangthening them. I'd love exercises that can be done anywhere and with as few tools as possible.

I came to this conclusion since I often feel like I have to put in some effort to get my vocal fry going. I hear air coming through my folds and then theres this threshhold where I go over into fry, this transition requiees a slight increase in air preassure and results in an emediate fry, not one building up.

Lastly I'd love som insight in other people's relation to this, how long until I'll feel improvemements? Did this open up for your lower register? 

I hope I'm clear enough... 

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Firs you must find the coordinations you want to train, man. You have to find the cord closure ( which will probably feel uncomfortable at first, it happened to me ), and the needed core support, and train the sounds like that.

For getting more volume, "bite" and metal into the voice I'm doing sessions of a lot of AA in my mid range, at the top of my lungs, full intensity. The same on OO, for balance.

If your voice is breathy you need to experiment with a thicker configuration of the folds and more volume I think. That's how it is for me at least.


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Btw, for me it's harder than for most people to do fry, and I've heard other people that sing powerfully say stuff like " Oh, I never payed attention to that fry thing", so its definitely not necessary.  For me, personally, vocal fry disconnects my voice from my body if I do it too much.

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