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Recommended songs and analysis?

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Hi all, new guy here. Playing lead gtr for about 28 years but only now trying to learn to sing properly. Just starting on the Four Pillars. Im trying to give myself some goals to work towards as I start working on my singing. So here are a few questions I have on choosing songs to aspire to:


1) Should we have a list of songs we want to learn to sing (a dumb question I know)

2) Is there a recommended list of songs anywhere on this forum for newbs to work on etc?


I think it would be a cool thing to make a list of songs in the different genres. Then those songs could be analysed and maybe categorized as far as range, style, belting, head voice, bridging, overall difficulty levels etc.


Im aspiring to the sort of Zep/Whitesnake/BlueMurder/Badlands style and I realize there is a wide variety of range and difficulty levels there. I might try to analyze some of the songs myself but since im a newb id probably miss the important points lol.


In general should a newb start trying to conquer songs well within his reach or try to look ahead a bit to songs that are slightly outside his current abilities?


Thanks for any feedback and ideas, JonJon



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I think any person, newb or not, should set goals. It's okay to set high goals. And to set shorter, more doable intermediate goals in the long run. 

For example, in bud/S, you start out with the basical physical fitness. Are you capable of carrying 70 pounds for some distance? Can you carry another human for a certain distance? That is, the bodies are built up for harder tests. In fact, Hell Week is not until about week six. Those who could not, in week one, run a mile in 12 minutes or less wearing jogging shorts and sneakers and no other weights have been weeded out. By the time you get to Hell Week, it is simulated combat conditions lasting a week, which accurately mimicks the stresses of actual combat operation conditions. Average about 8 to 10 hours of sleep for the week. Eating 2400 calories a day and still losing 10 to 20 pounds throughout the week. Live fire and ordinance.

Which does not mean that the rest is easy. You could survive Hell Week and fail in dive week and gun week. Gun week is where you have to swim a mile, sneak up on the beach, set up your .308 and hit a target about the size of a human head about 200 - 300 yards away. While doing math in your head.

And you still have to complete SEREs to graduate. And graduation does NOT equal assignment to an active SEAL team. You have to be accepted by that team.

What this all means is that you can set the highest goals you want and work toward them with smaller goals leading up to it.

So, stick with 4 Pillars, give it time to work, pay attention to the instruction, even if it is things you don't want to do, it will get you where you want to go.


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