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You Won't Believe What Happens When You Try Changing Your Voice!

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Three and half years ago I decided I wanted to have a deeper voice. I did some research and found an article that suggested saying your ABC's in a deeper voice everyday until your voice became that pitch. THIS WAS A HUGE MISTAKE. It has massively hurt my communication skills and left me sounding very unnatural and unpleasant . After years of trying to correct it by speaking my way back to my naturally voice, going through phases of pain and scratchiness, I think it's as good as it can be without some help from people who know what their doing. I'm coming to this great community for advice on how to get back to my original voice and get on sounding the way I was meant to sound!


Sincerely-  RecoveringFromTheDeep

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It's all in your head, so to speak. You remind me of me, a little bit. Growing up, a number of males and grown men in my life were baritone or at least low voiced. I thought I would grow up to be the same. As a teenager on the phone, someone on the other end not knowing me would address me as a woman because I sounded like a woman. Not in articulation but in range.

As an adult, I tried to speak lower, even picked up the local habit of dropping pitch at the end of a word or phrase.

Finally, when I was in my forties, I realized I was never going to be baritone or low voiced. So, I quit stepping on my own feet, as it were. I quit "forcing" the voice and let it do what it wants to do. Which takes mental effort.

So, the hardest part ahead of you is to let go of the desired "low" sound you have worked so hard on. In the mean time ,sing on the word hung, dung, rung. Where you feel that ng sound, that is where you want the voice to come from. Let your voice or body do whatever it does to keep it there.

When you speak, try not to speak too loud. I don't mean whisper, I don;t mean try to speak higher. I mean just let the voice "float" itself.

Also, get rid of the voice descriptions. Don't worry about baritone, tenor, whatever. Just think of where the voice is centered. I have a high-centered voice. I can still do some low notes but I don't think I am all of a sudden a baritone. Just a high-voiced guy making a low note.

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Hi there,

There are two things that need to be addressed.

#1: you have to get help to restore the mechanics of your voice via special speech exercises coupled with body movements which will direct your voice in the desired destination. 

#2: it sounds like your whole being has went out of balance. So holistically speaking, you need to achieve an integration of synergy between your mental, physical, emotional and vocal components. 

To find out how, please visit our site  and see the many examples of how it can be done employing our Vocal Science technique. Please read our blogs similarly related to the, described by you, voice issue. 

Thank you.

Best regards,

Jamie Mckay

Reputation Manager

On behalf of

Diana Yampolsky B.M. Ed.

World renowned Voice Repair Specialist

Specializing in Extreme Voice Disorder Cases.

Alternative and holistic approach to voice mechanics.

The Royans Professional Vocal School




077 88 989 319 while in the UK

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