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Critique the new guy lol

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Hi guys, been really learning a lot from just browsing here.

id really appreciate some criticism & advice :)

here are a few clips of me singing

Simple man - lynyrd skynyrd


you raise me up - josh groban


Breaking the law - Judas priest (not my best )


Black dog - led zeppelin ( i replaced some parts with a guitar solo)


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Hey Chavie,

I really like your voice, really good tone. Although I don't know most of the songs you covered in their original versions,

I liked Simple Man the most, I think it really suits your vocal style. You've got great range and you convey emotion.

One thing I noticed is that you approach songs in a softer way than the originals - not a bad thing but I kinda missed it on

the priest song for example.

A great voice overall, tons of potential,


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Thanks for the compliment man :D

I agree about me being too soft of a singer, ive been told that program im using (singing success) is not really for the music i sing,i want a little more balls to my singing, just not sure how to get to that point yet.

i have learned a lot from singing success though.

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Hey there,

I checked out the tunes I knew best (Breaking The Law and Black Dog and here's my thoughts...

Firstly I can hear that you have had training and you have good control. Now it's time to unleash the BEAST inside! lol Singing rock is like walking a very fine line between control and wild abandon. I often cross the line a little too much and need to reign myself in. You should do the opposite and really go for it vocally. I know you can do it! Once you learn just how far you can push yourself it will just be a matter of refining and controlling that raw power.

GO FOR IT!!! :cool:

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