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Had my first vocal lesson today- want you guys to let me know if its a good route.

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little backstory.

been singing in bands for ten years, naturally powerful voice and i picked up a few tricks along the way, mostly punk inspired inflections(think richard hell, joey ramone patti smith et al)....that's probably the most interesting thing about the way i sing. anyway, been mostly a hobby but now our band is ready to get serious and we're getting booked at ballrooms and whatnot so its time for me to really learn my instrument, not just get by on whatever natural ability i have.

so went to a coach today and we spent about 2 hours together.  we mostly focused on how to hold your mouth, where to sing from and how to engage certain muscles(waist to pelvic bone) and sing from there.  we talked about breathing too.


does that sound like a legit first lesson to you?  we didn't talk about key and tone or any of that.


i plan to post annoying questions like this frequently.  i want to learn and i want to learn fast.

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8 minutes ago, Danielformica said:

Taking any first step is a good step. Dont wory about learning fast just learn and understand. If something feels strange or uncomfortable tell you teacher. ask questions at the lessons. Understand every exercise you do and why you do it..

thanks for the response.

everything felt good, i'm just the kind of dude that wants it all immediately.  

how would you, as a teacher, handle a first lesson?

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With the basics. breathe naturally(dont raise shoulders.) do some lip bubbles as a stretch. Do some oo slides and scales through to the headvoice . then some humming to vowels in a comfortable range. Though everyone is different so i would sort of just listen first. then proceed with a program..Explain how the voice works etc..

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