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R.I.P. Glenn Frey

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I only found out on the way home when a dj mentioned it and launched into an Eagles marathon. And of course, "Smuggler's Blues," one of my favorites. His bandmate, Henley, still lives in Dallas, where he is from and is still doing well, so that is good.

But I am thankful for having the music and genius of the Eagles and all the bit part players. From Joe Walsh to Jackson Browne.

And the softer and yet more analytical sound of Frey's songcraft.

Coming home, doing about .8 Mach up US 75 singing "the politics of contraband, that's the smuggler's blues ..." Just as fresh as the first time I heard it.

Bless you and your family, Glenn Frey and thank you for sharing with us your craft.

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yeah, lotsssss of tentacles branching into and out of the Eagles and the whole mid 70s "California sound"

Dont forget JD Souther for instance..cowrote several Eagles songs. Patented harmonies


Also looks like randy Meisner on elec guitar



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